Current Social Science Research Report--Economics #57, April 1, 2008.

CSSRR-Economics is a weekly email report produced by the Data and Information Services Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It seeks to help social science researchers keep up to date with the latest developments in the field. This report will contain selected listings of new: reports, articles, bibliographies, working papers, tables of contents, conferences, data, and websites. For more information, including an archive of back issues and subscription information see:


CSSRR-Economics is compiled and edited by Jack Solock and Charlie Fiss.


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1. Bureau of Labor Statistics Reports, Periodical:

A. "National Compensation Survey: Employee Benefits in State and Local Governments in the United States, September 2007," (Summary 08-02, March 2008, .pdf format, 32p.).

B. "Characteristics of Minimum Wage Workers: 2007," (March 2008, HTML and .pdf format, 13p.).

C. "Multifactor Productivity Trends" (March 2008, ASCII text, HTML, and .pdf format, 18p.).

D. "Labor Force Characteristics of Foreign-Born Workers: 2007" (March 2008, ASCII text, HTML, and .pdf format, 14p.).

E. Compensation and Working Conditions Online. The latest article was added Mar. 26, 2008.

2. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service Reports:

A. "The Costs of Benefit Delivery in the Food Stamp Program: Lessons From a Cross-Program Analysis," by Julia Isaacs (Contractor and Cooperator Report No. CCR-39, March 2008, .pdf format, 67p.).

B. "Dietary Assessment of Major Trends in U.S. Food Consumption, 1970-2005," by Hodan Farah Wells and Jean C. Buzby (Economic Information Bulletin No. EIB-33, March 2008, .pdf format, 28p.).

3. US Government Economic Releases from the National Bureau of Economic Research: Links to releases for Mar. 25-Apr. 1, 2007 are available at the site.

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US States:


Stats Indiana Updates: Stats Indiana has updated the following databases (see the right side of the page for links): "CES & LAUS 50 States (Employment by Industry & Unemployment), Feb 2008"; "State Quarterly Personal Income, 1st qtr. 2004 - 4th qtr. 2007"; "State Annual Personal Income, 2007."


Workforce Development Reports: "Labor Force Data: 2006, 2007 Monthly Data" (March 2008). Also "Statewide Labor Force Data Only (PDF) 1976 - 2007 (Seasonally Adjusted)" (March 2008, .pdf format, 11p.).


State Data Center Report: "State Quarterly Personal Income Through the 4Th Quarter of 2007" (March 2008, .pdf and Microsoft Excel format).

New Jersey:

Department of Labor and Workforce Development Reports:

A. "NJ Monthly Seasonally Adjusted Estimates: 1976-2008" (March 2008, Microsoft Excel format).

B. "NJ Monthly Unadjusted Estimates: 1976-2008" (March 2008, Microsoft Excel format).


Bureau of Economic and Business Research, David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah Periodical: Utah Economic and Business Review (Vol. 68, No. 1, 2008, .pdf format, 11p.). The topic of this issue is "2007 Economic Profile of Salt Lake City’s Central Business District," by James A. Wood.


Department of Administration and Information Reports: "The Wyoming Cost of Living Index for the Fourth Quarter of 2007" (March 2008, .pdf format, 6p.).

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NGOs and Other Countries:

European Commission:

Eurostat Periodical: Statistics in Focus. The latest issues (8/29, 8/34, 8/36 .pdf format) are now available at the SIF website:,1136118&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL


International Monetary Fund Country Report: The latest Country Reports (.pdf format) span the time period from Mar. 27-Apr. 1, 2008 (No. 08/111-08/118):



Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE) Press Release: "Animal slaughter, milk production, leather, eggs: In 2007, the slaughtering of pullets, hogs and pigs and the acquisition of milk increased in the Country." (Mar. 27, 2008). The news release links to a report by the same name in Portuguese.



National Statistical Institute Report: "European Comparisons Program - PPPs, PLIs, VI - preliminary data 2006" (March 2008).



Statistics Denmark Update: "BUDR1: Region budgets (DKK 1,000) by region, main account, dranst and kind" (March 2008).



Statistics Finland News Releases:

A. "Students increasingly often employed during studies" (Mar. 28, 2008).

B. "Employment of recent graduates continued to increase" (Mar. 28, 2008).



Central Statistical Office Periodical: Ecomomy and Society: January 2008 (Mar. 2008, .pdf format, 45p.).



Statistics Iceland News Releases:

A. "Regular salaries in the private sector 1998-2006" (Mar. 26, 2008).

B. "Consumption of alcoholic beverages 2007" (Mar. 27, 2008).



Central Statistics Office/An Phriomh-Oifig Staidrimh Report: "National Accounts Output and Value Added by Activity, 2002 and 2003" (March 2008, .pdf format, 11p.).



Statistics Latvia News Releases: If the news release is in Latvian, click on the "EN" tab near the top right side of the page. "On Labour Force Survey results in 2007" (Mar. 26, 2008).



Statistics Norway News Releases:

A. "Accounting statistics. Tax questionnaire on accounting for other financial enterprises and activities auxiliary to financial enterprises. 2002-2006" (Mar. 26, 2008). The news release links to four topical tables.

B. "Census of greenhouses and nurseries 2007. Preliminary figures for 2006" (Mar. 26, 2008). The news release links to seven topical tables.

C. "Horticultural production, 2007. Preliminary figures (Mar. 27, 2008). The news release links to two topical tables.

D. "Approved carcasses. Preliminary figures, 2007 (Mar. 27, 2008). The news release links to five topical tables.

E. "Accounts statistics. Annual reports for non-financial limited companies, 2006 (Mar. 28, 2008). The news release links to five topical tables.


Palestinian National Authority:

Central Bureau of Statistics Report: "Agricultural Statistics 2005/2006" (December 2007, .pdf format, 183p.). The report is in Arabic. Table heads are in Arabic and English. There is an English summary at the end of the report.

Click on "Agricultural Statistics" for link to full text.



Central Statistical Office Periodical: Statistical Bulletin No 2/2008 (March 2008, .pdf, Microsoft Excel and .zip compressed .pdf and Microsoft Excel format, 221p.). The periodical is in Polish and English.



Scottish Government Report: "Scottish Agriculture Output, Input and Income Statistics" (March 2008, .pdf format, 16p.).



Statistical Office Communication: "Gross domestic product of the Republic of Serbia, 2004 - 2006" (Mar. 23, 2008, .pdf format, 4p.).



Statistical Office News Release: "Supply and use tables, Slovenia, 2004 and 2005," by Janja Kalin (Mar. 28, 2008). The news release links to two topical tables (Microsoft Excel format).


Sri Lanka:

Department of Census and Statistics Report: "National Accounts of Sri Lanka - 2007" (March 2008, .pdf format, 16p.).



State Statistics Committee Reports:

A. "ILO unemployment rate in 2007, by sex, age group and place of residence" (April 2008).

B. "Employment rate in 2007, by sex, age group and place of residence" (April 2008).

C. "Economic activity rate in 2007, by sex, age group and place of residence" (April 2008).

D. "Economically active population in 2007, by sex and place of residence" (April 2008).

E. "Basic indicators on labor market (annual data, 2000-2007) (April 2008).

F. "Composition of economically inactive population in 2000-2007" (April 2008).

G. "ILO unemployed in 2000--2007, by cause of unemployment" (April 2008).

H. "ILO unemployed in 2000--2007, by duration of job search" (April 2008).

G. "ILO unemployed in 2000--2007, by duration of unemployment" (April 2008).

H. "Gross regional product 2004--2006" (March 2008).

I. "Consolidated national accounts 2000--2006 (March 2008).

J. "Structure of gross domestic product by income categories" (March 2008).

K. "Gross domestic product by final use categories" (March 2008).

L. "Input-Output table for 2006 (at consumer prices)" (March 2008).

M. "GDP production and distribution, by types of economic activity 2001--2006" (March 2008).

N. Gross domestic product 1990--2006" (March 2008).



1. Communities and Local Government Report: "Local Government Finance Council Taxes 2008/09" (March 2008, .pdf and Microsoft Excel format).

2. Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Pocket Book, Report:

A. "Agricultural Statistics in your Pocket 2007" March 2008, .pdf format, 61p.).

Click on "PDF Format" near the bottom of the page for link to full text.

B. "Agriculture in the UK 2007" (March 2008, .pdf format, 152p.).

3. National Statistics Office Report: "International Trade in Services 2006" (March 2008, .pdf format, 31p.).



Central Statistical Office Periodical: The Monthly (March 2008, .pdf format, 21p.).

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Federal Reserve Bank of New York (New York) Periodical: (Current Issues in Economics and Finance Second District Highlights, Vol. 14, No. 2, March 2008, .pdf format, 7p.).


Standard & Poor's Press Release:"Record Declines in Home Prices Continued in 2008 According to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices," (Mar, 25, 2008,.pdf format, 3p.).


American Enterprise Institute Periodical: AEI Economic Outlook, March 2008, HTML and .pdf format, 5p.).

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Bureau of Labor Statistics:

A. "The Effect of Hurricane Katrina on the Labor Market Outcomes of Evacuees," by Jeffrey A. Groen and Anne E. Polivka (Working Paper 415, March 2008, .pdf format, 30p.). Links to an abstract and full-text are available at:

B. "Parental Transfers, Student Achievement, and the Labor Supply of College Students," by Charlene Marie Kalenkoski and Sabrina Wulff Pabilonia (Working Paper 416, March 2008, .pdf format, 39p.). Links to an abstract and full-text are available at:


American Enterprise Institute: "Economic Integration and Incipient Democracy," by Philip I. Levy (AEI Working Paper No. 142, March 2008, .pdf format, 25p.). Links to an abstract and full-text are available at:


National Bank of Belgium: "Do survey indicators let us see the business cycle? A frequency decomposition," by Luc Dresse and Christophe Van Nieuwenhuyze (Working Paper 131, March 2008, .pdf format, 37p.). Links to an abstract and full-text are available at:


Bank of Canada/Banque Du Canada:

A. "Markups in Canada: Have They Changed and Why?" by Danny Leung (Working Paper 2008-7, March 2008, .pdf format, 29p.). Links to an abstract and full-text are available at:

B. "Welfare Effects of Commodity Price and Exchange Rate Volatilities in a Multi-Sector Small Open Economy Model," by Ali Dib (Working Paper 2008-8, March 2008, .pdf format, 53p.). Links to an abstract and full-text are available at:


Banco Central De Chile [Central Bank of Chile]: "External Imbalances, Valuation Adjustments and Real Exchange Rate: Evidence of Predictability in an Emerging Economy," by Jorge Selaive and Pable Pincheira (Working Paper No. 460, March 2008, .pdf format, 18p.). Links to an abstract and full-text are available at:


Central Bank & Financial Services Authority of Ireland: "Estimating the Structural Demand for Irish Housing," by Diarmaid Addison-Smyth, Kieran McQuinn and Gerard O'Reilly (Technical Paper 1/RT/08, March 2008, .pdf format, 28p.). Links to an abstract and full-text are available at:


Deutsche Bundesbank: "Integration of financial markets and national price levels: the role of exchange rate volatility," by Mathias Hoffmann and Peter Tillmann (Discussion Paper No. 07/2008, March 2008, .pdf format, 49p.).


How does international financial integration affect national price levels? To analyze this question, this paper formulates a two-country open economy sticky-price model under either segmented or complete asset markets. It is shown that the effect of financial integration, i.e. moving from segmented to complete asset markets, is regime-dependent. Under managed exchange rates, financial integration raises the national price level. Under floating exchange rates, however, financial integration lowers national price levels. Thus, the paper proposes a novel argument to rationalize systematic deviations from PPP. Panel evidence for 54 countries supports the main findings. A 10% larger ratio of foreign assets and liabilities to GDP, our measure of international financial integration, increases the national price level by 0.27 percentage points under fixed and intermediate exchange rate regimes and lowers the price level by 0.3 percentage points under floating exchange rates.


International Monetary Fund: IMF has recently added new working papers. The papers are Nos. 08/73-08/83.


World Bank Policy Research Programme: PRP has recently released several new working papers. See the list at:

New Papers are: 4578-4584.


Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) [University of Bonn, Germany]: IZA has recently released several new working papers.

The new working papers are: 3416-3424.


Center for Economic Studies/Ifo Institute for Economic Research (CESifo) [Munich, Bavaria, Germany]: CESifo has recently released several new working papers:

and "Browse Working Paper List" for 2008.

The new papers are numbered 2266-2271.


New Economic Papers (NEP)-ALL. The latest list of New Economic Papers (Mar. 25, 2008).


AgEcon Search: This week's new working papers from AgEcon Search at the University of Minnesota are available at:

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JOURNAL TABLES OF CONTENTS (check your library for availability):

Economic Inquiry (Vol. 46, No. 1, January 2008). Note: Full electronic text of these journals are available in the ProQuest Research Library. Check your library for the availability of this database and this issue.

Economics Letters (Vol. 99, No. 1, April 2008).

Journal of Urban Economics (Vol. 63, No. 3, May 2008).

Oxford Economic Papers (Vol. 60, No. 2, April 2008). Note: Full electronic text of these journals are available in the ProQuest Research Library. Check your library for the availability of this database and this issue.

Review of Financial Economics (Vol. 17, No. 2, 2008).

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Chronicle of Higher Education:

Economic positions has been updated through Apr. 1, 2008.


American Economics Association: Job Openings for Economists (April 2008).

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US House Financial Services Committee Hearing Publication: "Legislative and Regulatory Options for Minimizing and Mitigating Mortgage Foreclosures," a hearing held Sep. 20, 2007 (Serial Publication 110-61, .pdf format, 275p.).


US Joint Economic Committee Hearing Publication: "Evolution of an Economic Crisis?: The Subprime Lending Disaster and the Threat to the Broader Economy," a hearing held Sep. 19, 2007 (Senate Hearing 110-250, ASCII text and .pdf format, 150p.).

Search 110th Congress (2007-08) Senate Hearings for "110-250" (WITH the quotes). or by title.

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