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Study Number: CB-056-001-1-1-United States-IRC-1977

Subject Area: Economic Processes and Indicators

Bibliographic Citation: Data from a 1977 insurer study of auto injury closed claims.  [machine-readable data file] / Insurance Research Council  [principal investigator(s)] / Chicago, IL: Insurance Research Council  [distributor].

Date Accessioned: 8/26/1996

Number of Files Received: 6

Comments: As received from RAND (original IRC tapes were bad). Data are in six raw ASCII files, each with a record size of 1386.

Access Status: Access limited to UW-Madison campus

Date Ordered: 7/15/1996

Documentation: 1 volume hard copy codebook plus associated materials.

Abstract: When the All-Industry Research Advisory Council was formed in 1977, its first research project was a countrywide study of injuries resulting from automobile accidents. This led to publication in 1979 of a two-volume report, Automobile Injuries and their Compensation in the United States, which provided a unique and indispensable data base for almost all analysis of the auto injury compensation system in the U.S. Primary responsibility for the development of the survey was assumed by the Allstate Insurance Company. Every effort was made to see that all eligible injury claims were included in the study to ensure that a sample with the proper distribution of claims by size and coverage would be obtained. Each of the 29 participating companies was asked to submit data on all eligible files closed during the survey period. Claims eligible for the study were defined as follows:

  1. Each bodily injury, medical payment, uninsured motorist, or personal injury protection claim closed during any two week period between Oct 2 and November 20, 1977, was to be included in the study.
  2. Each bodily injury claim involving payment of $10,000 or more and each personal injury claim involving payment of $5000 or more that was closed during the six-week period following the initial two-week period was to be included in the study.

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