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Study Number: AH-008-010-2-1-United States-MOSH-1972

Subject Area: Individual

Bibliographic Citation: United States personnel and funding resources for science, engineering, and technology: scientific and engineering expenditures at universities and colleges, 1972-1978.  [machine-readable data file] / National Science Foundation  [principal investigator(s)] / Washington, D.C.: Moshman Associates, Inc.  [distributor].

Number of Files Received: 2

Comments: The only documentation that exists is from the first edition. NOTE that the data evidently are in two separate parts, identified (incorrectly, it seems) by this library as Editions 1 and 2. Edition 1, received in March of 1981, EVIDENTLY contains the data for 1972-1979 (this may be wrong). The PDR shows that the data between 1972 and 1977 includes doctorate and master's-granting institutions. Edition 2, received in 1982, EVIDENTLY contains the 1978 data (the population being restricted to doctorate-granting institutions). NOTE THAT THESE DATA ARE PROBABLY IN CARD IMAGE FORMAT.

Access Status: Unrestricted access.

Documentation: Hard copy, 2 volumes.

Abstract: The National Science Foundation's survey entitled, Scientific and engineering expenditures at universities and colleges, 1972-, originated in 1954 and has been conducted annually since 1972. Data include: separately budgeted R&D expenditures, expenditures for instruction and departmental research, capital expenditures for scientific activities. The population for the 1972-77 surveys include doctorate- and master's-granting institutions and other academically administered federally funded R&D centers (FFRDC's). The population for the 1978 survey is restricted to doctorate-granting institutions and FFRDC's. The 1979 survey again includes the full population of doctorate- and master's-granting institutions and FFRDC's.

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