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Study Number: SA-529-001-1-1-Islamic countires-DISC-1999

Subject Area: Attitudes Toward Self and Society

Bibliographic Citation: Comparative values survey of Islamic countries, 1999-2006.  [machine-readable data file] / Moaddel, Mansoor  [principal investigator(s)] / Data and Information Services Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison  [distributor].

Date Accessioned: 11/6/2008

Number of Files Received: 2

Comments: As received from Professor Robert M. Hauser. Data file is in SPSS sav format. There are 507 variables and 31,127 cases in this dataset. "Values and Perceptions of the Islamic and Middle Eastern Public" edited by Mansoor Moaddel is a book based on the data analysis from the surveys in this study. 11/08 DISC staff created a SPSS portal file from the SPSS sav file.

Bibliographic Citation for this study: WORLD VALUES SURVEY 2005 OFFICIAL DATA FILE v.20081015, 2008. World Values Survey Association ( Aggregate File Producer: ASEP/JDS, Madrid.

Access Status: Unrestricted access

Date Ordered: 10/8/2008

Documentation: Codebook and Data Collection and Sampling Procedures are in PDF format.

Abstract: This study consist of 18 public opinion surveys conducted in 15 countries from 1999 to 2006. They are Albania (2002), Algeria (2002), Bangladesh (2002), Egypt (2000 pre-9/11 and 2002 post-9/11), Indonesia (2001), Iran (2000), Iraq (2004 and 2006), Morocco (2001 pre-9/11 and 2002 post-9/11), Nigeria (2000), Pakistan (2001), Saudi Arabia (2003), Tanzania (2001), Turkey (2001) and United States (1999). Data collection was done from Personal face-to-face interviews. Topics included in these surveys are perceptions of life, environment, work, family, women and gender relations, politics and society, religion and morale and national identity. Demographic information was collected also. These surveys used nationally representative samples of the adult population of each respective country. Their sample sizes range from 1,000 to 3,400. The questionnaires were translated into the native language of the country where the survey was administered, prior to data collection. Mansoor Moaddel is the principal investigator for surveys done in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. The other surveys were done through the World Values Survey.

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