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Study Number: AC-009-001-1-1-United States-NARA-1949

Subject Area: County

Bibliographic Citation: U.S. census of agriculture, 1949.  [machine-readable data file] / U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census  [principal investigator(s)] / Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration  [distributor].

Comments: DPLS has the permission from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to redistribute this study. Please see an email printout in the PDR folder for details. The National Archives disposed these files in 1993.

Access Status: Unrestricted access.

Documentation: Hard copy codebook, shared with AC-009-002 and AC-009-003.

Abstract: The major purpose of an agriculture census is to provide data for every county. The agriculture censuses are the primary source of consistent, coordinated data about agriculture at the county level. Through 1950, agriculture censuses, conducted along with the decennial censuses of population and housing, were enumerated in the spring with reference to production in the preceding years. However, for the agriculture censuses of 1954, 1959, and 1964, enumeration occurred in the fall of the year with reference to production in the same year. The data include agricultural operations such as the growing of crops, the raising of livestock and poultry (and their products), and the production of other agricultural products.

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