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Study Number: HA-503-001-1-1-Russia-IOWA-1952

Subject Area: Elites and Leadership

Bibliographic Citation: Soviet elites in the post-Stalin period, 1952-1965.  [machine-readable data file] / Lodge, Milton  [principal investigator(s)] / Iowa City, IA: University of Iowa. Political Science Laboratory. Regional Social Science Data Archive  [distributor].

Access Status: Access limited to UW-Madison campus

Documentation: Hard copy codebook.

Abstract: The attitudinal variables include: who should make policy, who is making policy, who should make decisions, who is making decisions, how policy is justified, the party's present role, orientation on the party's present role, position on what party's role should be, primary position on elite socialization, orientation on elite socialization, position on resource allocation, orientation on resource allocation, position on population mobilization, orientation on population mobilization, complaints of party interference and saliency of participatory categories. Demographic variables include year of birth, age at time of writing articles, nationality, social class of parents, and general education. Career pattern variables include professional education-training, positions held, year joined party, career shifts, type of position held at time of writing, level of position, type of career and area of specialization.

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