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Study Number: KB-051-029-1-1-United States-ROPER-2000

Subject Area: Election Studies

Bibliographic Citation: VNS 2000 state primary election: New Hampshire Democratic election day exit poll [February 1, 2000].  [machine-readable data file] / Voter News Service  [principal investigator(s)] / Storrs, CT: Roper Center for Public Opinion Research  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: USVNS2000-STPRIM-NHDM

Date Accessioned: 3/23/2005

Number of Files Received: 4

Comments: Data is in raw ASCII and SPSS portable format.

Access Status: Access limited to UW Campus

Date Ordered: 2/2/2005

Documentation: Document files are in PDF and ASCII text formats.

Abstract: This poll was conducted via telephone surveys on February 1, 2000. Its sample consists of 1,730 exiting voters. There are 63 variables on issues such as: Voted for Bill Bradley/Al Gore/other in Democratic presidential primary (1); which one issue mattered most in deciding vote (1); satisfied with Democratic presidential candidates/would like to see someone else enter the race (1); think the average American's standard of living will rise/fall over next ten years (1); concerned/not concerned that Bill Bradley's health would interfere with his ability to serve effectively as president (1); which one candidate quality mattered most in deciding vote (1); importance of Al Gore's ties to President Clinton in deciding vote (1); candidates' health care plans (1); registered as Independent/Democrat/not registered before voting today (1); opinion of Al Gore (1); opinion of Bill Bradley (1); New Hampshire economy (1); trust Al Gore/Bill Bradley/both/neither to best handle the budget surplus (1); candidate's positions on issues or leadership/personal qualities more important (1); did/did not watch State of the Union address last Thursday (1); Bill Clinton job performance (1); opinion of Bill Clinton as a person (1); personal finances (1); when decided who to vote for (1); how strongly favor candidate respondent voted for (1); would/would not consider voting for a Reform Party presidential candidate in the fall (1); Bill Bradley/Al Gore more likely to beat the Republican presidential nominee in November (1); where did respondent get strongest impression about candidate he/she voted for (1); Al Gore's TV ads (1); Bill Bradley's TV ads (1); have/have not seen any Democratic candidates in person during this campaign (1); how much will Internet affect life and work in the next few years (1); next president should try new ways/follow familiar approaches of solving the country's problems (1); presidential candidates should/should not publicly discuss their religious beliefs (1); Al Gore did/did not attack Bill Bradley unfairly (1); Bill Bradley did/did not attack Al Gore unfairly (1); how closely followed the Democratic presidential debates (1); think current laws should/should not be changed to require taxation on Internet sales (1); use Internet regularly (1).

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