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Study Number: CB-078-001-1-1-International-FedStLouis-1948

Subject Area: Economic Processes and Indicators

Bibliographic Citation: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Economic Data (FRED) Add-In.  [machine-readable data file] / Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  [principal investigator(s)] / Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis  [distributor].

Date Accessioned: 5/17/2013

Number of Files Received: 0

Comments: Several verison of Micrsoft Excel Add-in is freely available at

Access Status: Unrestricted access

Documentation: User guide for Excel Add-in is stored in C:\Documents and Settings\dplsguest\My Documents folder.

Abstract: The FRED® (Federal Reserve Economic Data) database contains over 72,000 economic time series from 54 national, international, public and private sources. DISC has installed an Micorsoft Excel 2007 Add-in to provide our users with an easy way to accessing the FRED database. Users can browse popular U.S. data, international data and popular data releases. Data search allows user to locate data series in FRED database quickly. Results are presented in an Excel worksheet and can be saved for later use. In addition to downloading the data, the FRED Add-in allows users to: choose a data manipulation (i.e., growth rate), specify a date range (i.e., 1960:Q1 to 2010:Q4), and aggregate data to a lower frequency (i.e., weekly to monthly). To maintain a reasonable processing speeds, up to 50 series IDs can be downloaded into a single worksheet.

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