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Beginning postsecondary students longitudinal study (BPS): base year, first and second followups, 1990-1994 [CD-ROM version].

QD-028-001-1-1-United States-NCES-1990

Media Number: 7113

Media Type: CD-ROM

Media Format: High Sierra/ISO 9660 compatible

Date Written: 11/19/1996

Comments: CD-ROM received from Aurora D'Amico at NCES. Aggregated data can be viewed using Data Analysis System (DAS). DAS needs to be installed onto PC's hard drive. See printed Readme file for installation instruction. 11/03 The DAS program on the CD-ROM is too old for our public-use PCs. Please visit Data Analysis Systems (DAS) web application at NCES web site.

Position Filename Logical
Block Size Cards per
Number of
Size File
1 BPS, 1990-1994 . 1 0 All files on this CD-ROM
  Comments: This is a dummy file record. Data are stored in DAS format. 5 directories are listed: ACROREAD containing Acrobat reader program for Window; BPS94 contains BPS data and DAS program; NPSAS90U contains NPSAS90 undergraduates data DAS program; REPORTS contains various documents in WordPerfect format and Adobe PDF format; and MISC contains other documents.