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Dictionary of occupational titles, 1970 census and 1980 census occupation code crosswalk file.

ZA-018-001-1-1-United States-NCSC-1970

Media Number: 7351

Media Type: CD-ROM

Internal Label: DP7351

Date Written: 7/25/2006

Comments: This is a duplicate copy of DP7155. All studies are in tar.gz compressed archives arranged by study numbers. 6/08 12 studies on DP7155 are examined. Two are ICPSR studies, CA-037-004-1-1.tar.gz and QG-032-001-1-1.tar.gz and they are not rolled over. Two studies are superseded in 2005. They are CB-045-002-1-2.tar.gz and CB-045-002-2-1.tar.gz. CB-045-002-2-2.tar.gz is withdrawn because these files were converted to SAS PC system files in 2005. See on DP7072 (DP7073). Seven studies are copied off and written to a CD-Rom and My Book. They are AH-004-037-1-1.tar.gz, AH-520-001-1-1.tar.gz, AH-521-001-1-1.tar.gz, CB-045-002-2-3.tar.gz, QK-024-002-1-1.tar.gz, QK-034-001-1-1.tar.gz and ZA-018-001-1-1.tar.gz.

Position Filename Logical
Block Size Cards per
Number of
Size File
21 cens7080.dbf 76 . 1 1 76 dBASE shell
  Comments: This is an empty dBASE shell designed to contain the crosswalk data (cens7080.txt). In order to bring the data contained in the crosswalk file into the DBF file, the following two commands should be used: USE CENS7080 and APPEND FROM CENS7080.TXT SDF. Other software can be used as well. Part of ZA-018-001-1-1.tar.gz.
22 cens7080.doc 71 . 1 59 4189 documentation file
  Comments: README file for the crosswalk data. Part of ZA-018-001-1-1.tar.gz.
23 cens7080.txt 205 . 1 12375 2536875 Crosswalk data file (rectangular)
  Comments: Rectangular data file. Part of ZA-018-001-1-1.tar.gz.