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Study Number: KB-510-004-1-1-Italy/Sardinia-DPLS-1969

Subject Area: Election Studies

Bibliographic Citation: Political attitudes of adult Italians, 1969 (DOXA 6968).  [machine-readable data file] / DOXA Istituto per le Ricerche Statistiche e L'Analisi dell Opinione Pubblica  [principal investigator(s)] / Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin. Data and Program Library Service  [distributor].

Access Status: Unrestricted access.

Documentation: Hard copy codebook.

Abstract: The data set contains questions relating to the respondent's opinions about the United States and Russia, which of these two countries has more social justice, where real socialism has been achieved, event of war between Russia and China, which Italian political party more suited to carry out Socialist ideals, important problems facing Italy, which political party will make changes and carry out reforms, whether reforms or revolution is necessary, the need for a dictator, support for the Communist party, intention to vote in next elections, possibility of being a good Socialist/Communist and a good Catholic; demographic characteristics include: region, community size, education, profession/occupation of respondent and head of household, sex, marital status, age, number of people in family, age of family members, socio-economic class, monthly income of household, party affiliation.

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