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Study Number: SB-514-001-1-1-Norway-DPLS-1971

Subject Area: Social and Occupational Mobility

Bibliographic Citation: Norwegian life history study, 1971.  [machine-readable data file] / Ramsoy, Natalie Rogoff  [principal investigator(s)] / Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin. Data and Program Library Service  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: 8545

Comments: Abstract taken from ICPSR.

Access Status: Unrestricted access.

Documentation: 1 volume hard copy.

Abstract: This data collection represents interviews with birth cohorts of Norwegian males born in 1921, 1931, and 1941 who were 50, 40, and 30 years of age at the time the interviews were conducted (November 1971 -March 1972). The objective of the study was to investigate historical life changes in the life cycle experiences of Norwegian men. The respondents were asked about the families into which they were born, their childhood, and their lives from the age of fourteen until the time of the interview. The major areas covered in the interviews include: place of residence, education, work history, income, household status and composition, marital status and family composition, illness and injuries, and receipt of benefits.

SOURCE: personal interviews

UNIVERSE: The population of men residing in Norway born in either 1921, 1931, or 1941 who were listed in the central population register of the Norwegian Central Bureau of Statistics as of December 31, 1970.

SAMPLE: Sampling was done through the central population register under the direction of the Norwegian Central Bureau of Statistics. A two-stage sampling procedure was employed. The universe of men in the three age cohorts living in the 300 primary sampling units served as the basis for the second sampling stage.

NOTE: The age distribution for the 3470 interviewed men was: age 30 (N=1054), age 40 (N=1094), age 50 (N=1322). The English language edition of the codebook was produced by Aage Sorensen, Annemette Sorensen, and David L. Featherman, University of Wisconsin, Department of Sociology, who extensively reorganized the data into machine-readable rectangular event-based analysis files. The data and documentation have also been augmented by additional information they acquired during the course of their research. Sorensen et al. obtained the original data set from the Norwegian Social Science Data Services, University of Bergen. Seven data files from the original data set have been omitted.

EXTENT OF COLLECTION: 14 data files.

DATA TYPE: survey data


TIME PERIOD: 1921 - 1971

DATE OF COLLECTION: November 1971 - March 1972

FUNDING AGENCY: Funding for the English language edition was provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, National Institute of Aging.


SUBJECT TERMS: demographic characteristics. education. employment. family. health. household structure. households. income. intra-family relations. job history. life cycle and events. marital status. occupations. work. Norway.


Featherman, David L. and Annemette Sorensen. ''Societal Transformation in Norway and Changes in Life Course Transitions into Adulthood.'' ACTA SOCIOLOGIA. 1983. Ramsoy, Natalie Rogoff. ''Life Changes and Life Histories: Remarks on Concept and Method in the Norwegian Occupational Life Study.'' Memorandum No. 6 from the Occupational History Study. Oslo, Norway: Institute of Applied Social Research. 1973. Skrede, Kari. ''Inequality of Education, Income and Health Status in Three Norwegian Male Cohorts (Revised Version).'' Memorandum No. 13 from the Occupational Mobility Study. Oslo, Norway: Institute of Applied Social Research. 1976.

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