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Study Number: FE-505-001-1-1-International-ICPSR-1816

Subject Area: Conflict, Violence and Wars

Bibliographic Citation: Behavioral correlates of war, 1816-1975.  [machine-readable data file] / Leng, Russell J.  [principal investigator(s)] / Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: 8606

Access Status: Access limited to UW-Madison campus

Documentation: Hard copy codebook, 1 duplicate.

Abstract: The behavior of various states involved in 38 interstate crises over the past 160 years is the focus of this data collection. More specifically, these data follow the attempts of these states to influence others and the responses generated over the course of the crises. The sample reflects a broad historical range of crises and includes those that involve war as well as those that do not. Each data file contains information on a crisis or set of crises. Within each data file the cases represent actions taken during the crisis period. The data allow for a micro level of analysis with measures that distinguish a wide range of cooperative and conflictive interstate actions. In addition, measures are included that are sensitive to the mix of different behaviors and that record the tempo of the action within given time intervals. The Crisis program provided allows for the counting and scaling of events.

SOURCE: Newspaper accounts (primarily THE NEW YORK TIMES), English and foreign language accounts by diplomatic historians, and prepared chronologies

UNIVERSE: Identified population of interstate crises, 1816-1975.

SAMPLE: Stratified sample of interstate crises.

NOTE: Part 32 is the Crisis program, an interactive program written in VAX-11 PASCAL, which contains subroutines for counting and scaling actions. This program was written for use on a Digital VAX mini computer. Part 33 is a categorization and weight scheme used by the Crisis program. This scheme is necessary to run the Crisis program. This scheme may be modified by users to their own specifications. It also should be noted that in order to use the Crisis program the names of the crisis files and of the categorization/weight scheme file MUST match the part names provided below, excluding the sections in parentheses.

EXTENT OF COLLECTION: 31 data files + 2 computer program files.

DATA TYPE: event/transaction data, and program source code


TIME PERIOD: 1816-1975


FUNDING AGENCY: National Science Foundation.



Leng, Russell J. ''Reagan and the Russians: Crisis Bargaining Beliefs and the Historical Record.'' AMERICAN POLITICAL SCIENCE REVIEW 78 (June 1984), 338-355. Leng, Russell J., and Charles Gochman. ''Dangerous Disputes: A Study of Conflict Behavior and War.'' AMERICAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL SCIENCE 26 (1982), 664-687.

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