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Study Number: AE-007-001-1-1-United States-USCEN-1990

Subject Area: Standard Metropolitan Statistical District

Bibliographic Citation: Census of population and housing, 1990 [United States]: subject summary tape file (SSTF) 22 : earnings by occupation and education.  [machine-readable data file] / U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census  [principal investigator(s)] / Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census  [distributor].

Date Accessioned: 5/10/2007

Number of Files Received: 0

Comments: SSTF22 is available on CD-ROM only (CDE acquisition number 1596.00-1596.02).

Access Status: Access limited to CDE affiliates

Documentation: All documentation is on CD-ROM.

Abstract: These counts include all persons 18 years and over in the experienced civilian labor force who worked with earnings in 1989. This file has three count levels: A and B counts. The A records have three population and five housing tables. The B records present more detail in 5 population tables. These CDs contain the B counts. SSTF 22 contains sample data weighted to represent the total population. In addition, the file contains 100-percent counts and unweighted sample counts for total persons and total housing units. Other data items include: age, aggregate earnings in 1989, aggregate usual hours worked in 1989, educational attainment, mean annual earnings in 1989, mean hourly earnings in 1989, sex, work status in 1989. Geography: United States, states, metropolitan statistical areas/consolidated metropolitan statistical areas of 500,000 or more persons. This data is available only via the "Go" extraction system on the CD-ROM.

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