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Study Number: QG-015-028-1-1-United States-ICPSR-1987

Subject Area: Medical and Health

Bibliographic Citation: National medical expenditure survey, 1987: health insurance plans survey data, private insurance benefit database and linkages to household survey policyholders [public use tape 16].  [machine-readable data file] / U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Agency for Health Care Policy and Research  [principal investigator(s)] / Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: 6168

Date Accessioned: 4/10/1995

Number of Files Received: 19

Comments: Ordered for Sam Zuvekas. Received via FTP from ICPSR.

Access Status: Access limited to UW-Madison campus

Date Ordered: 4/10/1995

Documentation: 2 volumes hard copy codebooks plus machine-readable documentation including codebook file and SAS command language file. One duplicate copy for volume 1: questionnaires, data collection methods, and other attachments.

Abstract: The National Medical Expenditure Survey (NMES) series provides information on health expenditures by or on behalf of families and individuals, the financing of these expenditures, and each person's use of services. Public Use Tape 16 is the second public use data release from the NMES Health Insurance Plans Survey (HIPS). The purpose of the HIPS was to verify information reported by respondents to two components of the NMES, the Household Survey and the Survey of American Indians and Alaska Natives (SAIAN), about their health insurance coverage. Additional details were also obtained from the employers, unions, and insurance companies through which coverage was provided. Parts 1 and 2 of Public Use Tape 16 are files that can be used to link data to Household Survey policyholders in NATIONAL MEDICAL EXPENDITURE SURVEY, 1987: POLICYHOLDERS OF PRIVATE INSURANCE: PREMIUMS, PAYMENT SOURCES, AND TYPES AND SOURCE OF COVERAGE [PUBLIC USE TAPE 15] (ICPSR 9901). These link files permit identification of the records in the Private Health Insurance Benefit Database (Parts 3-17 of this collection) that describe the specific benefits held by the policyholders. These files also permit linkage to the personal and socioeconomic characteristics for these policyholders found in NATIONAL MEDICAL EXPENDITURE SURVEY, 1987: HOUSEHOLD SURVEY, POPULATION CHARACTERISTICS AND PERSON-LEVEL UTILIZATION, ROUNDS 1-4 [PUBLIC USE TAPE 13] (ICPSR 9695). Future link files will permit linkage of the Benefit Database to persons in the SAIAN and to dependents of policyholders in the Household Survey. The section files of the Benefit Database, Parts 4-13, contain information on Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), copayments, basic coverage, hospital and medical services, cost-containment provisions, major medical coverage, dental care, prescription drugs, vision and hearing care, and Medicare benefits. The schedule files, Parts 14-17, contain specific deductible amounts, dollar benefits, coinsurance provisions, maximum benefits, and benefit periods. Wherever possible, copies of policies or booklets describing the coverage and benefits were obtained in order to abstract this information.

SOURCE: personal interviews, self-enumerated questionnaires, and health insurance policy abstracts

SAMPLE: The HIPS sample consisted of a subset of the employers, unions, and other sources of health insurance identified by respondents to the 1987 NMES Household Survey and SAIAN and included (1) all employers associated with jobs held by individuals at least 16 years old in Round 4 of the Household Survey, (2) the most recent employer of individuals not employed in Round 4 who were at least 21 years old, and (3) all sources of health insurance that were identified by Household Survey respondents as in force at the end of 1987.

NOTE: The principal investigator notes that the data in Public Use Tape 16 are released as coded. The benefit data are unedited and the database structure has not been simplified.

EXTENT OF COLLECTION: 17 data files + machine-readable documentation (text) + database dictionary + SAS Control Cards + data collection instrument.

DATA TYPE: survey data, and administrative records data

DATA FORMAT: LRECL with SAS Control Cards




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