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Study Number: QB-011-001-1-1-United States-CUPR-1970

Subject Area: Community Structure

Bibliographic Citation: The state of the nation's cities: a comprehensive database on American cities and suburbs, 1970-1996.  [machine-readable data file] / Center for Urban Policy Reseach, Rutgers University  [principal investigator(s)] / Center for Urban Policy Research, Rutgers University  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: SNC77

Date Accessioned: 4/5/2005

Number of Files Received: 8

Comments: This study was downloaded from the Center for Urban Policy Research's web site at Rutgers University. The data files are in tab-delimited ASCII, SPSS portable, Excel and SAS format. It has over 3,300 variables for 77 American cities and suburbs. This is version 2.2a of this database.

Access Status: Access limited to UW Campus

Date Ordered: 3/22/2005

Documentation: Document files are in Microsoft Word and Excel format. View variable list.

Abstract: The Center for Urban Policy Research to assemble this comprehensive database on 77 American cities and suburbs under a contract with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). As of January 19, 1998 Version 2.2a of the database brings together over 3,000 variables from a wide variety of sources, allowing easy comparability of indicators such as employment and economic development, demographic measures, housing and land use, income and poverty, fiscal conditions, and health, social, and environments. Variables include: total employment; employment growth; employment by sector; gross metropolitan product; retail sales; cost of living; unemployment; population; population growth; population by race, gender, and ethnicity; number and growth of households; migration by type; age structure; housing stock; housing production; crowded housing; homeownership rates; tenure; age of housing; housing segregation; housing affordability; land use; poverty rates by race, gender, and family type; income distribution; household expenditures; underclass status; per capita income; overall fiscal conditions; revenues; expenditures; transfer payments; infrastructure, transportation, and utilities; debt; voting patterns; birth and death rates; cause of death; illness, including AIDS; literacy; crime; energy costs; air and water pollution.

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