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High school and beyond (HS&B): sophomore and senior cohorts, 1980 to 1986 [CD-ROM version].

QD-011-021-1-1-United States-NCES-1980

Media Number: 7001

Media Type: CD-ROM

Media Format: ISO 9660 standard

Internal Label: DP7001

Date Written: 7/24/1996

Comments: This is a duplicate copy of DP7010. Data were written on this CD-ROM using Easy-CD Pro program. It contains HS&B 80-86 data for sophomore and senior cohorts.

Position Filename Logical
Block Size Cards per
Number of
Size File
1 THIS-CD.TXT . 7187 List all the files on this CD-ROM
2 HSBSO . Sophomore cohort directory
  Comments: Sophomore cohort student data are in root of this directory. \HSBSO\CB contains electronic codebook for sophomore cohort student questionnaire modules. \HSBSO\QUEXMAN has text file manual for sophomore cohort data. \HSBSO\HSTRANS lists sophomore high school transcript data and SPSS-PC program. \HSBSO\PSESPELL lists sophomore spells of postsecondary enrollments files. \HSBSO\PSETRANS has sophomore postsecondary transcripts files. \HSBSO\FRIEND has sophomore freinds identifiers files. \HSBSO\PARENT has sophomore parents files. \HSBSO\SFA has sophomore student financial aid. \HSBSO\SFA has sophomre language files.
3 HSBSCHL . High school files for both cohorts
  Comments: Under this directory there are one raw data file and one SPSS-PC program file.
4 HEGIS . Postsecondary institution characteristics files for both cohorts
  Comments: Under this directory is a raw data file and a SPSS-PC program file.
5 HSBSR . Senior cohort directory
  Comments: Senior student raw data files are in root of this directory. \HSBSR\CB has electronic codebook files for senior cohort student questionnaire modules. \HSBSR\SFA has senior student financial aid files. \HSBSR\PSESPELL has senior postsecondary spells files.