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Study Number: LA-095-001-1-1-USA-ICPSR-1965

Subject Area: Public Opinion on Political Matters, Political Participation

Bibliographic Citation: Quiet revolution in the south: The impact of the Voting Rights Act, 1965-1990 [AL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TX, VA] .  [machine-readable data file] / Davidson, Chandler  [principal investigator(s)] / Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: 6646

Date Accessioned: 1/20/1997

Number of Files Received: 33

Comments: This CD-ROM [ICPSR PCD96003] contains recently released new data collections from the ICPSR. Beginning in 1996, ICPSR started periodic production and distribution to Official Representatives of CD-ROMs containing copies of data collections that have been recently acquired and released. Collections, or parts thereof, that are either too large or problematic for the CD-ROM media may not be included. Each collection included on this CD-ROM resides in its own subdirectory. In addition to the collection subdirectories, there are two other subdirectories used to organize information files on this and other Periodic Release CD-ROMs: \INFO and \INDEXES.

Access Status: Access restricted to U.W. Madison campus

Date Ordered: 1/20/1997

Documentation: Machine-readable; typically includes codebook and/or SAS, SPSS data definition statements.

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the causes of gains in Black office-holding in the South over the past two decades, including effects of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 on changes in local city election structure, the enfranchisement of Blacks in the South, and the prevention of the dilution of minority votes in terms of enabling Blacks to win local office. The data are longitudinal, gathered at two points in time at the city level. The collection includes eight state-specific data files that contain variables such as type of election system in use at each time period (at-large, single-member district, or mixed), total number of Black council members at each of two time points for each city, total number of council members, 1980 Census city total population, 1980 Census Black city population, and voting age population. Also included is ''Table Z,'' a set of state-specific supplementary tables listing all lawsuits filed between 1965 and 1989 under the Fourteenth Amendment, the Fifteenth Amendment, or the Voting Rights Act by private plaintiffs or the Justice Department that challenged at-large elections in municipalities in all eight of the southern states covered in this study, and in counties in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

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