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Study Number: LA-031-002-2-1-United States-ICPSR-1982

Subject Area: Public Opinion on Political Matters, Political Participation

Bibliographic Citation: CBS News/New York Times national surveys, March 1982.  [machine-readable data file] / CBS News  [principal investigator(s)] / Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: 9053

Access Status: Access limited to UW-Madison campus

Documentation: 1 volume hard copy (shared with other studies in this series) and machine-readable.

Abstract: These seven datasets are part of an ongoing data collection effort in which CBS News and The New York Times are equal partners. A common denominator of the surveys is a continuing evaluation of the Reagan administration's handling of economics and foreign affairs. In addition, each of the surveys has a special focus on a topical issue or event such as the Israeli-Lebanese conflict, El Salvador, or ERA. These national surveys were administered by telephone, one respondent was selected from eligible household members for the interview. The sampling technique is a variation of random digit dialing techniques and is more fully described in ''Sampling Methods for Random-Digit Dialing,'' Journal of the American Statistical Association (73) March 1978, pp. 40-46. Weights are given in each file which must be used for any analysis. There are two sets of weights in the September and October surveys. The first is the standard demographic weight and the second was created by adjusting for probability of voting. These data and accompanying documentation are distributed by ICPSR in the same form as received from the principal investigators. For reasons of confidentiality, the telephone exchange has been converted to missing data by ICPSR. The datasets are in card-image format. A brief description of each of the seven parts follows. 1. The January Survey. Conducted Jan. 11-Jan. 15, 1982. N=1,540. There are 55 questions, comprising an evaluation of the Reagan presidency and standard CBS demographic or background variables. 2. The March Survey. Conducted March 11-March 15, 1982. N=1,545. The 61 questions asked in this survey include a number on El Salvador, as well as the usual background questions and those asking the respondent to evaluate the policies of the Reagan administration. 3. The May Survey. Conducted May 19-May 23, 1982. N=1,470. The 55 questions include a strong emphasis on the nuclear freeze movement. 4. The June Survey: Part 1. Conducted June 26-June 27, 1982. N=985. This survey contains only a small set of background variables, and several questions about the Israeli-Lebanese conflict and Alexander Haig's resignation as Secretary of State. For this part of the collection, CBS News was the sole principal investigator. 5. June Survey: ALL. Conducted June 26-June 28, 1982. N=1,174. This survey has approximately 30 items. Most of the non-background items are about the ERA and women's movement. Although this part of the survey includes the respondents from the June Survey: Part 1, CBS News recommends that the two surveys NOT be combined. For this part of the collection, CBS was the sole principal investigator. 6. September Survey. Conducted Sept. 13, 1982-Sept. 18, 1982. N=1,664. This survey and the October Surveys are pre-election surveys and include a number of questions relating to the forthcoming Congressional elections, evaluation of Reagan administration policies, the political parties, and the impact of various issues on the elections. There are about 70 items in the questionnaire, including the standard background items. The dataset includes a weight adjusted for probability of voting. 7. October Survey. Conducted Oct. 23-Oct. 28, 1982. N=2,111. This survey, like the September survey, focuses on the upcoming Congressional elections. It includes a weight adjusted for probability of voting. Past voting behavior as well as current voting intention are elicited.

SUBJECT TERMS: arms race. civil rights. conflict data. congressional elections. constitutional amendments. demographic characteristics. domestic affairs. economic attitudes and behavior. economy. elections. foreign affairs. foreign policy. governmental elites. international interactions. issues. military affairs. nuclear weapons. political attitudes and behavior. presidential performance. public policy. public services. social services. voting attitudes and behavior. weapons. welfare. women's rights. Reagan, Ronald. United States.

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