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Study Number: JB-004-002-2-1-United States-DPLS-1960

Subject Area: Historical and Contemporary Public Policy Indicators

Bibliographic Citation: Governmental units analysis data, 1960: urban racial disorders, 1961-1968 [BADGIR edition].  [machine-readable data file] / Spilerman, Seymour  [principal investigator(s)] / Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin. Data and Program Library Service  [distributor].

Date Accessioned: 2/3/2009

Number of Files Received: 1

Comments: This BADGIR edition was created by DPLS staff on 10/25/2004. It integrated the documents and data in BADGIR online system. To access this study BADGIR, please clink on this link and expand the list under Data and Information Service Center Catalog. This BADGIR edition merged the summary file and the riot file by CITYNO. SPSS statement files for merging these two data files is available from this link.

Access Status: Unrestricted access

Date Ordered: 2/3/2009

Documentation: Hard copy codebook and an online codebook. 11/21/12 Several typos on City Codes were found in Appendix A of the codebook for Governmental units analysis data, 1960: urban racial disorders, 1961-1968 (JB-004-002). Line 787 a 5203 is changed to 5203 for Pocatello, Idaho. Line 792 6523 is changed to 6123 for Fresno, California. Line 806 6102 is changed to 6201 for Eugene, Oregon. Line 837 b 6166 is changed to 6166 for San Buenaventura, California.

Abstract: The study consists of individual riot and riot summary information for civil disorders which occurred between 1961 and 1968 in cities with a 1960 population exceeding 25,000. The data cover disorders with at least 30 participants, which displayed some violence or destruction of property and which were not focused upon institutional conflicts (disorders in schools or union halls, for example). The disorders arose in a protest context (such as a civil rights demonstration) or were spontaneous in origin. Up to 28 riots were coded for each city. Data for each individual riot include date, number of days of rioting and type of origin. The total number of riots and the number characterized by African-American aggression (broken down by year in the riot summary data) are available for each city. Data are available for 673 cities.

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