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Study Number: SA-010-001-1-2-United States-ICPSR-1971

Subject Area: Attitudes Toward Self and Society

Bibliographic Citation: Quality of American life, 1971.  [machine-readable data file] / Campbell, Angus  [principal investigator(s)] / Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: 3508

Access Status: Access limited to UW-Madison campus

Documentation: 1 vol. hard copy codebook, 1 duplicate and 1 data dictionary.

Abstract: This survey initiated a program of study to generate information about the perceived quality of life of the American people. Closed and open-ended questions were used to probe respondents' satisfactions, dissatisfactions, aspirations, and disappointments in a variety of life domains. The data were collected during the summer of 1971 from a national probability sample of persons aged 18 and over living in non-institutional dwelling units. Content areas of the data include housing, city and neighborhood, nation, friends, family and marriage, education, health, job, spare-time activities, and financial status. In addition to broad questions about satisfaction with each of these domains and their importance to the respondents, specific sources of gratification and frustration were explored. There are also questions about life as a whole and about the extent to which respondents feel they have control over their lives. Personal data include sex, age, race, ethnic background, military service, and father's occupation and education. Observed housing and neighborhood characteristics are recorded. Information was obtained from 2,164 respondents, weighted to 9,561, in the form of 507 variables.

SUBJECT TERMS: dwellings. education. family. financial affairs. friendship networks. health. housing. jobs. leisure. life domains. living conditions. quality of life. social attitudes and behavior. United States.


Campbell, Angus, Philip E. Converse, and Willard L. Rodgers. The Quality of American Life: Perceptions, Evaluations, and Satisfactions New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 1976. Marans, R. W., and W. L. Rodgers. ''Evaluating Resident Satisfaction in Established and New Communities,'' in R. W. Burchell (ed.), Frontiers of Planned Unit Development: A Synthesis of Expert Opinion. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University, Center for Urban Policty Research, 1973.

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