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Study Number: CB-535-001-1-1-International-DATASTREAM-1970

Subject Area: Economic Processes and Indicators

Bibliographic Citation: The datastream research service.  [machine-readable data file] / Datastream International Limited  [principal investigator(s)] / Datastream International Limited  [distributor].

Date Accessioned: 2/19/1997

Number of Files Received: 1

Comments: Obtained through the cooperation of numerous campus departments. This is a telnet-based (online) service only. No media are associated with this study record. Run scheduler every Tuesday morning to update all the codes for the database. The minimum requirement is to run the update at least once in three months. If such schedule is not maintained, the only way to update the codes is to reinstall all code lookup from new installation disks. (See page 163 of Datastream User's Guide.) DPLS staff has installed DSDDE within Microsoft Excel on SALT. 7/01 Advance 3.5 installed to C:\Program Files\Datastream directory on PEPPER. Permission for the Guest account should be set to full control. 8/03 Datastream Advance 3.5 was installed to C:\Program Files\Datastream on Spearmint. 10/03 Dswindows Version 2.2D service pack 3 was installed on Peppermint. 8/04 Datastream Advance 4.0 SP 4.b CD was received and Advance 4.0 was installed to Spearmint to replace Advance 3.5. Run setup.exe for the upgrade. The weekly codes update is not needed for 4.0 because the codes database is now accessible through Advance Navigator via the Internet. Please note DISC subscription to Datastream does not include I/B/E/S components, Thomson Equity Web, Thomson One Analytics Detail Forecast, Thomson One Analytics Broker Research, Worldscope, and SDC Mergers and Acquisitions. The Business School Library at UW-Madison has subscriptions to Thomson Research and SDC Mergers and Acquisitions. They are listed in Faculty Resources link. Please contact Michael Enyart at the Business School Library to access them. 9/06 Advance 4.0 SP 4b is installed to a new public-use PC, Ketchup. See PDR folder for additional information about settings. 8/09 Advance 5.0 installed to a new public-use PC. 6/12 Removed Advanced 5.0 and installed Advance 5.1. 8/12 Datastream Data Loader (DDL), a custom bulk datafeed service via ftp, is a separate subscription which DISC does not have. 6/14 Beer OS was updated to Windows 7. Datastream Advance 5.1 was re-installed and AFO Excel Add-In was added to Excel 2013.

Access Status: Access restricted to U.W. Madison campus

Date Ordered: 1/1/1997

Documentation: Access to online copy of Advance 5.1 User's Guide. Extensive documentation is available from Datastream Extranet. Click this link to see UFO version 2.0 User's Guide.

Abstract: Datastream by Thomson Financial provides historical financial and economic information from both developed and emerging markets. It includes equity prices, volumes, market capitalization, earnings and dividend data for approximately 80,000 equities worldwide as well as global equity indices, national and international macroeconomic time series, foreign exchange rates, interest rates, bond and convertibles, bond indices, warrants, futures, options, and commodities. Datastream provides a range of charting and reporting tools Advance 5.1 uses a code Navigator to navigate and selection codes from the code database. Navigator is an integrated, browser-based tool and it requires no local codes database. All codes are hosted on the Navigator web servers where they are kept fully up to date. All available criteria for a data category are listed on the Navigator search page for a quick and efficient retrieval of the series.

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