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Study Number: KC-507-001-1-1-Israel-ISDC-1996

Subject Area: Election Returns

Bibliographic Citation: Israeli election results for the 14th knesset, 1996.  [machine-readable data file] / Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics  [principal investigator(s)] / Israel Social Science Data Center  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: 0619

Date Accessioned: 6/2/2006

Number of Files Received: 10

Comments: Data files are in raw ASCII format. Users need to sign a user agreement before they can use this study. For small or confidential localities, locality code and name, plus all geographic markers, have been erased by the Central Bureau of Statistics. For additional information, please visit ISDC site . DPLS only received the election results files for the statistical areas (ISDC 961904 and 961906). Polling stations election results files were not sent to us when this study was purchased.

Access Status: Restricted

Date Ordered: 4/24/2006

Documentation: SPSS and SAS statement files, a variable list in ASCII text format, and a locality code file in Microsoft Excel format.

Abstract: The 1996 Knesset Election results by polling station, for the Knesset and for the Prime Ministry include number of eligible voters, actual voters, valid voters and valid votes distribution (absolute numbers) over party lists. Geographical attributes of polling stations and localities are also listed. A work file, which is aggregated by statistical area, has been built. It should be noticed that the Knesset record and the Prime Minister record for each polling station or SA are identical except for the parties data. In the Prime Minister record, the number of voters for Binyamin Netanyahu and for Shimon Peres appears in the Mahal and Emet variables, respectively. All the other parties are scored "0".

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