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Study Number: SK-006-001-1-1-United States-ROPER-1963

Subject Area: Attitudes Toward Violence

Bibliographic Citation: Kennedy assassination survey, 1963.  [machine-readable data file] / National Opinion Research Center (NORC)  [principal investigator(s)] / Storrs, CT: Roper Center for Public Opinion Research  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: USNORCSRS1963-0350

Date Accessioned: 1/27/2003

Number of Files Received: 4

Comments: Data is in raw ASCII and SPSS portable formats. Here is a report based on this data set. It is available from the National Opinion research Center at the University of Chicago. Citations for two articles on Kennedy Assassination and 911 tragedy are listed below:

Smith, Tom W.; Rasinski, Kenneth A., "Assassination and Terror." Public Perspective. September/October 2002, 13, (5), 34-38.

Schulman, Mark A., "Beyond the Numbers." Public Perspective. September/October 2002, 13, (5), 39-41.

Access Status: Access limited to UW Campus

Date Ordered: 1/17/2003

Documentation: Codebook is in PDF format.

Abstract: This survey was conducted by the National Opinion Research Center between November 26 and December 3 in 1963. The sample was drawn from the national adult population. There are 371 variables. The major topics are First Heard about Kennedy assassination (3); Alone or with others when heard about assassination (2); How upset when heard of assassination (1); had similar feelings before (2); what sort of person killed JFK (1); Able to carry on activities after hearing news (4); what sort of person killed John F. Kennedy (1); Feel like talking or being alone (1); received/made phone calls about assassination on that day (6); Own feelings when learned of president's death (17); pay attention to special news coverage (4); too much news coverage (3); Pray during this time (2); Things happening to respondents as reactions during this time (15); Children upset by assassination (2); Explained events to children (2); Blame for assassination (1); Intended target John F. Kennedy or someone else (1); Feelings when Lee Harvey Oswald was killed (1); What should/will happen to Oswald's killer (2); Last President to die in office (1); Other Presidents assassinated (1); Other well-known people shot and killed in last year (1); Describe John F. Kennedy (1); Rate John F. Kennedy as President (1); Assassination taught a lesson (1); Any good come from assassination (1); Feelings during past few weeks (10); Respondents description of self (3); Agree/disagree with general trust in people (1); communists in U.S. should/should not be allowed to speak on radio (1); Gone to church since John F. Kennedy assassination (3); 1960 Presidential election (2).

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