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Study Number: QG-057-001-1-1-United States-ICPSR-1988

Subject Area: Medical and Health

Bibliographic Citation: State risk pool utilization and costs data, 1988-1991: [Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, Nebraska, Washington, and Wisconsin].  [machine-readable data file] / Stearns, Sally  [principal investigator(s)] / Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: 6794

Date Accessioned: 5/1/1997

Number of Files Received: 25

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Date Ordered: 5/1/1997

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Abstract: This study comprises enrollment, utilization, and cost data for a number of state-sponsored high-risk health insurance plans. These plans, known as state risk pools, were primarily established for persons who wanted to buy health insurance but either were medically uninsurable or unable to find a policy at a reasonable cost. Enrollment variables in the data collection include reason for eligibility, preexisting conditions, Medicaid status, and month and year of enrollment and disenrollment. Utilization and cost variables include person's age and gender, coinsurance and deductible payments, and allowed charges by type of disease and type of service (outpatient, inpatient, pharmacy, or physician). The utilization and cost data are aggregated by person and month, with each observation representing a single month of enrollment for an individual.

Data Sources: Connecticut Health Reinsurance Association, Florida Comprehensive Health Association, Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association, Nebraska Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool, Washington State Health Insurance Pool, Wisconsin Health Insurance Risk Sharing Plan, and Area Resource File.

Note: (1) The utilization and cost data files (Parts 1-12) can be linked to the enrollment data in Parts 13 and 14 by the FAMID and FAMMEM variables in each file. (2) The SAS transport files were generated by the SAS XPORT engine. (3) Some variables are not available for all states.

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