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National household sample survey, 1983 [Brazil]: public use file.


Media Number: 7403

Media Type: CD-Rom

Internal Label: DP7303

Date Written: 12/15/2009

Comments: 145 studies are copied from DP7102 (duplicate copy is DP7111), DP7211 (duplicate copies are DP7214 and DP7215) and DP7225 (duplicate copy is DP7103). This is a duplicate copy of DP7402.

Position Filename Logical
Block Size Cards per
Number of
Size File
0 pnad83.dat 1546 0 1 1164714 0 data
  Comments: This file has three types of records. The record type indicator is located on column 20. The record length varies. Record type 1 is household record and its logical record length(lrecl) is 80; individual record is type 2 and its lrel is 242; record type 3 is social security record and its lrecl is 1546.