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Wisconsin election data: votes cast in primary and general elections for federal and state offices, 1970-1980.

KC-008-001-1-1-United States-DPLS-1970

Media Number: 7400

Media Type: CD-Rom

Media Format: zip files

Internal Label: DP7400

Date Written: 12/11/2009

Comments: 352 studies are copied from DP7002 (duplicate copies are DP7124 and DP71250). Its duplicate copy is DP7401.

Position Filename Logical
Block Size Cards per
Number of
Size File
145 KC008001.DAT 80 . 1 60408 4832640 DATA
  Comments: NOTE: varying number of cards per area per election! Data for six elections are in one file, identified by hear variable on Card 1. The maximum number of cards is 4. Therefore, at most 12 candidates can be accomodated. Most areas only require one card. Some primary races (especially presidential) require 3 or 4 cards.