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Study Number: AC-009-004-1-1-United States-Colgate-1840

Subject Area: County

Bibliographic Citation: U.S. census of agriculture, 1840-1900.  [machine-readable data file] / U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census  [principal investigator(s)] / Colgate University  [distributor].

Date Accessioned: 4/7/2004

Number of Files Received: 0

Comments: These 7 data files are in Stata version 7.0. Dr. Michael Haines at the Department of Economics in Colgate University gave DPLS this data set as a gift. He and his colleagues compiled data from different sources and converted them into machine-readable format.

Access Status: Access limited to UW Campus

Date Ordered: 3/15/2004

Documentation: Codebook is in Micrsoft Word and wpd formats.

Abstract: This set of files provides county level data from the United States Census of Agriculture for 1840 to 1900. It also includes the state and national totals for the variables included. All variables at the county level were taken. Further censuses will be added. Please note that most of the basic crop output dat apply to the previous harvest year. Since the censuses were taken in June, this means 1839, 1849, 1859, 1869, 1879, 1889, and 1899. Only after 1880 was a distinction made as to time period in the published data. The stock variables, such as value of farms, numbers of livestock, and acreage, apply to the time of the census.

Certain basic things were done to the data. First, all the data were checked for adding up. That is, counties should total up to states and states should total up to the United States total, whenever counts were involved. Second, some regular extra variables were added, including the county and state FIPS codes, codes for census region, and a variable "level" (1=county 2=state 3=USA) to allow for selection. Third, for 1840-1860, some additional variables were created. These involved the inclusion of prices (by state) for various commodities, the multiplication of the physical quantities by those prices to obtain value of output of those commodities, and the summing of various values to obtain different measures of the value of agricultural output. This was not done for 1870 and subsequent censuses.

The format of the present set of files is STATA version 7.0. What follows here is simply a listing of the variables and their labels using the STATA "describe" command. The STATA files may be readily converted into other formats with such programs as StatTransfer and DBMS Copy. The county files are labeled ag???co.dta, where "???" represents the last three digits of the census year, e.g., "840" represents 1840. More complete information for many of the variables may be found in the original census volumes.

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