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(Back to the Crossroads Search main page) (Preston Hunter) presents a sprawling range of citations from various sources, describing how many adherents to a particular religion reside in a particular country, state, or region. The greatest detail may be found in two indexes: Religion by Location and Religion by Name. Since a variety of sources are used, the statistics are sometimes contradictory!

American Mosaic Project (Doug Hartmann and Penny Edgell)
The American Mosaic Project is a multi-year, multi-method study of the bases of solidarity and diversity in American life. The principal investigators of this project are Doug Hartmann, Penny Edgell and Joseph Gerteis at the University of Minnesota, and the project is funded by the Edelstein Family Foundation of Minneapolis, MN.

The survey was designed to gather data on diversity with a particular emphasis on race and religion. A nationally-representative telephone survey was conducted during the summer of 2003; additional in-depth interviews and fieldwork across the country, explored the various contexts in which Americans experience diversity, focusing on religious interfaith organizations, neighborhoods, and festivals. Key findings on Discrimination, Atheism, Anti-Semitism, Racial attitudes of Conservative Christians, Diversity, Racial Attitudes and Religion, and Racial Privilege are available as press releases at this site.

Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA) (Association of Religion Data Archives)
The Association of Religion Data Archives (formerly known as the American Religion Data Archive) collects quantitative datasets for the study of American and international religions. Visitors can browse data sets by category, alphabetically, view the newest additions, most popular files, or search for a file. Data can be freely downloaded from its data archive. Additional features include national profiles of religion in countries worldwide; maps and reports of U.S. congregational membership (by state, county, and metro areas); teaching tools; and a question bank option that allows users to create a list of questions from various studies for further reference.

North American Jewish Data Bank (NAJDB) (United Jewish Communities (UJC) and University of Connecticut)
The North American Jewish Data Bank collects and disseminates social science surveys and reports pertaining to the Jewish community in North America. The collection includes the National Jewish Population Surveys of 1971, 1990 and 2000-01; several other national surveys of the American Jewish community, and over 90 local Jewish community surveys. Free registration is required to download datasets, documentation and reports.

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