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Computer Reporting Network public use sample of Wisconsin economic assistance recipients, July 1981.

QN-006-001-1-6-United States-DPLS-1981

Media Number: 7002

Media Type: CD-ROM

Media Format: High Sierra/ISO 9660 Standard

Internal Label: DP7002

Date Purchased: 9/1/1996

Date Written: 10/22/1997

Comments: Duplicates are DP7124 and DP7125. Contains archival studies in pkzip format, by study number (e.g. 'QN501001.ZIP'). All zip files are in main directory except when more than one edition/version is on the media; superceded edition/versions are located in the subdirectory FIRSTVER. In a few cases, old and new ed/versions are bundled into one zip file. More detailed info. in README.TXT. PLEASE NOTE: Some long filenames have been truncated at the DOS 8.3 length. (Where filenames within a study resulted in non-unique names, the names were changed to assure unique filenames.) CD was re-written 2/98 with some fixed files. 1/01 study AF-006-001 on this CD has five files: Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Hampshire and West Virginia missing from the zip archive, For a complete set of files, please use DP7061.

Position Filename Logical
Block Size Cards per
Number of
Size File
100 QN006001.PUBLIC 606 . 1 14008 8488848 Public Use Sample
101 QN006001.CASE 125 . 1 3291 411375 SPSS Output (CASE records)
102 QN006001.PERSON 125 . 1 2271 283875 SPSS Output (PERSON records)
103 QN006001.CRNDOC 132 . 1 10362 1367784 CRN Documentation
104 QN006001.RAWDAT 11483 . 1 4030 46276490 Original Raw Data (RESTRICTED)