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Study Number: QK-021-001-2-1-United States-ICPSR-1966

Subject Area: Socialization, Students and Youth

Bibliographic Citation: Youth in transition.  [machine-readable data file] / Bachman, Jerald G.  [principal investigator(s)] / Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: 3505

Comments: 2/07 CDE library gave "Youth in Transition Monograph Series", Volumes I-VI, and Special Reports by Bachman, Gerald G., et al to us. This set was removed from CDE collection but it is useful to be housed with the dataset in our collection.

Access Status: Access limited to UW-Madison campus

Documentation: Two volumes hard copy, volume one includes a final report titled, young men in high school and beyond: a summary of findings from the youth in transition project.

Abstract: This dataset consists of a five-wave longitudinal study which collected individual interview and group-administered questionnaire data from a nationwide sample of young men, beginning in the fall of 1966 when they entered tenth grade, and continuing for nearly four years. The 2,213 panel members at the time of the initial survey were clustered in 87 schools. The schools and boys were selected through use of multi-stage probability sampling to provide an essentially bias-free representation of tenth-grade boys in public high schools throughout the United States. Subsequent data collections were carried out with 1,886 young men in the spring of 1968, the end of the eleventh grade for most, with 1,799 young men in the spring of 1969, just before most were graduated, and with 1,620 in June and July 1970. The initial data collection included tests of ability and academic skills, measures of family background characteristics, and a large number of ''criterion'' dimensions: affective states, self-concepts, values and attitudes, plans and behaviors. Most of the criterion dimensions were repeated in all four data collections. A dataset comprised of 516 selected variables, primarily indices based on longitudinal data, is also available. Five datasets are available: the item-level dataset contains over 4,500 variables. Wave I: 2,213 respondents, 24 cards of data per respondent, 1,128 variables. Wave II: 1,886 respondents, 23 cards of data per respondent, 1,117 variables. Wave III: 1,799 respondents, 15 cards of data per respondent, 839 variables. Wave IV: 1,620 respondents, 29 cards of data per respondent, 1,429 variables. Wave V: 1,628 respondents and 191 variables.

SUBJECT TERMS: academic skills. career goals. education. high schools. occupations. organizations. public schools. secondary school students. social attitudes and behavior. socialization. students. values. youth. United States.


Bachman, Gerald G., et al. Youth in Transition Monograph Series, Volumes I-VI, and Special Reports. Institute for Social Research, 1967-74.

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