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Study Report

Study Number: QD-008-010-1-1-United States-NCES-1972

Subject Area: Education Attitudes and Behavior

Bibliographic Citation: National longitudinal study of the high school class of 1972: student, school, teacher, transcript, FICE, school district, term and course data, 1972-1986 [CD-ROM version].  [machine-readable data file] / U.S. Department of Education. National Center for Education Statistics  [principal investigator(s)] / Washington, D.C.: National Center for Education Statistics  [distributor].

Date Accessioned: 7/15/1994

Number of Files Received: 29

Comments: This CD-ROM contains DOS version ECB program which document all the variables and can be used to create SAS-PC and SPSS-PC codes to extract data. 8/00 Windows ECB program is available. Copy these three files: Ecbspec.nls, Nls01.cdc and Nls02.cdc from /ECBW/NLS directory on Electronic Codebooks for Windows 95/98 22 ECBs CD we received from NCES. These three files are dated 3/2/95 and they match the data on our NLS 72 CD-ROMS, (DP7024 and DP7097). From Start menu, select Programs, Electronic Codebook for Some NCES Data and then NLS72. Please note the ECB program only works with the student file. The output files will be stored in C:\ECBW\NLS folder which guest account should have full control. 9/06 Program is installed on Ketchup and Mustard. 7/09 Beer and Wine replaced Ketchup and Mustard. 5/14 An ISO image was created on the network drive for this CD-Rom.

Access Status: Access limited to UW-Madison campus

Date Ordered: 6/1/1994

Documentation: One booklet and machine-readable text files.

Abstract: This CD-ROM contains all the data files for NLS-72. This longitudinal study supplies information on the educational, vocational, and personal development of young people who were high school seniors in 1972 and examines the kinds of factors-personal, familial, social, institutional, and cultural-that may affect that development. This group of people were reinterviewed in 1973, 1974, 1976, 1979 and 1986. Areas such as ability, socioeconomic status, home background, community environment, ethnicity, significance others, current activity at time of survey, educational attainment, school experiences, school performance, work status, work performance and satisfaction, goal orientations, marriage and the family and military experience are covered. A software program allows users to access data via variable level. Users can browse and select variables using ECB menu. A SAS-PC or SPSS-PC program and a codebook containing all the selected variables can be generated according to a user's specification.

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7024 (CD-ROM)
7097 (CD-ROM)