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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Data Archive (ATSIDA) (University of Technology, Sydney and Australian Data Archive)
The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Data Archive (ATSIDA) is a research data management facility for Australian Indigenous research data, managed by the University of Technology, Sydney Library. ATSIDA is a thematic archive within the Australian Data Archive (ADA). The ATSIDA site includes a data catalog and information for both data users and potential data depositors.

AgingResearchBiobank (National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)
The AgingResearchBiobank has two components: Biologic Specimens (Biorepository) and Data Repository. It has a collection of biospecimens and related phenotypic and clinical data from NIA-funded clinical trials and longitudinal/observational studies. Only registered users can access and use the data and sample request systems on the AgingResearchBiobank website.

Algeria National Office of Statistics (Algeria National Office of Statistics)
The Algeria National Office of Statistics is charged with collecting, processing and diffusing socio-economic statistical information for the nation of Algeria. The site offers French and Arabic mainly, however, publications are available in English, French, and Arabic.

Andorra Departament d'Estudis i d'Estadistica (Andorra Departament d'Estudis i d'Estadistica)
The Andorra Department of Statistics carries socio-economic statistics for the European country of Andorra. Accessible in Catalan, English, French, and Spanish.

Arab Barometer (Arab Barometer)
Arab Barometer is a central resource for quantitative research on the Middle East. It has conducted nationally representative face-to-face public opinion surveys over five waves: 2006-2009, 2010-2011, 2012-2014, 2016-2017 and 2018-2019. It includes 15 countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Qatar, and Yemen. Its surveys cover topics like governance and political affairs, personal and national economic circumstances, women's rights and gender equality, religiosity and the political and societal role of religion, and international relations. It provides insight into the social, political, and economic attitudes and values of ordinary citizens across the Arab world. You can download data and documents at, after completing a brief registration form.

Armenia Ministry of Statistics (Armenia Ministry of Statistics)
Armenia Ministry of Statistics site has publications and research on statistics for the country. In English, Armenian, and Russian.

Aruba Central Bureau of Statistics (Aruba Central Bureau of Statistics)
The Aruba Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) provides socio-economic statistics in Excel format.

Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA) (Association of Religion Data Archives)
The Association of Religion Data Archives (formerly known as the American Religion Data Archive) collects quantitative datasets for the study of American and international religions. Visitors can browse data sets by category, alphabetically, view the newest additions, most popular files, or search for a file. Data can be freely downloaded from its data archive. Additional features include national profiles of religion in countries worldwide; maps and reports of U.S. congregational membership (by state, county, and metro areas); teaching tools; and a question bank option that allows users to create a list of questions from various studies for further reference.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (Australian Bureau of Statistics)
The Australian Bureau of Statistics is Australia's official statistical organisation. Its mission is to assist and encourage informed decision-making, research and discussion within governments and the community, by providing a high quality, objective and responsive national statistical service.

Australian Data Archive (ADA) (Australian Data Archive)
The Australian Data Archive (ADA) provides a national service for the collection and preservation of digital research data and to make these data available for secondary analysis by academic researchers and other users. The ADA is made up of seven sub-archives: Social Science, Historical, Indigenous, Longitudinal, Qualitative, Crime & Justice, and International. (The former Australian Social Science Data Archive (ASSDA) has become part of the ADA). All visitors to the ADA Data Catalogue can browse and search the catalogue, view study and variable documentation (including frequencies) and download related material (questionnaires, codebooks, etc). Registered users can also analyze and visualize most data online and users who have completed the relevant undertaking form(s) can download entire studies or subsets of variables in a range of formats. Some reciprocal international agreements are in place, including with ICPSR member institutions, which includes UW-Madison.

Austria - Statistik Austria (Statistik Austria)
Statistik Austria provides socio-economic statistics for Austria, primarily in PDF and Excel. In German and English.

Azerbaijan State Statistical Committee (Azerbaijan State Statistical Committee)
Statistics about Azerbaijan can be found on this site. The topics include vital statistics, population, employment, foreign trades, exchange rates, GDP, prices, agriculture, industry and others. In English, Azeri, and Russian.

Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS): Statistics Indonesia (Badan Pusat Statistik)
This government site contains various socio-economic statistics for Indonesia. Contents are in English and Indonesian.

Belgium National Institute of Statistics (Belgium National Institute of Statistics)
The National Institute of Statistics is a division in the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Belgium. The site carries socio-economic statistics in French, English, Dutch and German.

Bolivia National Institute of Statistics (INE) (Bolivia National Institute of Statistics)
"El Instituto Nacional de Estadistica como Organo Ejecutivo del Sistema Nacional de Informacion Estadistica de Bolivia, tiene las funciones de: relevar, clasificar, codificar, compilar y difundir, con caracter oficial, la informacion estadistica del pais." (Site is in Spanish only.)

Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics)
The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics-IBGE is the Country's main provider of data and information to answer the requirements from the various segments of civil society, as well as from federal, state and local government agencies. Current socio-economic statistics are available from this site, with text in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Bulgaria National Statistical Institute (Bulgaria National Statistical Institute)
Bulgaria National Statistical Institute provides key socio-economic statistics from this site.

Canadian Century Research Infrastructure (Canadian Century Research Infrastructure)
The Canadian Century Research Infrastructure is a five year initiative to develop databases from Canadian manuscript census records from the period of 1911 to 1951. The resulting project will link this database to other databases that cover 1871 to 1901 and 1961 to 2001. The site currently provides a listing of variables for 1911 to 1951. In English and French.

Canadian Families Project (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada)
The Canadian Families Project is an interdisciplinary project studying Canadian Families, completed between 1996 and 2001, that created a 5% sample database from the 1901 Canadian census. Ordering information for the complete sample and users guide are available at the site; there is also an online version of the British Columbia portion of the sample. In English and French.

Canadian Social Research Links (Gilles Seguin)
This site serves as a thorough and up-to-date gateway of annotated links to social sciences resources in Canada. Maintained as a personal project by a staffer at Human Resources Development Canada. In English and French.

Carolina Population Center (CPC) (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

The Carolina Population Center (CPC) is "a community of scholars and professionals collaborating on interdisciplinary research and methods that advance understanding of population issues." Research projects specialize in the following themes, both internationally and in the U.S.:

  • Family, Fertility, and Children
  • Population Diversity and Inequality
  • Social and Spatial Contexts of Demographic and Health Behavior
  • Economic, Demographic, and Health Transitions
  • Population and Environment
  • Health Behavior and Infectious Disease
  • Demography and Economics of Aging

CPC projects include the Cebu Longitudinal Health and Nutrition Survey, the China Health and Nutrition Survey, the MEASURE Evaluation Project, the Nang Rong Projects, the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Heatlh, and the Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey.

Census Bureau FTP site (U.S. Bureau of the Census)
For those who like to ferret out files without the annoyances of a fancy front end --check out the census_1980, census_1990, and census_2000 directories.

CHASS (Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences) Data Centre (University of Toronto)
This site contains a collection of on-line databases and custom built search and retrieval programs maintained by Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) at the University of Toronto. Most are for subscribers only. Includes two WWW versions of Statistics Canada's CANSIM (Canadian Socio-economic Information Management System) database.

Child and Family Data Archive (C&F Data Archive) (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Administration for Children and Families (ACF). Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation (OPRE) and Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR))
The Child and Family (C&F) Data Archive hosts over 300 datasets. It allows visitors to discover, access, and analyze data on young children, their families and communities, and the programs that serve them.

Chile National Institute of Statistics (INE) (Chile National Institute of Statistics)
The Chile National Institute of Statistics provides socio-economic statistics back to the 1990s on this site. Though the site now has some English-language front pages, PDF reports and menu-based table-makers are in Spanish only.

China National Bureau of Statistics (China National Bureau of Statistics)
China National Bureau of Statistics provides major economic and social indicators from this site. In English and Chinese.

Colombia National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) (Colombia National Administrative Department of Statistics)
"Permite al usuario acceder en forma gratuita a cuadros que resumen toda la informacion producida por el DANE, estos cuadros son actualizados periodicamente segun el calendario de difusion estadistica. Los archivos se encuentran en formato excel, comprimidos para descargar, tablas .html." This site is in Spanish.

Columbia University Research Data Services (Columbia University)
The Columbia Electronic Data Service (EDS) is now parted of Research Data Services. It assist the University community in finding numerical and geospacial data. Staff consultants are available to help university members select the appropriate tools for their research needs.

Contraloria National de la Republica de Panama (Contraloria National de la Republica de Panama)
This site offers 2000 Census data for Panama, plus economic and sociodemograpic statistics. Some information is in HTML tables, some in Excel, and some in PDF. Spanish only.

Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER) Data Archive (Cornell University)
The CISER Data Archive maintains a collection of data which includes census files, surveys, administrative records, economic and social data from national and international organizations, as well as studies compiled by individual researchers. In addition, Cornell University provides access to a large variety of additional data sources (e.g. ICPSR and the Roper Center). Computing, consulting, secure data services are some of the additonal services that CISER offers.

Council of European Social Sciences Data Archives (CESSDA) (Council of European Social Sciences Data Archives)
CESSDA (Council of European Social Science Data Archives) provides large scale, integrated and sustainable data services to the social sciences, having evolved from a network of European data service providers into a legal entity and large-scale infrastructure under the auspices of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) Roadmap in June 2013. CESSDA is owned and financed by the individual member states' ministry of research or a delegated institution. The CESSDA Data Catalogue represents a virtual common catalogue for the collective data holdings of the various CESSDA member archives. CESSDA's online data management guide created by many experts from its member arhives aims to make research data finadable, understandable, accessible and resuable.

Croatia Central Bureau of Statistics (Croatia Central Bureau of Statistics)
The Croatian Bureau of Statistics carries out statistical surveys in the Republic of Croatia. The web site, available both in English and Croation, carries tables of various statistics. Tables from the 2001 Census are available in HTML only; the 2003 Agricultural Census is also available in Excel and as a PC-Axis database.

Cuba National Directorate of Statistics (Cuba National Directorate of Statistics)
La Oficina Nacional de Estadisticas (ONE) de Cuba web site provides HTML tables of basic sociodemographic and economic indicators, generally the most current 1-3 years. In Spanish only.

Cyprus Statistical Service (Cyprus Statistical Service)
The Republic of Cyprus Statistical Service (CYSTAT) is the authority responsible for the compilation and the publication of most of the official statistical data in Cyprus. Key socio-economic statistics are available from this site, in HTML tables and/or Excel files.

Czech Republic - Czech Statistical Office (Czech Statistical Office)
The Czech Statistical Office provides socio-economic and environmental statistics from this site, primarily in Excel and PDF. Available in Czech and English.

Czech Republic, Sociological Data Archive (Sociological Data Archive)
The Sociological Data Archive (SDA) of the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic stores data files from social science research projects and provides the data for non-commercial and instruction purposes. A search engine enables users to access information about each data set; however, users must fill out a form to order the data. Selected datasets are available for online download. In English & Czech.

Danish Data Archives (DDA) (Denmark) (Danish Data Archives)
Some of the highlights of this site are the Danish Demographic Database, Search Catalogues of the DDA, and the DDA Nyt (newsletters which are in Danish).

Data and Information Services Center (DISC) (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
The Data and Information Services Center (DISC) is a merged data services unit at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, formed by the merger of the former Data & Program Library Service (DPLS) with the data services operations formerly housed in the Center for Demography and Ecology (CDE) and the Center for Demography of Health and Aging (CDHA). DISC is a member of the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) and the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research. The collection is cross-disciplinary, reflecting research interests in the social sciences. Longitudinal surveys, macroeconomic indicators, election studies, population studies, socialization patterns, poverty measures, labor force participation, public opinion polls, education and health data, and local/national/international governmental statistics are among the subjects represented.

Data Archive and Technical Assistance (UC DATA) (University of California, Berkeley)
UC Data Archive & Technical Assistance (UC DATA) is UC Berkeley's principal archive of computerized social science and health statistics information. Much of the data is limited to the UC Berkeley campus.

Data from Developing Countries (BREAD (Bureau for Research in Economic Analysis of Development))
This page is intended to help locate datasets pertaining to data from developing countries that is either in the public domain or that can be obtained at modest cost from the agency collecting the data. This site provides links to some of the data available online and explanations of how to obtain others. Links are grouped into household surveys, firm-level data, macro data sources, and national statistical offices.

Data on the Net (University of California San Diego)
Annotated collection of links to numeric Social Science statistical data, data catalogs, data libraries, and social science gateways. A wide-ranging collection with an easy search interface; however, many of the links have gone out of date.

Data Services, Carleton University Library (Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Data Services is a part of the Maps, Data and Government Information Centre (MADGIC). It acquires, manages, and preserves quantitative computer-readable data files from the various disciplines of the humanities and social sciences and provides data-related services as needed to support research and instruction at Carleton.

Data Services, UCSD (University of California, San Diego)
Data Services are part of the library system at the University of California, San Diego. They include providing assistance with identifying, locating and acquiring data in all formats, along with statistical software support (for packages such as R, Python, Stata, SAS & SPSS), help with cleaning and preparation of data, and much more. The services also provide access to the UCSD "Dataverse", which includes data from repositories (including ICPSR) and many other datasets, including "opinion polls, voting records, and large-scale surveys", and the USCD Research Data Collections. (U.S. Office of Management & Budget)
Launched in May 2009 by the U.S. Office of Management & Budget, is an initiative of the Obama administration designed to "increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government." Contents are organized into topics. is managed and hosted by the U.S. General Services Administration, Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies. is powered by two open source applications, CKAN and WordPress, and it is developed publicly on GitHub.

Databank for China Studies (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Provided by the University Services Center at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for "promoting quantitative research on contemporary China." The online data catalog listed just over 30 studies in 2010. Users outside the Chinese University of Hong Kong pay usage fees for data, dependent on agreements with the original providers of the data. Data files are provided in ASCII format on diskette or CD-ROM, together with any command files, descriptive metadata, and print documention. Some documentation is available online, and appears to be mostly in Chinese.

Department of Commerce (Department of Commerce)
Parent organization to the Economics and Statistics Administration, the U.S. Bureau of the Census, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Includes agency links. If you're not finding the one you're looking for, try the Site Search option.

Digital Curation Centre (DCC) (Digital Curation Centre (DCC))
Based in the United Kingdom, the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) takes digital information curation as its mission. The organization focuses on building capacity, capability and skills for research data management across the UK's higher education research community. The DCC provides advice and assistance to anyone in UK higher education and research wanting to store, manage, protect and share digital research data. The "Resources" are of the site includes how-to guides, data management plans, case studies, and white papers.

DISC Online Data Archive (Data and Information Services Center (DISC) and University of Wisconsin-Madison)
The DISC Online Data Archive is a subset of the DISC collection that is made publicly available for direct web download. Many of these 80+ datasets stem from research at the UW-Madison or involve Wisconsin-related themes.

Dominican Republic National Statistics Office (Dominican Republic National Statistics Office)
This is a national statistics site for the Oficina Nacional de Estadista (ONE), the National Statistics Office of the Dominican Republic. In Spanish only.

EconData.Net (EconData.Net)
This site organizes socioeconomic data by subject or by information provider and offers annotated links. The sources include federal, state, commercial, and non-profit sector sources. (Moody's Analytics) provides real-time coverage of the global economy, including in-depth analysis of more than 300 economic indicators events, topics and long term trends, plus forecasts by Mark Zandi and the Moody's Analytics team.

Ecuador National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC) (Ecuador National Institute of Statistics and Census)
This is a national statistics site for Ecuador. Data is in HTML table format. In Spanish only.

EDiNA and Data Library Division (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)
The EDINA and Data Library Division of Information Services at the University of Edinburgh provide access to Edinburgh Data and Information Access (EDINA), a national online service for the UK higher education and research community, plus data library support for finding, accessing, using, and managing research data; the Edinburgh DataShare digital repository service for University of Edinburgh staff and students to deposit their research data to share with others; and research data management guidance. Databases and Database Directory (Economic History Services)
Provides an online registry of international historical economic datasets. Includes name/address/phone numbers of principal investigators and information about public release of the named titles. Twelve of the data series in the registry are hosted by and are freely downloadable. The series hosted by include Global Financial Data, 1880-1913; Historical Labor Statistics Project Series; Early Forward Exchange Markets: Vienna, 1876-1914; Developing Country Export Statistics: 1840, 1860, 1880 and 1900; among others.

El Salvador Ministry of the Economy (El Salvador Ministry of the Economy)
This is a national economy and statistics site for El Salvador. In Spanish only.

Epidemiology-France Metadata Portal (French Public Health Institute and AVIESAN, the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health)
Epidemiology-France Metadata Portal is designed and run by the French Public Health Institute (ITMO SP) within AVIESAN. It is a catalogue of more than 900 health databases in France. It provides information about epidemiology research, data sharing and common usable databases for research and public health assessment. The portal has a powerful search tool that allows visitors to explore the hundreds of databases by descriptors and database types and medical fields.

Eurasia Barombeter (Euroasia Barombeter)
Eurasia Barometer surveys were designed to monitor political, social and economic transformations in the countries of post-communist Europe and post-Soviet Eurasia in the opinion of their populations. Face-to-face interviews were conducted in 2000, 2013, and 2016 using a national representative sample with between 1500 and 3500 respondents. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan are countries participated in these surveys.

European Community EUROSTAT (European Community EUROSTAT)
Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union situated in Luxembourg. Its task is to provide the European Union with statistics at European level that enable comparisons between countries and regions. "Your key to European statistics" is in English, German, or French. The statistical data on the Eurostat site is available free of charge and contains many indicators (short-term, structural, theme-specific and others) on the EU-27 and the euro-zone, the Member States and their partners.

FAIRMODEL Economic Model (Ray C. Fair)
The FAIRMODEL economic models from Yale provides macroeconomic analysis for free. The site allows users to, "Work with a U.S. macroeconometric model (US model) or a multicountry econometric model (MC3 model) to forecast, do policy analysis, and examine historical episodes. Users can change government policy variables and examine the estimated effects of the changes, table and graph online and/or download all or part of the historical data, forecast data, and data you may have created, read online and/or download all the documentation, memos, and paper. Download for use on your own computer: the Fair-Parke (FP) program, the US model, the MC3 model, and the US model in EViews format. Users can also analyze a presidential vote equation, including examining Bush's chances in 2004, and perform stock market experiments."

Federal Data Products Center (National Technical Information Service)
Established at NTIS to provide access to information in electronic formats. The current inventory of computer products includes more than 1,200 titles since 1990. These include datafiles and software on diskette, CD-ROM, and magnetic tape. Most of the Center's products are developed or sponsored by the federal government. However, NTIS does announce products developed by state governments and in a few cases by private sector organizations and distributed by NTIS.

Fiji Islands Statistics Bureau (Fiji Islands Statistics Bureau)
This is a web site for Fiji's official national statistical agency. It has various socio-economic indictors in HTML tables (some only go to 1996 or 1997) and links to other government agencies in Fiji.

Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) (Finnish Social Science Data Archive)
This national resource center in Finland for social science research and teaching makes its data catalog and newsletter available on the web. Forms for contacting the archive to inquire about data access are also available.

Firearm-safety Among Children & Teens Consortium (FACTS) (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR))
The Firearm Safety Among Children and Teens (FACTS) Consortium is funded by the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development. It is designed to develop research resources for firearm injury prevention. Datasets, methodology, research projects, publications, and other resources are available from this site.

France National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) (National Institute for Demographic Studies)
This site has rich demographic information for France. Population in figures includes various demographic data series. It has both English version and French version.

France National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE))
National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies collects and produces information on the French economy and society. This site has links to other official websites with statistical content, for example: agriculture, education, environment, infrastructure, industry, healthcare, transportation, and labor. In English and French.

Gateway to Global Aging Data ( Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research (CESR), Program on Global Aging, Health & Policy, University of Southern California)
Gateway to Global Aging Data is a platform designed for harmonizing cross-national studies of aging to Health and Retirement Study (HRS). It includes Health and Retirement Study (HRS), Mexican Health and Ageing Study (MHAS), English Longitudinal Study on Ageing (ELSA), Survey of Health, Ageing, and Retirement in Europe (SHARE), Korean Longitudinal Study on Aging (KLoSA), Japanese Study on Aging and Retirement (JSTAR), Indonesia Family Life Survey (IFLS), China Health, Aging, and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS), Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA), Study on Global Ageing and Adult Health (SAGE), and Longitudinal Aging Study in India (LASI). It has a digital library contains survey questions, sets of harmonized variables, and tools to search, compare, and obtain the information from various health and retirement surveys from over 25 countries. Its Interactive Graphs and Tables page can produce population estimates in a graph or table format as well as data visualization on a map of the globe.

Geospatial and Attribute Links (University of Arkansas Libraries Geographic Information Systems and Maps)
The Geospatial and Attribute Links collection builds on Stephan Pollard's "Starting the Hunt" guide, hosted by the University of Arkansas libraries from 2001-2005. Links are categorized by place (a special section for Arkansas, U.S. states or national, Canadian provinces or national, international) and then into either the "attribute" or "geospatial" category. Links are not annotated, other than listing the host institution/organization for each link.

Germany Federal Statistical Office (Germany Federal Statistical Office)
This site offers current and historical statistics on population, economics, elections, education, culture, health, justice, and many more for the Federal Republic of Germany. In English and German.

GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences)
GESIS originally consisted of the three independent institutes: Social Science Information Centre (IZ) in Bonn, Central Archive for Empirical Social Research (ZA) in Cologne, and Centre for Survey Research and Methodology (ZUMA) in Mannheim. They were merged into one in 2007. GESIS provides research-based services and consulting in all levels of the scientific process in the social seiences. GESIS Search offers an integrated search functionality over various information sources including research datasets, instruments, and open access publications. Search results can be filtered by different categories. Site contents are in English and German.

GlobalEDGE: Reference Desk (Michigan State University)
The GlobalEDGE web site aims to be the "ultimate research tool" for academics and business professionals interested in international business. The Global Resource Directory section of the site provides annotated links for applicable web resources.

Governments on the World Wide Web - Statistics (Gunnar Anzinger)
This list of links to statistical agencies worldwide includes the names of the countries in their own language, and official state/province statistical sites for regions of Germany, Spain, and Switzerland.

GPO's Federal Digital System (FDsys) (U.S. Government Printing Office)
The U.S. Government's Federal Digital System (FDsys), which replaced GPO Access in March of 2012, provides free online access to official publications from all three branches of the Federal Government. Users can search, browse, and download publications. Fdsys is a content management system and a preservation repository to government publications. Its advanced search engine with extensive metadata has the ability to refine and narrow searches.

Greece -- Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) (Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT))
The Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) (formerly known as the National Statistical Service of Greece) is an independent authority reporting to the Greek Parliament. It collects, analyzes, tabulates and disseminates all national and regional statistical data concerning Greece.

GRID-Geneva (United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP))
GRID-Geneva generates various types of resources such as data, data platforms, publications, visuals (maps, graphs, posters), storymaps or multimedia contents. GRID-Geneva also manages numerous high quality geospatial data sets at various scales (global, continental, national and subnational) on a variety of environment related themes. These various resources are all accessible through this website.

Guatemala National Institute of Statistics (INE) (Guatemala National Institute of Statistics)
This is a national statistics site for Guatemala. Its contents are in Spanish.

Harvard-MIT Data Center (HMDC) (Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
The Harvard-MIT Data Center (HMDC) is the principal distributor of quantitative social science data at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as managing technology platforms for the Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS). The HMDC runs a Virtual Data Center network that serves as a joint catalog for the Henry A. Murray Research Archive along with ICPSR, the Roper Center, Data-PASS, and several additional collections.

Health and Health Behaviour (UK Data Service)
The majority of datasets at this site are primary and can be used for secondary analysis. Users need to register before they can access any study. There are online tools for data analysis.

Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department (Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department)
This site offers current socio-economic statistics for Hong Kong. In English & Chinese.

Housing Topics (U.S. Bureau of the Census)
This page from the U.S. Census Bureau offers socio-economic statistics related to a variety of housing topics which include housing facts, survey data, homeownership data, housing affordability, housing vacancy data, housing patterns (residential segregation), and more. Data sources include the: American Community Survey, American Housing Survey, Decennial Census of Housing, Housing Vacancy Survey, Residential Finance Survey, and Survey of Market Absorption. Related websites for housing data are also included.

Howard W. Odum Institute for Research in Social Science (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
The Odum Institute maintains one of the oldest and largest archives of machine-readable data in the U.S. Its Louis Harris Data Center is the exclusive national repository for Louis Harris public opinion data. The Institute has an extensive collection of U.S. Census data, including one of the most complete holdings for 1970 Census files. Other major sources of data include the North Carolina State Data Center, which distributes North Carolina census data; and the National Center for Health Statistics. Also available are data from studies conducted by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill social science faculty. Almost all of the data holdings are available online in the Odum Dataverse Network. The Odum Dataverse is freely searchable, and users can subset and generate descriptive statistical reports on datasets marked as being available for these operations. Many of the data files are also freely available to the public; others are limited to users at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Hungarian Central Statistical Office (Hungary) (Hungarian Central Statistical Office (Hungary))
The Central Statistical Office for Hungary makes available socio-economic data from this site. In English and Hungarian.

ICPSR Bibliography (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR))
The ICPSR Bibliography of Data-related Literature was launched in the fall of 2000 with funding from the National Science Foundation. It is a freely available, searchable database of citations to published and unpublished scholarly works. Each citation has two-way links: out to the publication and into ICPSR's study catalog, providing access to the data being analyzed in the publications. These linkages facilitate data discovery and literature searches.

India - Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation)
This site has various publications from Department of Statistics in India. The link for Central Statistical Organisation leads to some economic and financial data in HTML tables. In English and Hindi.

Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS) (Institute for Research on Innovation and Science)
Founded in 2015, the Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS) is a member consortium of universities anchored by an IRB-approved data repository hosted at the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research. IRIS collects administrative data from its members to produce de-identified datasets, which are anlayzed to explain the impacts higher education and research have on our economy and society. De-identified secondary data produced by IRIS is available through a virtual data enclave. Census linked data are available for research use through the Federal Statistical Research Data Center (FSRDC) system. Linked IRIS-Census data supports research and reporting that provides unique insights into the careers of research-trained individuals and their impact on employers and industries.

International Household Survey Network (IHSN) (International Household Survey Network (IHSN))

The IHSN is a partnership of international organizations that aims to improve the availability and quality of household survey data in developing countries. For researchers looking for microdata, the site provides a central catalog of household surveys from developing countries, with contact information for the agencies and archives responsible for the data. When links are provided, they lead to the home page of the responsible archive; not all surveys listed are publicly available or available online. The site also provides a separate list of links to archives of survey data from developing countries.

For national statistical agencies, the IHSN site provides tools and guidelines in such areas as sampling, questionnaire design, anonymization, data archiving & dissemination. A database on planned censuses and surveys carries information about surveys that are planned or in process. A question-bank is under development, to help agencies harmonize their data collection efforts. The site also carries a Microdata Management Toolkit, developed by the World Bank Data Group, which includes a metadata editor and a CD-ROM builder tool. Some components of the toolkit are freely available, others require a license.

International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) (International Social Survey Programme)

"The ISSP is a continuing annual programme of cross-national collaboration on surveys covering topics important for social science research. It brings together pre-existing social science projects and coordinates research goals, thereby adding a cross-national, cross-cultural perspective to the individual national studies." Surveys were done in different years from 1985 onward and in different countries (mostly European and North American).

The ISSP is archived at the Zentralarchiv fuer Empirische Sozialforschung at the University of Cologne, Germany. Codebooks and questionnaires are available online at the ISSP site; link to the ZACAT catalog (based on Nesstar software) for online analysis and free download of ISSP data. Data can also be ordered on CD-ROM for a fee.

Internet for Social Research Methods (Louise Corti, University of Essex and Intute)
This guide is an Internet tutorial that focuses on social research methods on the web, written by Louise Corti of the University of Essex and updated in 2009. It allows users to tour the web for resources in social research methodology, learn how to improve their searching techniques, learn how to improve critical thinking skills regarding information on the web, and reflect on using the web as a teaching tool. The tutorial is part of the Virtual Training Suite.

Internet for Social Statistics (Robin Rice, Edinburgh University Data Library and Intute)
The Internet for Social Statistics guide, written by Robin Rice of the Edinburgh University Data Library, offers a free tutorial on how to use social statistics. Users can tour sites for statistics, learn how to improve their data searching techniques, learn how to apply critical thinking skills to citing sources on the web, and reflect on how to use the web as a better tool for researching and teaching. This guide is part of the Virtual Training Suite.

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR))
The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), established in 1962, maintains and provides access to a vast archive of social science data for research and instruction, and offers training in quantitative methods to facilitate effective data use. To ensure that data resources are available to future generations of scholars, ICPSR preserves data, migrating them to new storage media as changes in technology warrant. In addition, ICPSR provides user support to assist researchers in identifying relevant data for analysis and in conducting their research projects. Codebooks are freely available, and data is available for download to ICPSR member institutions (DISC holds the UW-Madison ICPSR membership). Non-UW-Madison users may access the ICPSR site at

Ireland Central Statistics Office (Ireland Central Statistics Office)
The Central Statistics Office (CSO) collects, compiles, analyses and disseminates statistical information relating to the economic and social life of Ireland. Various socio-economic statistics for Ireland are available from this site, including Census results. In English and Irish.

Irish Social Science Data Archive (ISSDA) (Geary Institute, University College Dublin and Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI))
The Irish Social Science Data Archive (ISSDA), under the auspices of the Geary Institute within University College Dublin, collects machine-readable data from surveys and official statistics of use to the Irish social science data community.

Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (Israel Central Bureau of Statistics)
Statistical information on the population, economy and society of Israel. Time series in the "Selected Data" section of the site are available in .csv, while tables from the Statistical Abstract of Israel can be downloaded as Excel (.xls) files. In English and Hebrew.

Israel Social Sciences Data Center (ISDC) (Hebrew University in Tel Aviv)
This site provides access to the Israel regional database called GEOBASE, as well as access to almost 800 online datasets, e.g. 1979-1994 Labor Force Surveys, 1981-1995 Labor Force Surveys in Judea Samaria and Gaza, and the 1974-1995 Road Accidents with Casualties. The site also provides access to the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange database and a list of CD-ROMs in the data archive.

Italy National Institute of Statistics (Italy National Institute of Statistics)
This site has various socio-economic statistics for Italy, including Census 2001. Contents are in Italian and English.

Japanese Statistics Bureau (Japanese Statistics Bureau)
This site contains various socio-economic statistics and summary survey results for Japan, often as Excel files. In English and Japanese.

Jordan Department of Statistics (Jordan Department of Statistics)
This site offers ordering information for statistical products describing Jordan. The publication Jordan in Figures is available online, with pages captured as gif images. In English and Arabic.

Korea - Statistics Korea (Statistics Korea)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Korea (both North and South). In addition to news and reports that include tables, users can query the KOSIS statistical database to analyze and download time series data. In English and Korean.

Korean Social Science Data Center (KSDC) (Korean Social Science Data Center)
The Korean Social Science Data Cente (KSDC) manages and collects various kinds of social datasets to further social science research. The collection covers both Korean and international datasets related to social sciences. An online databank KSDC DB and analysis application is available to members only. This site is in Korean.

Kyrgyzstan National Statistical Committee (Kyrgyzstan National Statistical Committee)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Kyrgyzstan, in Excel format and HTML tables. In Russian (the link that formerly lead to an English part of the site went dead in September 2008).

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) - Statistics (Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS), University of Texas-Austin)
The statistics page on the LANIC web site provides a guide to statistics sites dealing with countries and regions in Latin America. Also on the LANIC site, see the USAID Latin America and the Caribbean Economic & Social Data, for 1994, 1996, and 1998.

Lebanon Central Administration for Statistics (Lebanon Central Administration for Statistics)
This is the English site for Lebanon Central Administration for Statistics. Statistics are organized by topics. Reports are available in pdf and xls formats. Reports are in English and Arabic.

Lijphart Elections Archive (University of California, San Diego)
The Lijphart Elections Archive, housed in the University of California, San Diego Library, is a static research collection of district level election results for approximately 350 national legislative elections in 26 countries up through 2003. The objective of the Archive is to systematically collect election statistics in as much detail as possible, including, as a minimum, the results at the level of the individual election districts in which votes are converted into seats.

Lithuania Department of Statistics (Lithuania Department of Statistics)
This is the official statistics site for Lithuania -- quite current statistics in HTML tables. In English and Lithuanian.

Louis Harris Data Center Dataverse (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, The Odum Institute)
From the website: "Since 1965, the Odum Institute has operated the Louis Harris Data Center, the national depository for publicly available survey data collected by Louis Harris and Associates, Inc. More than 1,000 Harris Polls from as early as 1958 are archived at the Center and contain over 160,000 questions asked of more than 1,200,000 respondents. Respondent groups range from national cross-section samples to such special populations as Vietnam veterans, Hispanics, teenagers, and the elderly. The surveys also cover a diverse range of topics, such as aging, environmental issues, leisure and the arts, business, foreign affairs, presidential ratings, health care, attitudes toward government, and crime. Many questions have been repeated over time, allowing researchers to track changes in opinions and attitudes."

Luxembourg: National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (STATEC) (Luxembourg National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (STATEC))
This is the official statistical portal for Luxembourg. Socioeconomic statistics are available in tables which may be saved as Excel files (.xls). In English and French.

Macau Census and Statistics Department (Macau Census and Statistics Department)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Macau, as HTML tables or Excel files. In English, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Malawi National Statistics Office (Malawi National Statistics Office)
This site offers current socio-economic statistics for Malawi, as HTML tables. In English.

Malaysia Department of Statistics (Malaysia Department of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Malaysia in English and Malay.

Marshall Islands Economic Policy, Planning and Statistics Office (EPPSO) (Marshall Islands Economic Policy, Planning and Statistics Office (EPPSO), Republic of the Marshal Islands)
This site offers recent socio-economic statistics for Marshall Islands in HTML tables. It is part of the PRISM project by Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC/CPS). It contains links to national statistics offices for many other Pacific island nations: American Samoa, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Fiji,French Polynesia, Guam,Kiribati, Northern Marianas, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Caledonia, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Wallis & Futuna

Mexico National Institute of Statistics, Geography, and Informatics (Mexico National Institute of Statistics, Geography, and Informatics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Mexico. Its contents are primarily in Spanish, with some sections in English as well. Requires Flash.

Mongolia National Statistical Office (Mongolia National Statistical Office)
Provides socio-demographic information on Mongolia in English & Mongolian.

Morocco Statistics Directorate (within the Haut Commissariat au Plan) (Morocco Statistics Directorate)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Morocco, in French only.

Mozambique National Institute of Statistics (Mozambique National Institute of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Mozambique. Its contents are in Portuguese, with some English translation.

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) (National Archives and Records Administration)
NARA is an independent federal agency that oversees the management of all federal records, including electronic data. Of special interest from the data perspective are the Electronic and Special Media Records, with an introductory page at

National Association of Health Data Organizations (NAHDO) (National Association of Health Data Organizations)
According to its mission statement, "The National Association of Health Data Organizations (NAHDO) is a national, not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to improving health care through the collection, analysis, dissemination, public availability, and use of health data."

National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR) Catalog of Surveillance Systems ( National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR))
The National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR) Catalogue of Surveillance Systems has 100 publicly available datasets with information on health behaviors, outcomes, determinants, policies and environmental factors. This free online resource was created for researchers and practitioners to investigate childhood obesity in America.

National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect (NDACAN) (Cornell University)
The NDACAN web site provides descriptions and ordering information for several dozen datasets relevant to the study of child abuse and neglect. Documentation may be downloaded for free in PDF; datasets may be ordered in SPSS or SAS format for a fee.

National Government Statistical Web Sites Web Archive (Indiana University and Internet Archive)
Indiana University has partnered with the Internet Archive (home of the Wayback Machine) to create an archived collection of previous web site versions from statistical agencies. The National Government Statistical Web Sites collection covers approximately 150 such sites from Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Eurasia, East Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Oceania, Russia and Eastern Europe, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. The collection brings the addresses together in a handy list, with archived versions of the pages generally from 2006 onwards. However, each page also includes a link to the larger Wayback Machine service, that searches the larger directory and displays previously archived versions of the pages as well.

National Records of Scotland (NRS) (General Register Office for Scotland)
National Records of Scotland (NRS) is a non-ministerial department of the Scottish Government. It is designed to collect, preserve and produce information about Scotland's people and history. vital statistics and census for Scotland can be accessed from this site. NRS was established on 1 April 2011, following the merger of the General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) and the National Archives of Scotland (NAS).

National Statistical Agency of Kazakhstan (National Statistical Agency of Kazakhstan)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Kazakhstan. Some of them are time series data. The entry page links to news releases in Russian, Kazakh, and English; the news pages then link to further information and data. The Russian and Kazakh pages are more complete than the English ones.

National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus (Belarus Ministry of Statistics and Analysis)
National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus collects, processes, collates and analyzes statistical information on economic and social developments in the country. Current main socio-economic indicators are available from this site.

National Technical Information Service (NTIS) (National Technical Information Service)
The National Technical Information Service is the largest central resource for U.S. government-funded scientific, technical, engineering, and business related information. It has information on three millions U.S. Government publications covering over 350 subject areas.

Net Data Directory (The Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University)
The Net Data Directory is a free, publicly available, searchable database of different sources of data about the Internet. Records in the directory include the name of the data source, a short description of the available data, and a link. Data sources are tagged both by geographic coverage (including global, regional, and country-level tags) and by topic (such as broadband, cybersecurity, and social media). The directory is designed to make finding useful quantitative data about Internet related topics easy for researchers, policymakers, journalists, and the public.

Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) (Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Netherlands, featuring a web data tool called StatLine, the electronic databank of Statistics Netherlands. It contains statistical information on many social and economic subjects in the form of tables and graphs. All the information in StatLine may be consulted, printed and downloaded free of charge. In English and Dutch.

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) (Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Northern Ireland. A "key statistics" section offers a few HTML tables of basic figures. Further data is available from the component departments that make up NISRA; follow the links from the NISRA site.

Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) (Norwegian Social Science Data Service)
NSD is a national resource center for social science research in Norway, providing demographic and political data on Norway. While general subject category descriptions are available in English, the detailed information on the site is all in Norwegian.

Office of Population Research (OPR) Data Archive (Princeton University)
Princeton's OPR website houses a collection of publicly-available data with an emphasis on fertility and family health. Downloadable datasets include the World Fertility Surveys and the Central American Population Program among many others. A searchable catalog is available on the site.

OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the Web (University of Auckland Library)
OFFSTATS provides links and brief annotations for web sites offering free and easily accessible social, economic and general data from authoritative sources, especially those that provide both current data and time series. Links are organized by country or by topic. The country lists primarily include web pages provided by statistical offices, central banks and government departments and agencies, while the topics list is comprised of links to the statistics pages of international organizations and associations and a few commercial sites.

Oman Ministry of National Economy (Oman Ministry of National Economy)
Socioeconomic statistics for Oman. Its contents are in Arabic.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (Pakistan Statistics Division)
Pakistan Bureau of Statistics collects and compiles statistical data relating to various socio-economic sectors through primary, secondary sources and administrative records of the government.

Paraguay General Directorate of Statistics, Surveys and Censuses (Paraguay General Directorate of Statistics, Surveys and Censuses)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Paraguay. Spanish-language only.

PCBS State of Palestine Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (Palestinian National Authority Central Bureau of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics, as well as other resources and publications, for the Palestinian National Authority. In English or Arabic.

Peru National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) (Peru National Institute of Statistics and Informatics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Peru. Its contents are in English and Spanish.

Poland Central Statistical Office (Poland Central Statistical Office)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Poland in English and Polish.

Population Europe Resource Finder and Archive (PERFAR) (Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science)
The Population Europe Resource Finder and Archive (PERFAR) links policies, data, and research for users to explore population developments. It is designed to meet the information needs of researchers, policy makers, civil society organizations and journalists. It includes detailed information on policies over time, a link catalog to socio-economic and demographic data, and an online repository of research outcomes. It covers countries outside of Europe as well.

Population Research Institute (PRI) (Pennsylvania State University)
The Population Research Institute (PRI) at Penn State focuses on research and training in the population sciences. Their initiatives include providing a variety of Portugal Regional Statistics Service of the Azores (Regional Statistics Service of the Azores)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for the region of Azores in Portugal in English.

Portugal: Statistics Portugal (Statistics Portugal)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Portugal in English and Portuguese. Data can be downloaded as Excel and CSV format.

Poverty Reduction & Equity (World Bank)

This site from the World Bank offers both estimation tools and statistics and indicators relating to poverty. Tools include:

  • a Poverty Mapping Tool
  • PovStat, "an Excel based program that produces forecasts that vary by level of complexity depending on the availability of reliable data for the post survey period and on the extent to which various factors influencing poverty levels are incorporated."
  • PovCalNet, "an interactive computational tool that allows you to replicate the calculations made by the World Bank's researchers in estimating the extent of absolute poverty in the world ($1 a day)."

Princeton University Data Library (Princeton University)
Data and Statistical Services is part of Firestone Library's Social Science Reference Center at Princeton University. DSS maintains the University Data Library and provides reference and consulting support to users of electronic data. The Data Library has a collection of over 24,000 machine-readable files. Electronic data is gathered primarily for the social sciences but also for the sciences and humanities. Primary audience is the Princeton University data community.

Purdue Opinion Panel Polls, 1949-1974 (The Purdue Opinion Panel)
In early 1940s Hermann Henry Remmers, a Professor of Education and Psychology at Purdue University designed a poll to understand the attitudes of teenagers. It was the first time nearly all Americans teenagers attended high school. Dr. Remmers utilized sampling techniques to gather information from this subset of the population through their schools. Purdue Opinion polls began with respondents in Indiana, then expanded to five Midwestern states, and eventually covered the whole nation in 1945. Topics cover parents, education, television, civil liberties, communism, ethics, science, selective service, drugs, poverty, and the Middle East. Roper Center holds datasets from sixty Purdue Opinion Panel polls from 1949 to 1974.

Qualitative Data Repository (QDR) (the Center for Qualitative and Multi-Method Inquiry, Syracuse University)
Qualitative Data Repository (QDR) stores and shares digital data generated through qualitative and multi-method research in the social sciences. It is funded by the National Science Foundation, hosted by the Center for Qualitative and Multi-Method Inquiry, a unit of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. In the United States, social scientists have used qualitative data to advance a range of analytical, interpretive, and inferential goals. Traditionally qualitative data have been collected and used by the principal investigators and rarely shared because there is a lack of suitable venue for storing and sharing such data. QDR is created to fill this gap. It plans to expand and ease access to qualitative social science data to facilitate research, promote teaching and learning. Users can browse the projects and files at QDR but are required to register to access and download them.

Quantitative and Geospatial Data, University of Pennsylvania Libraries (University of Pennsylvania Libraries)
This library guide provides access to the social science data collections at the University of Pennsylvania, some of which are free resources and some of which are subscription resources available to the UPenn community only.

Research Centers Collaborative Network of the the National Institute on Aging (Wake Forest School of Medicine and American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR))
The Research Centers Collaborative Network (RCCN) is designed to feature cross-disciplinary collaboration among six National Institute on Aging (NIA) Center programs: Alzheimer's Disease Research Centers, Centers on the Demography and Economics of Aging, Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Centers (OAICs), Nathan Shock Centers of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging, Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR), and Roybal Centers for Translational Research on Aging. These programs address important topics in aging but typically from a specific disciplinary perspective. The objective of RCCN is to initiate new cross-disciplinary networks and to align approaches across programs. Through collaborative networks these NIA programs will uncover synergies and insights that lead to novel collaborations.

ResearchDataGov (RDG) (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR))
ResearchDataGov is a web portal and application system for discovering and requesting restricted microdata from federal statistical agencies. It was developed with support and guidance from the Census Bureau, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Interagency Council on Statistical Policy. Restricted microdata in RDG can be browsed by agencies and by titles. This tool provides guidelines for applying for restricted data. Resarchers can use the ResearchDataGov data access request system to apply for these data. ICPSR will then submit a completed application to the relevant federal agency.

Resources for Economists on the Internet (Bill Goffe)
This venerable annotated web-bibliography has been kept up-to-date for years and is an excellent source of of both U.S. and international resources for economists. Of particular interest, of course, is the "Data" link.

Romania National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Romania National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Romania in English and Romanian.

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research (UW-Madison subscription) (Roper Center for Public Opinion Research)
The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell University is a leading archive of public opinion data in the world. It holds data dating back to the 1930s and from over 100 nations. It focuses on public opinion data primarily collected by commercial and media survey organizations. Roper iPOLL has over 650,000 public opinion survey questions. The Latin American Databank (LAD) includes data from public opinion surveys conducted by the survey research community in Latin America and the Caribbean, including universities, institutes, individual scholars, private polling and public opinion research firms. Presidential Approval is a data visualization tool utilizing U.S. national probability-based polls housed in Roper Center. Roper Center's bibliography has citations to research articles using Roper Center's datasets. It does not include opinion pieces, news stories, or articles in popular magazines. In February of 2021 questions from U.S. state-level polls were made available in the Roper iPoll database. It includes exact question wording, sample size, and survey sampling method. These state polls are from major national polling organizations and some of the oldest and most respected state-level polling series like Archibald Crossley's seminal 1944 election polls, Joe Belden's Texas Poll, Mervyn Field's California Poll, the Iowa Poll, the Los Angeles Times Poll, and state exit polls back to 1978.

Saint Lucia Central Statistics Office (Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Saint Lucia, in Excel and PDF format, as well as HTML tables.

Scholars' Lab (University of Virginia)
Scholars’ Lab at the University of Virginia Library is set up to assist advanced students and researchers on their digital projects. Their faculty and staff focus on the digital humanities, geospatial information, and scholarly making and building at the intersection of our digital and physical worlds.

Singapore Department of Statistics (Singapore Department of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Singapore.

Social Science Data Archive (University of California, Los Angeles)
The Institute for Social Science Research Data Archive was re-organized into the UCLA Library in 2014. The Social Science Data Archive collection consists of surveys, enumerations, public opinion polls, and de-identified administrative records. Topics of studies include political attitudes and behavior; social and economic attitudes and behaviors; studies of health status and health outcomes; families, children, and women; international surveys of occupational and social mobility; the Los Angeles County Social Surveys; California Polls; and, census data for the United States and other countries.

Social Science Data Archives (University of California, Irvine)
The Social Science Data Archives at the University of California, Irvine, Libraries collects and disseminates, for academic research and instructional use, machine-readable data in a variety of formats. The studies are acquired from a variety of sources, including the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), governmental agencies (including federal and state), and such research organizations as the Field Institute (for the California Poll). As is common with academic data archives, much of the collection is restricted for UC-Irvine use only.

Social Science Data Services (Northwestern University)
From the SSDS web site, "Social Science Data Services (SSDS) supports research and instruction in the social sciences by collecting, managing and facilitating access to data for secondary analysis." The SSDS falls into the category of "government information" at the Northwestern University library. The site features a guide to data resources for social sciences, and one for resources for data analysis.

Social Science Japan Data Archive (SSJDA) (Center for Social Research and Data Archives, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo)
The Social Science Japan Data Archive (SSJDA) is affiliated with the Center for Social Research and Data Archives in the Institute of Social Science (ISS) at the University of Tokyo. SSJDA collects, maintains, and provides access to social science data to researchers who are interested in Japanese quantitative data for secondary analyses. Users are required to fill out online applications and get approval before they can access datasets housed in SSJDA. Most of the datasets are in Japanese.

Social Sciences WWW Virtual Library (Dialogical.Net)
This site lists online directories and data archives, social sciences electronic journals, social sciences scholarly societies, and WWW resources.

SocioSite (University of Amsterdam)
SocioSite covers a startlingly broad array of sociological resources on the Internet, and is being diligently maintained. The focus is from the Dutch viewpoint but the universe is world-wide. A detailed list of subject areas serves as a jumping-off point, including a section on social science data archives.

Spain National Institute of Statistics (Spain National Institute of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Spain, including the extensive INEbase statistical database. The site has an English version, but work is still underway to harmonize the English and Spanish version, and for now the Spanish version is the more definitive.

Sri Lanka Department of Census and Statistics (Sri Lanka Department of Census and Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Sri Lanka. Publications are in English, Sinhala & Tamil.

State Committee of the Russian Federation on Statistics (State Committee of the Russian Federation on Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Russia.

Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) (Statistical Institute of Jamaica)
The Statistical Institute of Jamaica carries socio-economic statistics for the country of Jamaica.

Statistical Office of Estonia (Statistical Office of Estonia)
Provides rich information on economic and social indicators in Estonia. Users can request special data series using their PC-AXIS web application. In English and Estonian.

Statistics Botswana (Statistics Botswana)
Statistics Botswana collects and disseminates all official statistics in Botswana. This organization has replaced The Central Statistics Office (CSO) of the government of Botswana. Data is available primarily in HTML table and PDF format, in categories such as agriculture, demography, environment, health, national accounts, education, industry, and more.

Statistics Canada (Statistics Canada)
Statistics Canada is the official source for Canadian social and economic statistics and products. A centerpiece of the site is the CANSIM (Canadian Socio-economic Information Management System) database, a fee-based product with socioeconomic data for Canada; however, much free information is available as well. In English and French.

Statistics Denmark (Statistics Denmark)
Statistics Denmark is the central statistical office in Denmark. The centerpiece of their website is a database called StatBank Denmark, with free registration required to be able to use all the features. In English and Danish.

Statistics Faroe Islands (Statistics Faroe Islands)
Statistics Faroe Islands provides key socio-economic indicators in Faroese and English. Statbank is the database allows users to access data about the Faroese community. Data can be downloaded in several file formats and presented as diagrams or maps.

Statistics Finland (Statistics Finland)
This is the official site for statistics in Finland. Custom tables can be generated through the StatFin interface section of the site, while a feature called Finland in Figures has key statistical data about Finland on 25 different statistical topics. International comparison data are also included. In English and Finnish.

Statistics Greenland (Statistics Greenland)
The Statistics Greenland site features Statbank, an interactive database that allows users to generate custom tables. In English, Danish, and Norwegian.

Statistics Iceland (Statistics Iceland)
Statistics Iceland is the national statistical institute of Iceland. Various socio-economic statistics can be found at this site. In English and Icelandic (the Icelandic version is at

Statistics Mauritius (Mauritius the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Mauritius.

Statistics New Zealand (Statistics New Zealand)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for New Zealand, including the 2006 population census. The site now offers a "table-builder" utility and access information regarding microdata.

Statistics Norway (Statistics Norway)
This site offers official statistics about Norwegian society in English.

Statistics South Africa (Statistics South Africa)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for South Africa, including census. Access to a database of economic time-series data is available via free registration.

Statistics Sweden (Statistics Sweden)
This site offers a wide variety of socio-economic statistics, along with related products and services, for Sweden in English and Swedish.

Survey Research Center (SRC) (University of Michigan)
The Survey Research Center (SRC) is part of the Institute for Social Research (ISR) at the University of Michigan. Among their projects and departments are such major studies as Surveys of Consumers, Monitoring the Future, and the Panel Study for Income Dynamics.

Swedish National Data Service (SND) (University of Gothenburg)
SND is an infrastructure for Swedish research within the humanities, social sciences and health sciences. SND helps Swedish and international researchers gain access to existing data within and outside of Sweden.

Swiss Federal Statistical Office (Swiss Federal Statistical Office)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Switzerland. In English, French, German, Italian, and Raeto-Romance languages. Visual and interactive tools, media services, research, maps, historical data and much more are available.

Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences (FORS) (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
The Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences (FORS) is an organization of the Swiss government hosted at the University of Lausanne, providing services, conducting research, and publishing and disseminating research findings in the social sciences. Surveys that are currently under the aegis of FORS include the Swiss Household Panel, the Swiss Electoral Studies Selects and the Social Report. The former Swiss Information Service and Data Archive for the Social Sciences (SIDOS) is now under FORS management as well. FORSbase is a platform to integrated data storage for primary data and metadata with a catalog and a data repository.

Taiwan Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (Taiwan Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Taiwan (Republic of China).

Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics (Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics)
The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) is the National Statistical Office of Tanzania. It conducts censuses and surveys to compile economic, social and demographic statistics.

Teaching with Data (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) and Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN))
The Teaching With Data web site offers annotated links to data-driven teaching materials primarily aimed at the undergraduate level, though the site-wide search tool includes a K-12 option. Classroom resources include lessons and lectures, exercises and modules, syllabi and reading lists. Data resources include both tabular and downloadable data, data-based maps, and links to various data archives. Tools for analysis, visualization and course development are highlighted as well. Users can browse the site by discipline: anthropology, economics, environmental sciences, geography, history, political science, public policy, social work, and sociology. A "Data in the News" feature links the site to current events. Teaching With Data is a partnership between ICPSR and the Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN), both at the University of Michigan. The project is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Thailand National Statistical Office (Thailand National Statistical Office)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Thailand. In English & Thai.

The Center for International Data (Robert Feenstra)
The Center for International Data is housed at the Department of Economics at the University of California, Davis. It collects, enhances, creates, and disseminates international economic data. Its collection includes U.S. import and export data, U. S. tariff data, world import and export data, and Penn World Tables. Its links page lists other sites for international and U.S. data. Users need to read and agree to its Terms Of Use, before they can download any data.

The Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science (National Science Foundation)
The CSISS site focuses on the importance of space, location, and place in social science research. The site features learning tools and bibliographies regarding GIS and social sciences, as well as a search engine and annotated links to spatial tools elsewhere on the web. In development is a data search engine intended for searching across social science data archives.

The Global Health Data Exchange (GHDx) (The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME))
The Global Health Data Exchange (GHDx) is created and supported by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), an independent global health research center at the University of Washington. The GHDx is a comprehensive catalog and repository of health and demographic datasets from different places and providers for health research. Its sources include surveys, censuses, vital statistics, and administrative records. Visitors can browse GHDx by data types, keywords, organizations, countries, and series and systems. Standardized citations are provided to encourage appropriate acknowledgment of data owners& contributions.

The Human Life-Table Database (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research and Department of Demography at the University of California-Berkeley, Institut national d'etudes demographiques)
The Human Life-Table Database (HLD), compiled by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, the Department of Demography at the University of California-Berkeley, and the Institut national d'etudes demographiques (INED) in Paris, provides population life information for a variety of countries. Life tables describe the extent to which a generation of people (i.e. life table cohort) dies off with age. This database is a collection of population life tables covering a multitude of countries and many years. Most of the HLD life tables are life tables for national populations, which have been officially published by national statistical offices. Some of the HLD life tables refer to certain regional or ethnic sub-populations within countries. Parts of the HLD life tables are non-official life tables produced by researchers.

The National Neighborhood Data Archive (NaNDA) (Social Environment and Health Program, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan)
The National Neighborhood Data Archive (NaNDA) is a publicly available national data archive containing contextual measures of the physical and social environment at multiple levels of spatial scale. These measures include walkability, crime, racial residential segregation, socioeconomic disadvantage and affluence, recreational centers, libraries, fast food, climate, healthcare, housing, public transit, civic participation, and others. They can readily be linked to existing survey data, cohort studies, or electronic medical records over more three decades (1980-2020) in various geographic levels: state, county, tract, block group, metropolitan statistical area, and zip code. Browse a list of contextual measures at NaNDA.

The Osteoporotic Fractures in Men (MrOS) Study (San Francisco Coordinating Center, University of California San Francisco and California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute)
MrOS, an NIH funded study began in 2000. 5,994 men from six clinical centers in the United States have been followed since enrollment till 2012 for incident fractures, falls, prostate cancers, and death. This study was designed to examine the extent to which fracture risk is related to bone mass, bone geometry, lifestyle, anthropometric and neuromuscular measures, and fall propensity. An extensive bank of data, images (x-rays, DXA scans, QCT scans, HRpQCT scans) and specimens are avaialbe from MrOS Online. Researchers need to register before they can access the data.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) (The Philippine Statistics Authority)
The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) are in charge of national censuses, surveys, sectoral statistics, consolidation of selected administrative recording systems and compilation of national accounts.

The Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI) Data Center at Qatar University (Qatar University)
The Data Center at The Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI) at Qatar University offers access to datasets and documentation from select SESRI studies, for research and statistical purposes only. Below are some of the studies.
Qatar Against the Blocakade (November 2017)- explores the implications (e.g. legal, social, etc.) of a blockade on Qatari citizens.
Social Capital Survey (February-March 2011)- examines social activity between various groups, community and religious organizations, etc. within Qatari society.
Marriage Delay (March-April 2013)- examines time of first marriage for Qatari nationals (both men and women) to explore impact of delayed and/or non-marriage.
World Values Survey (December 2010)- a global project which explores the impact that changing values may have on social and political life.
Omnibus Series (2010, 2012, 2014)- explores "the social, economic, and cultural attitudes, values and beliefs" of the current population.
Data and documentation are available in zipped file format.
The Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI) is a social science survey research initiative of Qatar University, whose mission is "to contribute to the development of Qatari society by providing high quality survey data to guide policy formulation, priority setting, and evidence-based planning and research in the social and economic sectors." The Institute's research focus includes labor and employment, changes in social values, health, education, the impact of social and traditional media, and much more.

Tunisia National Institute of Statistics (Tunisia National Institute of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Tunisia. Its contents are in French.

Turkey: Turkish Statistical Institute (Turkish Statistical Institute)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Turkey. In English and Turkish.

U.S. Census of Population and Housing Basics (Beth Harper, Government Documents Reference Librarian, University of Wisconsin--Madison)
Beth Harper, a Government Documents reference librarian at the University of Wisconsin--Madison, compiled this annotated bibliography of web sites regarding the U.S. Census.

Uexplore / Dexter (Missouri Census Data Center)
Uexplore / Dexter is a web application in the Missouri Census Data Center's public data archive. Uexploer lets visitors navigate through the directories to locate U.S. Census and other public data files for further processing. Dexter is an application for data extraction. Dexter makes it easy to create subsets but it can be challenging to get exactly what a user wants. Review this Dexter guide, before you extract any data.

Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Uganda Bureau of Statistics)
Socio-economic statistics for Uganda, including the 2002 Census. Visit the Databank for time series in either Excel or PC-Axis format.

UK Data Archive (UKDA) (University of Essex)
The UK Data Archive (UKDA) is the flagship data repository for Great Britain, located at the University of Essex. The UKDA collects and disseminates both quantitative and qualitative data in the fields of social science, economics, and humanities. The UKDA is searchable via an online Data Catalogue. To download data from the UKDA requires registration and the use of the Athens authentication system; however, some datasets have restrictions on access. Data users from UW-Madison can access UKDA data under a reciprocal agreement with ICPSR -- please contact DPLS staff for details.

UK Data Service, Qualitative/Mixed Methods (UK Data Service)
This area of UK Data Service includes qualitative data like in-depth interview transcripts, diaries, anthropological field notes, answers to open-ended survey questions, audio-visual recordings and images. Mixed methods approaches combine qualitative data with numeric data. Check its Data Catalog for qualitative or mixed methods data in the UK.

Ukraine State Committee of Statistics (Ukraine State Committee of Statistics)
Socio-economic statistics for the Ukraine in Ukrainian and Russian (an English version is under construction)

United Nations Statistics Division (United Nations Statistics Division)
The United Nations Statistics Division provides a wide range of statistical outputs and services for producers and users of statistics worldwide. This is the home of databases such as Millenium Indicators, Social Indicators, and Good Practices (free); and the United Nations Common Database and Monthly Bulletin of Statistics Online (subscriber only).

University Information System - Russia (UIS RUSSIA) (Research Computing Center and Economic Faculty (Lomonosov Moscow State University))
This online collection, primarily in Russian, contains a wealth of information about Russia since the early 1990s. It was introduced in 2000 "and has been designed as a digital library for research and educational purposes, primarily in the fields of economic and social sciences." It is geared toward university users. Contents include statistical databases which cover 83 Russian regions and twenty thousand municipal units. 'Statistical databases are complimented by the UIS RUSSIA 'Integrated Collection' publications covering vast social domains. Contents include official data and documents from legislative, executive and judicial branches (laws, presidential decrees and directives, executive branch enactments, acts and regulations); international agreements signed by the Russian Federation; transcripts (daily stenograms) of the State Duma; reports from the Russian Federal agencies; analytical journals and publications of the major policy research institutes ('think tanks'); documents from the various international organizations and foreign universities.' Certain areas of the collection, and a collection-wide search, are free to any user; other parts of the site are password-protected, including the Russian Federation state statistics. Please visit DISC in person to be logged in with username and password.

Uruguay National Institute of Statistics (INE) (Uruguay National Institute of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Uruguay. Its contents are in Spanish.

Uzbekistan Open Data Portal (The Open Data Portal of the Republic of Turkey)
This page includes access to socio-economic statistics for Uzbekistan and Turkey, in Uzbek. Also includes information about recent news, various initiatives, and government agencies.

Venezuela Central Office of Statistics and Informatics (INE) (Venezuela Central Office of Statistics and Informatics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Venezuela, in Spanish only.

Western Libraries Map and Data Centre (University of Western Ontario, Canada)
The former Data Resources Library at the University of Western Ontario, Canada has joined forces with the Serge A. Sauer Map Library Map to form the Western Libraries Map and Data Centre. The holdings and services of the two former entities will be combined, in the mission "to deliver map, GIS and data services to the Western community of students, staff, and faculty."

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