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Wisconsin election data: votes cast in primary and general elections for federal and state offices, 1970-1980.

KC-008-001-1-1-United States-DPLS-1970

Media Number: 7002

Media Type: CD-ROM

Media Format: High Sierra/ISO 9660 Standard

Internal Label: DP7002

Date Purchased: 9/1/1996

Date Written: 10/22/1997

Comments: Duplicates are DP7124 and DP7125. Contains archival studies in pkzip format, by study number (e.g. 'QN501001.ZIP'). All zip files are in main directory except when more than one edition/version is on the media; superceded edition/versions are located in the subdirectory FIRSTVER. In a few cases, old and new ed/versions are bundled into one zip file. More detailed info. in README.TXT. PLEASE NOTE: Some long filenames have been truncated at the DOS 8.3 length. (Where filenames within a study resulted in non-unique names, the names were changed to assure unique filenames.) CD was re-written 2/98 with some fixed files. 1/01 study AF-006-001 on this CD has five files: Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Hampshire and West Virginia missing from the zip archive, For a complete set of files, please use DP7061.

Position Filename Logical
Block Size Cards per
Number of
Size File
145 KC008001.DAT 80 . 1 60408 4832640 DATA
  Comments: NOTE: varying number of cards per area per election! Data for six elections are in one file, identified by hear variable on Card 1. The maximum number of cards is 4. Therefore, at most 12 candidates can be accomodated. Most areas only require one card. Some primary races (especially presidential) require 3 or 4 cards.