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Study Number: DA-010-002-1-1-United States-ROPER-1982

Subject Area: Environment and Natural Resources

Bibliographic Citation: Energy survey # 3, November 15-20, 1982.  [machine-readable data file] / CT. State Office of Policy & Management, Energy Division  [principal investigator(s)] / Storrs, CT: Roper Center for Public Opinion Research  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: USCONNSPEC1982-019

Date Accessioned: 4/15/2003

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Date Ordered: 4/10/2003

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Abstract: The sample size is 500. Major topics covered are: seriousness of energy crisis; knowledge of government energy program and source: solar or conservation workshops, toll-free energy information lines, income tax credits for energy improvements, free energy conservation booklets from the State Energy Division, fuel assistance program; descriptions of residence; ownership of residence; use of home inspection program for energy conservation; use of a low interest loan for home energy conservation improvements; separate payment for heating and electricity in rented residence; age of residence and furnace; type of fuel used for heat and hot water; percentage of heat from primary fuel; concern over fuel costs this winter; portable heating systems: kerosene heaters, quartz heaters, space heaters; thermostat temperature at night; knowledge of and application for low interest loans for energy improvements; knowledge of CONNSAVE and source; knowledge of how audit works; use of CONNSAVE audit; reasons for/against audit; use of follow-up services; cleaning and testing of furnace within past year; professional inspection of chimney within past year; energy conservation measures in past year: installation of new boiler or furnace, addition of clock thermostat to furnace, installation of a flame retention head oil burner, lower temperature setting on hot water, insulation of hot water heater, insulation of hot water pipes, installation of water saver shower heads or flow restrictions, addition of insulation to attic or ceiling, installation of storm windows and doors; insulation of floors and basement, installation of storm windows and doors, installation of floors and basement, installation of a solar hot water system, solar greenhouse, solar heating or a windmill; type of insulation used; inches of insulation, addition of insulation of walls and caulk or weather-stripping around doors and windows; comfort of home since energy conservation measures taken; use of ac contractor to make energy improvements; satisfaction with contractor's work; energy efficiency of dwelling; reasons for not doing more in conserving energy in the home; ability to cut energy use in home by 5-10% without hurting lifestyle; chances of buying an energy saving device costing $200 and $1000 if it paid for itself in three or ten years; employment outside home and distant to work; miles driven and gas consumption compared to three years ago; support for inreseed use of coal to generate electricity; the use for energy and its effect on air pollution; support of the relaxation of air quality standards; regulation of nuclear power plants; support for the rebuilding of dams in Connecticut to generate electricity; likelihood of future fuel shortages and much higher prices within the next five years; most important government action in case of another fuel shortage; President's power to control prices and the distribution of fuel in case of another fuel shortage; support for policy prohibiting utilities from cutting off service to customers who do not pay their bills in winter; who should make up the money lost o utilities when customers unable to pay.

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