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Study Number: AH-004-025-2-1-United States-USCEN-1984

Subject Area: Individual

Bibliographic Citation: Current population survey: annual demographic file, 1984 [reformatted].  [machine-readable data file] / U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census  [principal investigator(s)] / Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: 8300

Comments: Data have been reformatted. Abstract taken from ICPSR.

Access Status: Unrestricted access.

Documentation: Hard copy codebook.

Abstract: The Annual Demographic surveys are often referred to as the March CPS Demographic Supplements. The 1984 survey marks the seventeenth year that these data have been compiled. This file provides the usual monthly labor force data, but in addition it also provides supplemental data on work experience, income, noncash benefits, and migration. Data are recorded in two forms, a household record and a person record. Demographic characteristics such as age, race, household relationship, and Spanish origin are included for every person in the households enumerated. The universe of this survey includes the civilian noninstitutional population of the United States living in housing units and male members of the Armed Forces living in civilian housing units. The data are contained in one file consisting of 299,469 records. The logical record length of the file is 390 and there are approximately 330 variables.

SUBJECT TERMS: census data. demographic characteristics. education. employment. ethnicity. family. household structure. households. income. job history. labor market behavior. migration. occupations. population. socioeconomic indicators. United States.

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