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Census of Venezuela, 1981.


Media Number: 7351

Media Type: CD-ROM

Internal Label: DP7351

Date Written: 7/25/2006

Comments: This is a duplicate copy of DP7155. All studies are in tar.gz compressed archives arranged by study numbers. 6/08 12 studies on DP7155 are examined. Two are ICPSR studies, CA-037-004-1-1.tar.gz and QG-032-001-1-1.tar.gz and they are not rolled over. Two studies are superseded in 2005. They are CB-045-002-1-2.tar.gz and CB-045-002-2-1.tar.gz. CB-045-002-2-2.tar.gz is withdrawn because these files were converted to SAS PC system files in 2005. See on DP7072 (DP7073). Seven studies are copied off and written to a CD-Rom and My Book. They are AH-004-037-1-1.tar.gz, AH-520-001-1-1.tar.gz, AH-521-001-1-1.tar.gz, CB-045-002-2-3.tar.gz, QK-024-002-1-1.tar.gz, QK-034-001-1-1.tar.gz and ZA-018-001-1-1.tar.gz.

Position Filename Logical
Block Size Cards per
Number of
Size File
24 venezuela81.mod 74 . 1 554053 40999922 original source data file
  Comments: No codebook available. Part of AH-520-001-1-1.tar.gz.
25 venezuela81.mod2 75 . 1 657030 49277250 original source data file as modified
  Comments: No codebook available. Part of AH-520-001-1-1.tar.gz.
26 venezuela81.std 116 . 1 657030 76215480 standardized data file
  Comments: See associated codebook, venezuela81_std.cbk. Part of AH-520-001-1-1.tar.gz.
27 venezuela81_std.cbk 79 . 1 657030 51905370 Codebook for standardized data file
  Comments: Codebook for venezuela81.std. Part of AH-520-001-1-1.tar.gz.