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Study Number: AG-009-001-1-1-United States-USCEN-1990

Subject Area: Household

Bibliographic Citation: Comprehensive housing affordability strategy (CHAS) database, 1990 [CD-ROM version].  [machine-readable data file] / U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census  [principal investigator(s)] / Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census  [distributor].

Date Accessioned: 12/15/1994

Comments: Type GO at D:\ to call up the database menu. 11/05 Run GO in Commond Prompt available in Windows XP. Use CopyFile to output a subset. Remember to provide the path for the output file, e.g. C:\temp\test.dat. It will also create a codebook file to document the subset.

Access Status: Access limited to UW-Madison campus

Documentation: Machine-readable and 1 volume printed document.

Abstract: This CD-ROM contains housing affordability data for low income households in the United States. Files are in dBASE III format. The Department of Housing and Urban development and the Bureau of the Census extracted and summarized data from the 1990 census to develop these files to support development of the 1993 CHAS by jurisdictions. There are two types of records for several income groups. The income groups are based on a percentage of the median family income for an area. The first type of records contains data for households in five income groups: 0-30%, 31-50%, 51-80%, 81-95% and 96%+. The second type contains data for the households at one of four income levels: 30%, 50%, 80% and other. The retrieval program, GO, allows users to select tables, browse same variables in various income groups and geographical areas, and output files. There are three different output formats: ASCII flat, ASCII delimited, and dBASE. A BASIC program that can convert dBASE III files to ASCII files is provided.

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