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A Timely Guide to the American Community Survey: From the US Census Long Form to the ACS (CQ Press)
The Timely Guide site, presented in blog format, is a section of the second edition of the Encyclopedia of the U.S. Census from CQ Press. The Guide was posted in December, in conjunction with the U.S. Census Bureau's release of the first set of American Community Survey (ACS) 5-year estimates of population down to the census tract and block-group level for all geographic areas. The guide includes an introduction, frequently-asked questions, history and methodology of the ACS, and information on interpreting ACS data.

AAPI Data (Karthick Ramakrishnan)
AAPI Data publishes demographic data and policy research on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Its Quick Stats has social, economic, and political data by diefferent geographical levels: national, state, county, congressional district, and metro area. Its Dataset Repository is a collaborative project between and the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA). Data (in SPSS, SAS, Stata, ASCII, and comma delimited) and document files are freely available from this repository.

Algeria National Office of Statistics (Algeria National Office of Statistics)
The Algeria National Office of Statistics is charged with collecting, processing and diffusing socio-economic statistical information for the nation of Algeria. The site offers French and Arabic mainly, however, publications are available in English, French, and Arabic.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) codes (U.S. Bureau of the Census)
"American National Standards Institute codes (ANSI codes) are a standardized set of numeric or alphabetic codes issued by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to ensure uniform identification of geographic entities through all federal government agencies. These standards replace the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) codes previously issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)." The Census Bureau, as a major user of FIPS codes, provides this page with links to ANSI codes publications.

Andorra Departament d'Estudis i d'Estadistica (Andorra Departament d'Estudis i d'Estadistica)
The Andorra Department of Statistics carries socio-economic statistics for the European country of Andorra. Accessible in Catalan, English, French, and Spanish.

Argentina National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC) (Argentina National Institute of Statistics and Censuses)
Argentina National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC, Spanish acronym) "is the technical government agency responsible for the coordination and supervision of all public statistical activities taking place in the Argentine territory." INDEC's statistics include Population, Living Conditions, Employment and Income, Education, Health, Tourism and Culture, Price Indexes, Agricultural Sector, Mining and Energy, Industry and Construction, Trade and Services, Businesses, National Accounts, International Accounts, Foreign Trade, and New Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Armenia Ministry of Statistics (Armenia Ministry of Statistics)
Armenia Ministry of Statistics site has publications and research on statistics for the country. In English, Armenian, and Russian.

Aruba Central Bureau of Statistics (Aruba Central Bureau of Statistics)
The Aruba Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) provides socio-economic statistics in Excel format.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (Australian Bureau of Statistics)
The Australian Bureau of Statistics is Australia's official statistical organisation. Its mission is to assist and encourage informed decision-making, research and discussion within governments and the community, by providing a high quality, objective and responsive national statistical service.

Austria - Statistik Austria (Statistik Austria)
Statistik Austria provides socio-economic statistics for Austria, primarily in PDF and Excel. In German and English.

Azerbaijan State Statistical Committee (Azerbaijan State Statistical Committee)
Statistics about Azerbaijan in HTML table format can be found on this site. The topics include vital statistics, population, employment, foreign trades, exchange rates, GDP, prices, agriculture, industry and others. In English, Azeri, and Russian.

Background Notes (U.S. Department of State)
These text reports, updated periodically, provide information on countries and international organizations.

Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS): Statistics Indonesia (Badan Pusat Statistik)
This government site contains various socio-economic statistics for Indonesia. Contents are in English and Indonesian.

Belgium National Institute of Statistics (Belgium National Institute of Statistics)
The National Institute of Statistics is a division in the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Belgium. The site carries socio-economic statistics in French, English, Dutch and German.

Bolivia National Institute of Statistics (INE) (Bolivia National Institute of Statistics)
"El Instituto Nacional de Estadistica como Organo Ejecutivo del Sistema Nacional de Informacion Estadistica de Bolivia, tiene las funciones de: relevar, clasificar, codificar, compilar y difundir, con caracter oficial, la informacion estadistica del pais." (Site is in Spanish only.)

Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics)
The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics-IBGE is the Country's main provider of data and information to answer the requirements from the various segments of civil society, as well as from federal, state and local government agencies. Current socio-economic statistics are available from this site, with text in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

BTS's Guide to Good Statistical Practice (U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics)
Since the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics is a relative newcomer in comparison to other federal statistical agencies, this handbook has drawn on other agencies' expertise to outline best practices. The issues covered include defining errors in data; analyzing data; presenting data; and documenting data quality. Appendices cover suggested readings and links to other related web sites.

Bulgaria National Statistical Institute (Bulgaria National Statistical Institute)
Bulgaria National Statistical Institute provides key socio-economic statistics from this site.

Business R&D and Innovation Survey (BRDIS) (National Science Foundation)
The Business R&D and Innovation Survey, successor to the Survey of Industrial Research and Development, is the primary source of information on research and development performed or funded by businesses within the United States for 2008-2016. The annual survey examined a nationally representative sample of companies in manufacturing and nonmanufacturing industries. The five main topic areas in BRDIS are financial measures of R&D activity; company R&D activity funded by others; R&D employment; R&D management and strategy; and intellectual property, technology transfer, and innovation. Its successor, the annual Business Research and Development Survey, collects data on the full range R&D activities but not on business innovation activities. Data on business innovation activities are now collected by the Annual Business Survey.

Chile National Institute of Statistics (INE) (Chile National Institute of Statistics)
The Chile National Institute of Statistics provides socio-economic statistics back to the 1990s on this site. Though the site now has some English-language front pages, PDF reports and menu-based table-makers are in Spanish only.

China National Bureau of Statistics (China National Bureau of Statistics)
China National Bureau of Statistics provides major economic and social indicators from this site. In English and Chinese.

City Comparison (Sperling's Best Places)
This site provides information for comparisons between hundreds of U.S. cities on such categories as tax rates, job growth, home purchase costs, public schools, and crime. Primarily intended to help people make relocation decisions, it's also useful for general quick profiles of demographic and cost-of-living information on U.S. cities.

ClickZ (ClickZ Stats)
ClickZ is an online publication that provides news, how-to articles, commentary, and stats for digital marketing and online advertising professionals. It covers social media marketing, e-mail marketing, Web analytics, search engine marketing, digital video advertising, mobile marketing, and media planning and buying.

Colombia National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) (Colombia National Administrative Department of Statistics)
"Permite al usuario acceder en forma gratuita a cuadros que resumen toda la informacion producida por el DANE, estos cuadros son actualizados periodicamente segun el calendario de difusion estadistica. Los archivos se encuentran en formato excel, comprimidos para descargar, tablas .html." This site is in Spanish.

Compendium of Publicly Available Datasets and Other Data-Related Resources (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health, National Partnership for Action (NPA) to End Health Disparities)
This report is a free resource containing descriptions of 132 public datasets and resources that include information about health conditions and other factors that impact the health of minority populations. It can aid researchers, public health practitioners, and policymakers to utilize data to examine health and health care disparities and social determinants of health.

Contraloria National de la Republica de Panama (Contraloria National de la Republica de Panama)
This site offers 2000 Census data for Panama, plus economic and sociodemograpic statistics. Some information is in HTML tables, some in Excel, and some in PDF. Spanish only.

Croatia Central Bureau of Statistics (Croatia Central Bureau of Statistics)
The Croatian Bureau of Statistics carries out statistical surveys in the Republic of Croatia. The web site, available both in English and Croation, carries tables of various statistics. Tables from the 2001 Census are available in HTML only; the 2003 Agricultural Census is also available in Excel and as a PC-Axis database.

Cuba National Directorate of Statistics (Cuba National Directorate of Statistics)
La Oficina Nacional de Estadisticas (ONE) de Cuba web site provides HTML tables of basic sociodemographic and economic indicators, generally the most current 1-3 years. In Spanish only.

Cyprus Statistical Service (Cyprus Statistical Service)
The Republic of Cyprus Statistical Service (CYSTAT) is the authority responsible for the compilation and the publication of most of the official statistical data in Cyprus. Key socio-economic statistics are available from this site, in HTML tables and/or Excel files.

Czech Republic - Czech Statistical Office (Czech Statistical Office)
The Czech Statistical Office provides socio-economic and environmental statistics from this site, primarily in Excel and PDF. Available in Czech and English. (U.S. Bureau of the Census)
The U.S. Census Bureau has a new platform for visitors to access its data and digital content. Surveys and programs on the new platform include 2017 Economic Census and 2018 American Community Survey. American FactFinder and DataFerrett will be replaced by this new platform. Starting in June 2019, American FactFinder will have no new data releases. On the new platform, visitors can type in words or phrases in one simple search box or use advanced search by topics, geographies, years, surveys, and industries. Data can be downloaded in CSV format. OnTheMap, MyCongressional District, and many other tools will continue to be available to Census data users. Check out Data Gems for experts' tips and How-to documents about this new microdata analysis system.

Dominican Republic National Statistics Office (Dominican Republic National Statistics Office)
This is a national statistics site for the Oficina Nacional de Estadista (ONE), the National Statistics Office of the Dominican Republic. In Spanish only.

Ecuador National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC) (Ecuador National Institute of Statistics and Census)
This is a national statistics site for Ecuador. Data is in HTML table format. In Spanish only.

Egypt: Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics)
The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics is the statistical agency for Egypt. Social and economic indicators, though little downloadable data in English. The site is in English and Arabic.

El Salvador Ministry of the Economy (El Salvador Ministry of the Economy)
This is a national economy and statistics site for El Salvador. In Spanish only.

Epidemiology-France Metadata Portal (French Public Health Institute and AVIESAN, the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health)
Epidemiology-France Metadata Portal is designed and run by the French Public Health Institute (ITMO SP) within AVIESAN. It is a catalogue of more than 900 health databases in France. It provides information about epidemiology research, data sharing and common usable databases for research and public health assessment. The portal has a powerful search tool that allows visitors to explore the hundreds of databases by descriptors and database types and medical fields.

European Central Bank (ECB) - Statistics (European Central Bank)
The monetary union in Europe, with the euro as currency, has resulted in the founding of the European Central Bank. The ECB web site carries a statistics section that includes statistical press releases, euro area statistics, exchange rates and more. PDF versions of the ECB's Monthly Bulletin and corresponding .csv files are available.

European Community EUROSTAT (European Community EUROSTAT)
Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union situated in Luxembourg. Its task is to provide the European Union with statistics at European level that enable comparisons between countries and regions. "Your key to European statistics" is in English, German, or French. The statistical data on the Eurostat site is available free of charge and contains many indicators (short-term, structural, theme-specific and others) on the EU-27 and the euro-zone, the Member States and their partners.

European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD) (European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs)
The European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD) is the largest cross-national research project on adolescent substance use in the world. It aims to collect comparable data on substance use among 15-16 year old students in European countries. Its data collections are performed every four years. The first ESPAD survey was conducted in 1995. Reports and citations of publications are available on the site. Researchers can fill out an online application, to obtain a copy of a database.

Federal Land Records (U.S. Bureau of Land Management)
Federal Land Records site includes historical documents and tools for finding federal land records across the country. The BLM General Land Office (GLO) Records website provides online access to federal land conveyance records. It has images of more than five million federal land title records issued since 1788. The annual Public Land Statistics report presents information about land management activities. BLM Navigator provides a centralized location to discover and access geospatial data from project, state and national levels

Fedscope (U.S. Office of Personnel Management)
The Enterprise Human Resources Integration-Statistical Data Mart (EHRI-SDM) is the new data source for FedScope. This site contains data on federal employment, covering hirings ("accessions"), departures ("separations"), employment trend and diversity.

Fiji Islands Statistics Bureau (Fiji Islands Statistics Bureau)
This is a web site for Fiji's official national statistical agency. It has various socio-economic indictors in HTML tables (some only go to 1996 or 1997) and links to other government agencies in Fiji.

France National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) (National Institute for Demographic Studies)
This site has rich demographic information for France. Population in figures includes various demographic data series. It has both English version and French version.

France National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE))
National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies collects and produces information on the French economy and society. This site has links to other official websites with statistical content, for example: agriculture, education, environment, infrastructure, industry, healthcare, transportation, and labor. In English and French.

Gas Prices (American Automobile Association (AAA))
Surveying over 100,000 self-serve gasoline stations daily, the AAA Gas Prices monitors retail fuel prices via data from credit card swipes. For each metro area, an HTML table reports the price of unleaded regular, mid, premium, and diesel for the current day, previous day, a month ago, and a year ago. National averages and state-by-state averages are available as well, with a line chart tracking the past year of prices.

Germany Federal Statistical Office (Germany Federal Statistical Office)
This site offers current and historical statistics on population, economics, elections, education, culture, health, justice, and many more for the Federal Republic of Germany. In English and German.

Global Urban Observatory (United Nations Human Settlement Programme)
The Global Urban Observatory (GUO) program is aimed at developing and applying policy-oriented urban indicators & statistics on an international basis. UN-Habitat Urban Indicators database includes indicators in demography, economy, education, health, streets, slum dwellers, and crime in regions, countries and cities.

Greece -- Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) (Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT))
The Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) (formerly known as the National Statistical Service of Greece) is an independent authority reporting to the Greek Parliament. It collects, analyzes, tabulates and disseminates all national and regional statistical data concerning Greece.

Guatemala National Institute of Statistics (INE) (Guatemala National Institute of Statistics)
This is a national statistics site for Guatemala. Its contents are in Spanish.

Historical Statistics of the United States, Millennial Edition Online (UW-Madison subscription) (Cambridge University Press)
The previous edition covered colonial times through 1970 and was issued by the U.S. Bureau of the Census in honor of the U.S. Bicentennial (DISC has the bicentennial edition on CD-ROM). The present edition, greatly expanded and updated, was undertaken by Cambridge University Press, resulting in a web edition as well as 5 volumes in print (print volumes available at several libraries on the UW-Madison campus). Major subject categories include: Population, Work and Welfare, Economic Structure and Performance, Economic Sectors, Governance and International Relations. The online version offers tables for download in XLS and CSV, along with a custom table feature for combining more than one table. The custom tables and some other site features require a free registration, in addition to the subscription provided by UW-Madison via IP-authentication.

Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department (Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department)
This site offers current socio-economic statistics for Hong Kong. In English & Chinese.

Hungarian Central Statistical Office (Hungary) (Hungarian Central Statistical Office (Hungary))
The Central Statistical Office for Hungary makes available socio-economic data from this site. In English and Hungarian.

ICD-10 Code Lookup Tool (Medical Billing and Coding Certification)
The ICD-10 (International Statistical Classification of Diseases - 10th Revision) is a medical classification list for the coding of diseases as maintained by the World Health Organization. The Medical Billing and Coding Certification site offers two options for looking up ICD-10 codes: a keyword search tool and a hierarchy browse. Both the searching and browsing tools offer a pop-up of US mortality data from the World Health Organization for each code. Note: The mortality-data pop-up works best with Firefox, Chrome, and the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Index of Economic Freedom (Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal)
In cooperation with the Wall Street Journal, the Heritage Foundation releases an annual report on world-wide economic freedom, scoring countries on a 1 to 5 index for factors such as corruption, trade barriers, the rule of law, and the black market. A profile for each country is provided. The web site includes HTML and PDF versions of the print publication, plus an online interface allowing searches and comparisons between countries from 1995 onward. The data can also be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

India - Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation)
This site has various publications from Department of Statistics in India. The link for Central Statistical Organisation leads to some economic and financial data in HTML tables. In English and Hindi.

Institute for Community Alliances (ICA) Wisconsin (Institute for Community Alliances (ICA) Wisconsin)
The Institute for Community Alliances (ICA) Wisconsin office provides training and support to Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). HMIS database collects client-level data and provides reporting capabilities on behalf of homeless continua of care (CoC). Annual reports on homelessness in Wisconsin from 2013 to present are available from this site. Custom data can be requested by completing an online form.

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (Gale Virtual Reference Library)
The International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences is the online counterpart to the 17-volume print edition, with 3000 new articles added for its 2008 re-release. Disciplines covered include sociology, political science, economics, anthropology, psychology, and more. The encyclopedia includes entries on survey research and data methodology, including articles on specific major surveys such as the Survey of Income & Program Participation and the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. Note: UW-Madison subscribes via IP-authentication.

Ireland Central Statistics Office (Ireland Central Statistics Office)
The Central Statistics Office (CSO) collects, compiles, analyses and disseminates statistical information relating to the economic and social life of Ireland. Various socio-economic statistics for Ireland are available from this site, including Census results. In English and Irish.

Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (Israel Central Bureau of Statistics)
Statistical information on the population, economy and society of Israel. Time series in the "Selected Data" section of the site are available in .csv, while tables from the Statistical Abstract of Israel can be downloaded as Excel (.xls) files. In English and Hebrew.

Italy National Institute of Statistics (Italy National Institute of Statistics)
This site has various socio-economic statistics for Italy, including Census 2001. Contents are in Italian and English.

Japanese Statistics Bureau (Japanese Statistics Bureau)
This site contains various socio-economic statistics and summary survey results for Japan, often as Excel files. In English and Japanese.

Jordan Department of Statistics (Jordan Department of Statistics)
This site offers ordering information for statistical products describing Jordan. The publication Jordan in Figures is available online, with pages captured as gif images. In English and Arabic.

Key Indicators of Developing Asian and Pacific Countries (Asian Development Bank)
ADB describes itself as "a multilateral development finance institution dedicated to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific." The site contains the Key Indicators publication back to 1999, in PDF with tables available as Excel files. See also the Statistics and Databases section of the site, at

Korea - Statistics Korea (Statistics Korea)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Korea (both North and South). In addition to news and reports that include tables, users can query the KOSIS statistical database to analyze and download time series data. In English and Korean.

Kyrgyzstan National Statistical Committee (Kyrgyzstan National Statistical Committee)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Kyrgyzstan, in Excel format and HTML tables. In Russian (the link that formerly lead to an English part of the site went dead in September 2008).

LABORSTA (International Labor Organization)
This database provides employment and consumer price statistics from the International Labor Organization. An online application allows you to select years and tables, and then either view in HTML or download as an Excel file. Not every variable is available for every country and year (though some go back as far as 1969). The International Labour Migration Database was integrated into LABORSTA in as of January 2008.

Lebanon Central Administration for Statistics (Lebanon Central Administration for Statistics)
This is the English site for Lebanon Central Administration for Statistics. Statistics are organized by topics. Reports are available in pdf and xls formats. Reports are in English and Arabic.

Lithuania Department of Statistics (Lithuania Department of Statistics)
This is the official statistics site for Lithuania -- quite current statistics in HTML tables. In English and Lithuanian.

Luxembourg: National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (STATEC) (Luxembourg National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (STATEC))
This is the official statistical portal for Luxembourg. Socioeconomic statistics are available in tables which may be saved as Excel files (.xls). In English and French.

Macau Census and Statistics Department (Macau Census and Statistics Department)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Macau, as HTML tables or Excel files. In English, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Madison Neighborhood Indicators Project (City of Madison, Wisconsin)
The Madison Neighborhood Indicators Project program, funded by the City of Madison (Wisconsin) and hosted by UW-Madison's Applied Population Lab, offers a single year of selected data indicators plus mapping capability, covering the city of Madison as a whole and 70 neighborhoods, also organized as 57 planning districts. Indicators for each neighborhood include a basic area & population profile, public safety indicators, health & well-being indicators, community action & involvement indicators, economic vitality indicators, and housing quality & availability indicators. Mapping and neighborhood-comparison tools are available on the site. Note that some indicators, particularly relating to health and family well-being, are suppressed at the neighborhood level due to privacy concerns. The project launched as a pilot in 2008 with 5 neighborhoods, and went city-wide in October 2009.

Malawi National Statistics Office (Malawi National Statistics Office)
This site offers current socio-economic statistics for Malawi, as HTML tables. In English.

Malaysia Department of Statistics (Malaysia Department of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Malaysia in English and Malay.

Malta National Statistics (National Statistical Office)
The National Statistical Office (NSO) was established in 1981 by the Statistical Service Act (Chapter 386) and became the central agency in Papua New Guinea for providing statistical information to meet the needs of the Government for the formulation of policy and planning. Under Section 106 of the 1995 Reformed Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Government, the NSO was also given the mandate to assist in creating statistical databases at the Provincial and Local Government levels for policy formulation and planning at these levels.

Marshall Islands Economic Policy, Planning and Statistics Office (EPPSO) (Marshall Islands Economic Policy, Planning and Statistics Office (EPPSO), Republic of the Marshal Islands)
This site offers recent socio-economic statistics for Marshall Islands in HTML tables. It is part of the PRISM project by Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC/CPS). It contains links to national statistics offices for many other Pacific island nations: American Samoa, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Fiji,French Polynesia, Guam,Kiribati, Northern Marianas, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Caledonia, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn Islands, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Wallis & Futuna

Maryland State Data Center (Maryland State Data Center)
Although each state has Data Centers in collaboration with the U.S. Census Bureau, Maryland's online offerings are more extensive than most. The site focuses on census information and socioeconomic projects for the state of Maryland.

MelissaData's Lookup Directory (MelissaData)
This cleanly-presented collection of free look-up tools comes from MelissaData, a commercial firm that sells direct mail lists plus various software and data analysis services. Look-ups include plugging in a phone number or street address to get demographic information about the area; all the ZIP codes in a county or a particular radius; campaign contributors (with names and amounts) by ZIP code; and more. Note that the look-up databases are not downloadable.

Mergent Online (Mergent Inc.)
Mergent Online provides historical and current financial information on U.S. and international companies. Company data coverage includes: history, mergers, acquisitions, disposals, joint ventures, business, property, subsidiaries, officers and directors, news reports, long-term debt, bond ratings, capital stock, exchange and ticker symbol, annual stock price ranges, registrar, transfer agent, stock splits, dividend, payment history, income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, contact information, auditors, and qualified auditors' report. U.S. Company Archives Data holds the full business descriptions, histories and financial statements for companies that were acquired, went bankrupt, liquidated or merged out of existence from 1996 onward. International Company Archives Data has information about non-U.S. companies that have merged, were acquired, went bankrupt, liquidated or otherwise disappeared from 1995 forward. UW-Madison no longer has a subscription to Mergent Online.

Mexico National Institute of Statistics, Geography, and Informatics (Mexico National Institute of Statistics, Geography, and Informatics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Mexico. Its contents are primarily in Spanish, with some sections in English as well. Requires Flash.

Mongolia National Statistical Office (Mongolia National Statistical Office)
Provides socio-demographic information on Mongolia in English & Mongolian.

Morocco Statistics Directorate (within the Haut Commissariat au Plan) (Morocco Statistics Directorate)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Morocco, in French only.

Mozambique National Institute of Statistics (Mozambique National Institute of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Mozambique. Its contents are in Portuguese, with some English translation.

National Records of Scotland (NRS) (General Register Office for Scotland)
National Records of Scotland (NRS) is a non-ministerial department of the Scottish Government. It is designed to collect, preserve and produce information about Scotland's people and history. vital statistics and census for Scotland can be accessed from this site. NRS was established on 1 April 2011, following the merger of the General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) and the National Archives of Scotland (NAS).

National Statistical Agency of Kazakhstan (National Statistical Agency of Kazakhstan)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Kazakhstan. Some of them are time series data. The entry page links to news releases in Russian, Kazakh, and English; the news pages then link to further information and data. The Russian and Kazakh pages are more complete than the English ones.

National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus (Belarus Ministry of Statistics and Analysis)
National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus collects, processes, collates and analyzes statistical information on economic and social developments in the country. Current main socio-economic indicators are available from this site. - World Statistics, Country Comparisons (NationMaster)
This site was founded as an engine for comparing countries using the figures from the latest CIA World Factbook (no time-series data). Many additional sources have been added, so that statistics range from pesticide use to web-site defacements to Olympic gold medals.

NCI Cancer Atlas (National Cancer Institute)
This site from the National Cancer Institute provides interactive maps, graphs, text, tables and figures showing geographic patterns and time trends of cancer death rates for the time period 1970-2014 for more than 40 cancers in the United States. Geography is by state, State Economic Area (SEA) and county. Statistics regarding demographics, incidence, screening and risk factors, and prevalence of various cancers are also available. Data is downloadable in both text and Excel format.

Net Data Directory (The Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University)
The Net Data Directory is a free, publicly available, searchable database of different sources of data about the Internet. Records in the directory include the name of the data source, a short description of the available data, and a link. Data sources are tagged both by geographic coverage (including global, regional, and country-level tags) and by topic (such as broadband, cybersecurity, and social media). The directory is designed to make finding useful quantitative data about Internet related topics easy for researchers, policymakers, journalists, and the public.

Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) (Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Netherlands, featuring a web data tool called StatLine, the electronic databank of Statistics Netherlands. It contains statistical information on many social and economic subjects in the form of tables and graphs. All the information in StatLine may be consulted, printed and downloaded free of charge. In English and Dutch.

New York State Statistics (Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, State University of New York)
Hosted by the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, the New York State Statistical Yearbook since 2002 is available online in PDF and Excel files. The print versions of editions back to 1998 may be ordered from the web site.

Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) (Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Northern Ireland. A "key statistics" section offers a few HTML tables of basic figures. Further data is available from the component departments that make up NISRA; follow the links from the NISRA site.

NSF Business and Industrial R&D (National Science Foundation)
The National Science Foundation has collected data on trends in research and development activities of the U.S. business sector. Since 2017, such data have been collected in both the Business Research and Development Survey (BRDS) and the Annual Business Survey (ABS). The predecessor surveys are Business R&D and Innovation Survey (BRDIS) 2008-16, Survey of Industrial Research and Development (SIRD) 1953-2007, and the Microbusiness R&D and Innovation Survey (BRDI-M) 2016 . Data, publications, and related products can be found on NSF website.

OECD Factbook (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD))
OECD Factbook is a comprehensive and dynamic statistical publication. Close to 100 indicators cover a wide range of areas: economy, education, energy, transportation, environment, development, health, industry, information and communications, population, employment and labour, trade and investment, taxation, public expenditure and R&D. Starting in OECD Factbook 2015-2016 new indicators are included on a number of regional indicators including GDP by metropolitan area. The Factbook is available through the UW-Madison OECD iLibrary subscription.

Office of Financial Management - State of Washington (State of Washington)
The Forecasting Division of the Office of Financial Management for the State of Washington "provides estimates of state and local population, monitors changes in the state economy and labor force, and conducts research on a variety of issues affecting the state budget and public policy." One highlight of the site is the Washington State Data Book, the state's statistical abstract. Washington only posts its most recent State Data Book (the 2005 edition was posted in January 2006) and recommends that its users follow up on the specific sources of the data to get the absolute latest figures. The State Data Book tables display in HTML but may be downloaded as PDF or Excel files. Also of interest on the OFM Forecasting Division site are a Criminal Justice Data Book and an Employer Health Insurance Data Book for the state of Washington. In addition, Washington conducts a biennial State Population Survey, with downloadable data posted on the site for 1998 through 2004.

Oman Ministry of National Economy (Oman Ministry of National Economy)
Socioeconomic statistics for Oman. Its contents are in Arabic.

PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service (Policy Analysis Computing & Information Facility in Commerce (PACIFIC), Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia and Werner Antweiler)
Courtesy of the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia comes this service for academic research and teaching, focusing on exchange rate data and analysis. The page includes daily spot rates for 50 countries from the Bank of Canada; additional rates from multiple sources for over 200 countries; daily analysis for the Canadian dollar, US dollar, and Euro; a historic exchange-rate database; and fact sheets.

Paises@ (Countries@) (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE))

The Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) has announced a new map-based data extractor called Paises@ ("Paises" translates to "Countries"). This Flash-based ready reference tool contains basic population, social indicator, economic, technological, land use, and United Nations Millenium Development Goals information for each of the 192 United Nations members for the latest year available.

To use the extractor, first select a language (Portuguese, English, Spanish). Then select a country from the World Map on the Paises@ main page. Basic information about the country will appear. Select a category of indicators for that country, then click the globe icon next to an individual indicator to get a sortable listing for that indicator for all countries in the database. Additional information for each country includes a political map, a short slide show featuring photographic highlights of the country, and a link to a Google satellite map.

Note: for geographically-small countries, users may have to use the magnifying glass icon (+) several times, in conjunction with the arrow keys, until the country becomes large enough to click on.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (Pakistan Statistics Division)
Pakistan Bureau of Statistics collects and compiles statistical data relating to various socio-economic sectors through primary, secondary sources and administrative records of the government.

Paraguay General Directorate of Statistics, Surveys and Censuses (Paraguay General Directorate of Statistics, Surveys and Censuses)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Paraguay. Spanish-language only.

PCBS State of Palestine Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (Palestinian National Authority Central Bureau of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics, as well as other resources and publications, for the Palestinian National Authority. In English or Arabic.

Peru National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) (Peru National Institute of Statistics and Informatics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Peru. Its contents are in English and Spanish.

Poland Central Statistical Office (Poland Central Statistical Office)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Poland in English and Polish.

Portugal Regional Statistics Service of the Azores (Regional Statistics Service of the Azores)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for the region of Azores in Portugal in English.

Portugal: Statistics Portugal (Statistics Portugal)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Portugal in English and Portuguese. Data can be downloaded as Excel and CSV format.

Prices and Wages by Decade: 1700's to 2000's (Marie Concannon, University of Missouri)
Prices and wages in this comprehensive guide come from the United States government publications. It covers retail prices for foods, articles of clothing, household items, appliances, hardware, fuel and other physical goods, transportation, cars, homes, rent, utilities, school tuition and others over a long period of time. Historical and current statistics of typical wages, salaries, hours and earnings for workers of common oppupations are available as well.

ProGov21 (COWS, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
ProGov2l is a searchable digital library of progressive policies and practices for local government. It is maintained by COWS, a national think-and-do tank based at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Visitors can explore the database by policy areas like Children & Families, Civil Rights, Community Development, Economic Justice, Environment, Natural Resources, and more. Search results can be filtered by state, year, type of documents (policy brief, ordinance, fact sheet, model law, executive order, act or session law, ballot measure, constitutional amendment), and by level of government (city or town, county, school board, school district, other boards and agencies).

Ranking America (Mark Rice and St. John Fisher College, New York)
Mark Rice, professor of American Studies at St. John Fisher College in New York, has created a blog called Ranking America, designed to help his readers understand where the U.S. stands in global rankings on an astonishing variety of measures. Each post announces the rank order of the United States on a particular topic ("The U.S. ranks 1st in cutlery;" "The U.S. ranks 4th in automobile accident deaths"). The post then includes a brief explanation of the ranking, a link to the source, and a chart or graph illustrating the ranking. Topic areas are wide-ranging and include arts and entertainment, the economy, health and welfare, political and social life, and more.

Romania National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Romania National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Romania in English and Romanian.

Saint Lucia Central Statistics Office (Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Saint Lucia, in Excel and PDF format, as well as HTML tables.

Singapore Department of Statistics (Singapore Department of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Singapore.

Spain National Institute of Statistics (Spain National Institute of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Spain, including the extensive INEbase statistical database. The site has an English version, but work is still underway to harmonize the English and Spanish version, and for now the Spanish version is the more definitive.

Sri Lanka Department of Census and Statistics (Sri Lanka Department of Census and Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Sri Lanka. Publications are in English, Sinhala & Tamil.

State Committee of the Russian Federation on Statistics (State Committee of the Russian Federation on Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Russia.

Statistical Abstract of the United States (ProQuest) (ProQuest)

The Statistical Abstract of the United States, otherwise known as the National Data Book, contains a large collection of tables on social and economic conditions in the United States, in PDF and Excel. Selected international data are also included. The above link leads to the most current version from ProQuest, a UW-Madison subscription. The U.S. Census Bureau ceased updating the Statistical Abstract with the 2012 edition.

However, the Census Bureau site for the back issues of the Statistical Abstract, 2012 and previous, is still online. Recent editions include PDF and Excel both, and nearly the entire historical run of the Statistical Abstract has been placed online as PDF documents under the "Earlier Editions" link, back to the first edition in 1878. Also under the "Earlier Editions" link is the Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970.

Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) (Statistical Institute of Jamaica)
The Statistical Institute of Jamaica carries socio-economic statistics for the country of Jamaica.

Statistical Office of Estonia (Statistical Office of Estonia)
Provides rich information on economic and social indicators in Estonia. Users can request special data series using their PC-AXIS web application. In English and Estonian.

Statistics Botswana (Statistics Botswana)
Statistics Botswana collects and disseminates all official statistics in Botswana. This organization has replaced The Central Statistics Office (CSO) of the government of Botswana. Data is available primarily in HTML table and PDF format, in categories such as agriculture, demography, environment, health, national accounts, education, industry, and more.

Statistics Canada (Statistics Canada)
Statistics Canada is the official source for Canadian social and economic statistics and products. A centerpiece of the site is the CANSIM (Canadian Socio-economic Information Management System) database, a fee-based product with socioeconomic data for Canada; however, much free information is available as well. In English and French.

Statistics Denmark (Statistics Denmark)
Statistics Denmark is the central statistical office in Denmark. The centerpiece of their website is a database called StatBank Denmark, with free registration required to be able to use all the features. In English and Danish.

Statistics Faroe Islands (Statistics Faroe Islands)
Statistics Faroe Islands provides key socio-economic indicators in Faroese and English. Statbank is the database allows users to access data about the Faroese community. Data can be downloaded in several file formats and presented as diagrams or maps.

Statistics Finland (Statistics Finland)
This is the official site for statistics in Finland. Custom tables can be generated through the StatFin interface section of the site, while a feature called Finland in Figures has key statistical data about Finland on 25 different statistical topics. International comparison data are also included. In English and Finnish.

Statistics Greenland (Statistics Greenland)
The Statistics Greenland site features Statbank, an interactive database that allows users to generate custom tables. In English, Danish, and Norwegian.

Statistics Iceland (Statistics Iceland)
Statistics Iceland is the national statistical institute of Iceland. Various socio-economic statistics can be found at this site. In English and Icelandic (the Icelandic version is at

Statistics Mauritius (Mauritius the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Mauritius.

Statistics New Zealand (Statistics New Zealand)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for New Zealand, including the 2006 population census. The site now offers a "table-builder" utility and access information regarding microdata.

Statistics Norway (Statistics Norway)
This site offers official statistics about Norwegian society in English.

Statistics South Africa (Statistics South Africa)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for South Africa, including census. Access to a database of economic time-series data is available via free registration.

Statistics Sweden (Statistics Sweden)
This site offers a wide variety of socio-economic statistics, along with related products and services, for Sweden in English and Swedish.

Swiss Federal Statistical Office (Swiss Federal Statistical Office)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Switzerland. In English, French, German, Italian, and Raeto-Romance languages. Visual and interactive tools, media services, research, maps, historical data and much more are available.

Taiwan Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (Taiwan Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Taiwan (Republic of China).

Thailand National Statistical Office (Thailand National Statistical Office)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Thailand. In English & Thai.

The ACCRA Cost of Living Index (The Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER))
The Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) has collected and published cost of living index data since 1968. Data are organized into these categories: food, housing, utilities, transportation, health care, miscellaneous goods and services, and a composite index at the metropolitan statistical area (MSA) level and at the county level. They are released quarterly. Learn more about ACCRA Cost of Living Indices methodology. Its products are fee-based.

The Current Value of Old Money (Roy Davies)
Roy Davies, a science librarian at the University of Exeter, created a page dedicated to exploring the value of money throughout history. The site contains links to a number of pages dedicated to money and monetary policy. Sites are broken down into broad categories, such as international, U.K. and Europe, United States and others. Links are also provided to prices in ancient Rome and other economic history sites.

The National Counterterrorism Center (Office of the Director of National Intelligence)
This website provides information about the history, mission, purpose, and organizational structure of the National Counterterrosim Center. Includes online resources such as counterterroism and intelligence guides, speeches, security policy documents, and information about partnering agencies.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) (The Philippine Statistics Authority)
The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) are in charge of national censuses, surveys, sectoral statistics, consolidation of selected administrative recording systems and compilation of national accounts.

TranStats (U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics)
TranStats comprises a broad collection of over 100 transportation datasets from various federal sources such as the Department of Transportation and the Census Bureau. TranStats is searchable by keyword or category. Some of the data descriptions link to data stored on other sites; for the many datasets stored at TranStats, however, users have interactive control over which variables to download, in addition to interactive analysis tools (simple statistical summaries, create time series or cross tabulations, generate graphics online, and cut/paste results into reports). A "mapping center" is also available through TranStats, carrying the National Transportation Atlas Databases (NTAD) and other transportation mapping tools. Note: TranStats was formerly known as the Intermodal Transportation Database.

Tunisia National Institute of Statistics (Tunisia National Institute of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Tunisia. Its contents are in French.

Turkey: Turkish Statistical Institute (Turkish Statistical Institute)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Turkey. In English and Turkish.

Uruguay National Institute of Statistics (INE) (Uruguay National Institute of Statistics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Uruguay. Its contents are in Spanish.

Uzbekistan Open Data Portal (The Open Data Portal of the Republic of Turkey)
This page includes access to socio-economic statistics for Uzbekistan and Turkey, in Uzbek. Also includes information about recent news, various initiatives, and government agencies.

Venezuela Central Office of Statistics and Informatics (INE) (Venezuela Central Office of Statistics and Informatics)
This site offers socio-economic statistics for Venezuela, in Spanish only.

Wisconsin Blue Book (Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau)
Wisconsin's answer to the statistical abstract is the Blue Book, published by the Legislative Reference Bureau. The series began in 1853 and is currently published on a biennial basis. The Blue Book also includes statistics, biographies and photos of Wisconsin elected officials, the text of the Wisconsin state constitution, and in-depth description of Wisconsin governmental structure and function. The online version is available solely in PDF.

World Factbook (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency)
Reports on every country in the world, along with maps and appendices. Includes information on geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues. The site also includes "Rank Order Pages," HTML tables comparing each indicator across countries, which can be downloaded as delimited ASCII files.

World Marriage Data (Population Division, United Nations)
The World Marriage Data site presents comparable and up-to-date national data over time on the marital status of populations and the singulate mean age at marriage (SMAM) for countries around the world. Data starts from around 1950 to the most recent data available. Major sources are censuses, sample surveys and national estimates. Time series data are available and viewable online for users to query interactively and download (in Excel format).

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