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Study Number: QD-013-001-1-1-United States-NARA-1976

Subject Area: Education Attitudes and Behavior

Bibliographic Citation: Sustaining effects study, 1976-1979.  [machine-readable data file] / System Development Corporation  [principal investigator(s)] / Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration  [distributor].

Comments: 12/2007 For those 19 files on Reel 8 of this study, they appear to be duplicates of the first 19 files from Reel 7. The discrepancy was discovered when these file names and file specification were compared to those in the original file specification records for Reel 8 (DP1066) and Reel 7 (DP1065) in PDR during DP7140 roll-over. These 19 files probably got mixed up when they were rolled over in 1996. See CountDP7140.txt in for details on this file migration. If DISC budget allows, order a new set of files for Reel 8 from NARA. DP7141 (duplicate copy of DP7140) has the same file discrepancy for Reel 8. DP1066, a labeled tape and DP2013, an unlabeled tape were withdrawn and their file records were deleted from HDB in 1996 when they were rolled over to CD-Rom, DP7140 and DP7141.

Access Status: Unrestricted access.

Documentation: 6 volumes hard copy. File specification is in volume 1.

Abstract: This study was performed by the Federal Government to assist educationally deprived children, specifically children of low-income families. Part of this effort to assist educationally deprived children, Title 1, funded compensatory education programs. While part of the Office of Planning, Budgeting and Evaluation in the Office of Education authorized in 1975 an evaluation of the compensatory education program. The study had three major objectives: (1) to obtain information on the numbers of economically and educationally disadvantaged students who do not receive compensatory services; (2) to report on whether the benefits gained from compensatory assistance are sustained over the summer months and in subsequent years, especially if assistance is no longer received, and (3) to isolate those sequences of services which were most beneficial in terms of sustained effects.

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