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Census of population and housing, 1990 [United States]: public use microdata sample (B sample): 1 percent sample. [CD-ROM version].

AH-020-003-1-1-United States-USCEN-1990

Media Number: 7063

Media Type: CD-ROM

Media Format: High Sierra/ISO 9660 compatible

Date Purchased: 12/15/1995

Date Written: 10/27/1994

Comments: Part 2 of 2

Position Filename Logical
Block Size Cards per
Number of
Size File
1 PUMSBXAA.TXT . 0 PUMS B sample 1 percent sample data for Nebraska - Wyoming
  Comments: This is a dummy record entry for the rest of state data. AA refers to state name abbreviation.
2 \DOCUMENT . 0 Document files
  Comments: A data dictionary file and various code lists are listed under this directory.
3 PUMS.SAS . 0 SAS statements file
  Comments: This statment file is under \SAS directory.
4 TOOLS . 0 Program files
  Comments: In \TOOLS\PUMAS is PUMA2DSK.EXE which allows users to copy records for individual Public Use Microdata Area (PUMAs) to disk. Refer to PUMSB.DOC in the same directory for PUMA codes. More programs can be found in \TOOLS\QUICKTAB.