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Study Number: AB-501-001-3-2-Russia-DISC-1926

Subject Area: State or Province

Bibliographic Citation: Soviet nationalities data: 1926 and 1959 censuses [corrected edition].  [machine-readable data file] / Silver, Brian  [principal investigator(s)] / Data and Information Services Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison  [distributor].

Date Accessioned: 11/23/2015

Number of Files Received: 0

Comments: This version of Soviet nationalities data has SPSS statement files and SPSS system files. These files were provided by Jane Roberts at Nuffield College in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Access Status: Unrestricted access

Documentation: 1 volume hard copy codebook. These data and their documentation are available via the DISC Online Archive. View codebook file.

Abstract: Data Set 01: The data contain information on basic national areas and groups, with an emphasis specifically on the national groups in the areas rather than simply on the 'national areas.' Basic information contained: (a) population of ethnic groups in 1926 and 1959 by place of residence (urban-rural, in or out of own basic national area, all-USSR); aggregate characteristics of groups such as native language, urbanization, education (literacy, general education, specialized secondary education, higher education), skilled manpower (scientific workers, specialists), incidence of early marriage of women, child-woman ratios, religious heritage; (b) population of basic national areas (Union Republics, Autonomous Republics, Autonomous Oblasts) by urbanization, ethnic and linguistic make-up of population in 1926, 1959 and (partial) 1970. Data Set 02: Contains data in dummy variable format or urban-rural, sex, and linguistic difference of ethnic groups inside and outside their own basic national areas in 1959. Data Set 03: Contains data in dummy variable format on age, urban-rural sex and linguistic differences of ethnic groups in their 'primary areas of settlement' as defined in the 1959 census. Data Set 04: Contains data in dummy variable format on urban-rural and linguistic differences of ethnic groups in oblasts of 5 multiple-oblast Union Republics in 1959.

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