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Study Number: SJ-504-001-1-1-The Netherlands-STEIN-1987

Subject Area: Anomic Behavior

Bibliographic Citation: Economic behavior opiates [1987 and 1989].  [machine-readable data file] / Grapendaal, H.  [principal investigator(s)] / Amsterdam, Holland: Steinmetz Archives  [distributor].

Originating Archive Number: P1170

Date Accessioned: 5/16/1996

Number of Files Received: 49

Comments: As received from the Steinmetz Archive.

Access Status: Unlimited access

Date Ordered: 5/16/1996

Documentation: Machine-readable only, as received in Dutch language from Steinmetz Archive.

Abstract: Life history, social background, first contacts with drugs, first contacts with the law. Legal sources of income: social benefits, regular job, rent subsidy / housing situation, expenditures for housing, telephone, electricity and gas / participation in methadon program / attemps made to kick the habit in hospital or drug rehabilitation center / attitude to drugs and drugscene, motives to use drugs, propensity to experiment with drugs, wish to stop, having non-using friends, being avoided by other people. Regarding week before interview: purchases of various types of drugs, money spent for food, clothes, transportation, recreation, cigarettes etc. loans, savings etc. / earnings from various legal or illegal activities: moonlighting, selling drugs and drugs related activities, prostitution, theft, robbery, fencing, begging, gambling, loans / being robbed from drugs or lost drugs / consumption of various types of drugs, methadon / contacts with social assistance / contacts with police.
Data are longitudinal survey data; Sampled users is drug addicts; Subject terms: consumption, crime, drugs, finance, health, law; Data format consists of 8 SPSS portable files, each containing a varying number of cases with varying numbers of variables.

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