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Study Number: QA-017-001-1-1-United States-Bowling-1975

Subject Area: Citizen Attitudes Towards the Local Community

Bibliographic Citation: DDB life style data, 1975-1998.  [machine-readable data file] / DDB Worldwide of Chicago  [principal investigator(s)] / Bowling Alone  [distributor].

Date Accessioned: 4/7/2004

Number of Files Received: 0

Comments: The data file is available from Bowling Alone web site in tab-delimited, SPSS portable and SPSS version 9 for windows. This is one of three primary data sets used extensively in the research reported in Bowling Alone: Collapse and Revival of American Community. For other data sets used in the book Bowling Alone, see studies, QA-016-001 and QA-018-001.

Access Status: Unrestricted

Date Ordered: 3/31/2004

Documentation: Codebook file is in Microsoft Word format.

Abstract: This DDB Life Style study is made available by DDB Worldwide of Chicago. It provides a simple summary of 389 variables from this data set. It covers 1975-1998 with a total unweighted sample size of 84,989. Its demographic variables include age, gender, race, income, marital status, occupation, and residence. Respondents were asked how often they participate in various activities, such as going to college athletic games, having dinners with friends, roller-skating, going to church and so on in the last 12 months.

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