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Study Number: CA-511-001-3-1-Germany-PAM-1984

Subject Area: Economic Attitudes and Behavior

Bibliographic Citation: German socio-economic panel (GSOEP) 1984-2002.  [machine-readable data file] / German Institute of Economic Research  [principal investigator(s)] / Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: GSOEP

Date Accessioned: 4/4/2005

Number of Files Received: 0

Comments: This study was obtained from the Department of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University. The data and document files can be accessed via the index.html file on the CD. The data files are available in several formats: Stata [7.0], SPSS-SAV [6.1], SPSS-Portable [6.1], SAS-Binary [8.2] and SAS-Transport [8.2]. These data files are encrypted. Users need to ask DPLS staff's assistance in using a password to expand the data files. SOEPLIT-Windows, a database containing citations to all published work using SOEP is available from this CD. DPLS internal note on how to open the encrypted data files. 1. Copy needed encrypted *.exe files to the hard drive. 2. From the Programs menu select Accessories then Command Prompt/DOS. 3. At the Command Prompt type in syntax like *.exe -pass=password and a list of files will be expanded on the same directory.

Access Status: Restricted

Date Ordered: 3/1/2005

Documentation: Machine-readable document files in PDF format. Visit SOEP site for more information. One hard copy GSOEP 1984-2002 overview and installation manual (shared with CA-511-002).

Abstract: The SOEP was started in 1984 as a longitudinal survey of private households and persons in the Federal Republic of Germany. The central aim of this panel study is to collect representative micro-data on persons, households and families in order to measure stability and change in living conditions by following principally a micro-economic approach enriched with sociology and political science variables, mainly determined by the "Social Indicator" movement. A rather stable set of core questions is asked every year covering the most essential areas of interest of the study: population and demography; education, training, and qualification; labor market and occupational dynamics; earnings, income and social security; housing; health; household production; basic orientation (preferences, values, etc.) and satisfaction with life in general and certain aspects of life. Additionally, as a yearly topical module, the basic information in one of these areas is enlarged by detailed questions. In order to measure change and stability across time, the SOEP-questions are targeted at different dimensions of time (past, present and future) using also different measurements of time (information at a given point of time, periodical information, calendar information, life history information). This version of GSOEP is the 95% scientific use sample for 1984-2002.

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