Current Social Science Research Report--Economics #82, September 30, 2008.

CSSRR-Economics is a weekly email report produced by the Data and Information Services Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It seeks to help social science researchers keep up to date with the latest developments in the field. This report will contain selected listings of new: reports, articles, bibliographies, working papers, tables of contents, conferences, data, and websites. For more information, including an archive of back issues and subscription information see:


CSSRR-Economics is compiled and edited by Jack Solock and Charlie Fiss.


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1. Congressional Research Service Reports:

A. The Cost of Government Financial Interventions, Past and Present," by Baird Webel, N. Eric Weiss, and Marc Labonte (RS22956, September 2008, .pdf format, 6p.).

B. "Proposal to Allow Treasury to Buy Mortgage- Related Assets to Address Financial Instability," by Edward V. Murphy and Baird Webel (RS22957, September 2008, .pdf format, 6p.).

2. Bureau of Labor Statistics Report, Periodical:

A. "National Compensation Survey: Employee Benefits in the United States, March 2008" (Bulletin 2715, September 2008, HTML and .pdf format).

B. Compensation and Working Conditions Online: The latest articles are dated Sep. 24, 2008.

3. Bureau of Economic Analysis Report: "Do Intangible Assets Explain High U.S. Foreign Direct Investment Returns?," by Benjamin Bridgman (September 2008, pdf format, 32p).

4. National Science Foundation Report: "Federal R&D Funding by Budget Function:2007-09" (NSF 08-315, September 2008, .pdf and Microsoft Excel format, 48p.). The Excel spreadsheets can be found under "Data Tables".

5. Government Accountability Office Reports:

A. "Energy Markets: Analysis of More Past Mergers Could Enhance Federal Trade Commission's Efforts to Maintain Competition in the Petroleum Industry" (GAO-08-1082, September 2008, .pdf format, 63p.).

B. "Carbon Offsets: The U.S. Voluntary Market Is Growing, but Quality Assurance Poses Challenges for Market Participants" (GAO-08-1048, August 2008, .pdf format, 59p.).

6. Census Bureau Facts for Features: "Thanksgiving Day: Nov. 27, 2008 (CB08-FF.20, Sep. 29, 2008, HTML and .pdf format, 5p.).

7. US Government Economic Releases from the National Bureau of Economic Research: Links to releases for Sep. 24-30, 2008 are available at the site.

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US States:


Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism Report: "Monthly Economic Indicators" (August 2008, .pdf format, 5p., with monthly county historical data in Microsoft Excel format).


Department of Labor Report: "2008 Kansas Wage Survey" (September 2008, .pdf format, with geographical reports available via a web based query extraction system).

North Dakota:

State Data Center Presentation: "Demographic Changes and Outlook in Agriculture," by Richard Rathge (September 2008, Microsoft PowerPoint viewable and downloadable format, 45 slides).




Department of Administration & Information Report, News Release:

A. "Wyoming Employment, Income, and Gross Domestic Product Report: 2006" (August 2008, .pdf format, 100p.).

B. "Wyoming’s Median Household Income Increased the Fastest in the Nation (But, Gender Earnings Gap was Widest in the U.S.)" (Aug. 29, 2008, .pdf format, 2p.).

C. "Wyoming Economic Summary: 1st Quarter of 2008" (August 2008, .pdf format, 3p.).

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NGOs and Other Countries:

International Monetary Fund Country Reports, Report:

A. The latest Country Reports (.pdf format) span the time period from Sep. 24-30, 2008 (No. 08-313--08/317).

B. "Food and Fuel Prices-Recent Developments, Macroeconomic Impact, and Policy Responses-An Update," (September 2008, .pdf format, 19p.).



Bureau of Statistics Information Paper: "What are Environmental Accounts?, 2008" (September 2008).



Central Statistical Office Digest: "July 2008 External Trade Monthly- Digest" (September 2008, .pdf format, 24p.).

Click on title for link to full text.



National Statistical Institute Report: "Key Indicators for Bulgaria" (September 2008, .pdf format, 8p.).



Statistics Canada/Statistique Canada Reports, Periodicals, "Matter of Fact" Article:

A. "Industrial Research and Development: 2007 intentions" (September 2008, .pdf format, 87p.).

B. "Workplace and Employee Survey Compendium: 2005" (September 2008, .pdf format, 66p.).

C. Perspectives on Labour and Income (Vol. 20, No. 3, Fall 2008, HTML and .pdf format).

D. EnviroStats (Vol. 2, No. 3, Fall 2008, HTML and .pdf format).

E. "Are women spending more time on unpaid domestic work than men in Canada?" by Colin Lindsay (September 2008, HTML and .pdf format, 3p.).



Statistics Finland News Releases:

A. "Electricity production with renewable energy sources grew by 25 per cent in 2007" (Sep. 26, 2008).

B. "Revised EMU deficit and debt figures for 2007 released" (Sep. 30, 2008).



Central Statistical Office Report, Periodical:

A. "Statistical Report 7/2008" (September 2008, .pdf format, 46p.).

B. Statistical Reflections (Vol. 2, No. 11, Sep. 24, 2008, .pdf format, 1p.). The topic of this issue is "Food consumption in 2006."



Statistics Iceland News Release: "Disposable income of the household sector 2007" (Sep. 26, 2008).



Central Bureau of Statistics Report: "Agriculture in Israel: The Industry Account Price Index of Output and Input 2006-2007" (September 2008, .pdf format, 56p., with tables in Microsoft Excel format (compressed and uncompressed), and selected documentation in Microsoft Word format).



Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare Report: "Summary of major labour surveys" (September 2008, .pdf format, 13p.).



Statistics Latvia News Release: "Key indicators of business structural statistics in 2006" (Sep. 25, 2008). If the news release is in Latvian, click on the "EN" tab at the top right side of the page for an English copy.



Statistics Netherlands: SN has updated its Web Magazine, Economic Monitor, and Press Releases from Sep. 25-30, 2008).



Statistics Norway News Releases: SN has updated its news releases from Sep. 25-30, 2008).



Central Statistical Office Report: "Household budget surveys in 2007" (September 2008, .pdf format [compressed and uncompressed], 198p.). The report is in Polish and English.



National Institute of Statistics Press Release: "The Research-Development Activity in 2007" (Sep. 23, 2008, .pdf format, 4p.).


Sierra Leone:

Statistics Sierra Leone Reports:

A. "Report on 2007 Real Gross Domestic Product (RGDP) Estimates of Sierra Leone" (September 2008, .pdf format, 4p.).

B. "National Accounts Estimates: 2001-2007, with selected projections" (September 2008, .pdf format).

Production Account:

Expenditure Account:

Income Account:



Statistical Office News Releases: SO has updated its news releases from Sep. 24-30, 2008.



Statistics Sweden News Releases:

A. "Excessive Deficit Procedure: Strong improvements for public finances in the Swedish economy in 2007" (Sep. 30, 2008).

B. "Preliminary income statistics for 2007" (Sep. 29, 2008).

C. "Food sales 2007" (Sep. 24, 2008).



1. Forestry Commission Report: "Forestry Statistics 2008 and Forestry Facts & Figures 2008" (September 2008, .pdf format, 159 and 20p. respectively). Links to full text are at the bottom of the page.

2. National Statistics Office Reports, Periodical:

A. "Government deficit and debt under the Maastricht Treaty" (First Release, September 2008, .pdf format, 12p.).

B. "United Kingdom Economic Accounts Q2 2008" (September 2008, .pdf format, 175p.).

B. Consumer Trends, edited by Ann Harris (Quarter 2, 2008, .pdf format, 266p.).



Welsh Assembly Government/Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru Report: "Welsh Local Government Financial Statistics, 2008" (September 2008, .pdf format, 1p.).

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World Economic Forum Report: "Financing Demographic Shifts: Pension and Healthcare Scenarios to 2030," by Bernd Jan Sikken, Nicholas Davis, Chiemi Hayashi, and Heli Olkkonen (September 2008, .pdf format, 116p.).

More information about WEF:


Time Article: "How Financial Madness Overtook Wall Street," by Andy Serwer and Allan Sloan (Sep. 18, 2008).,8599,1842123,00.html


Newsweek Article: "The Great Confidence Game: Every financial system depends on trust. We are in a full-blown crisis because investors and financial managers have lost that trust," by Robert J. Samuelson (Sep. 29, 2008).


Economist Article: "America’s bail-out plan: The doctors' bill" (Sep. 25, 2008).


Nation Articles:

A. "Show Us the Money," by William Greider (Sep. 24, 2008).

B. "Financial Fascism," by Robert Scheer (Sep. 24, 2008).

C. "Desperate Measures," by Nicholas Von Hoffman (Sep. 24, 2008).


The Weekly Standard Article: "Why We're Floundering: And a better way forward," by Lawrence B. Lindsey (Sep. 24, 2008).


Forbes Special Section: "The Financial Crisis" (Sep. 24, 2008).

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Federal Reserve Banks:

The latest Federal Reserve Bank Working Papers can be found at:

Federal Reserve Board Finance and Economic Discussion Series:

NEW: The use of alternative employment arrangements by small businesses: Evidence from the 2003 Survey of Small Business Finances," by Traci L. Mach and John A. Holmes (2008-45)

The Incentives of Mortgage Servicers: Myths and Realities," by Larry Cordell, Karen Dynan, Andreas Lehnert, Nellie Liang, and Eileen Mauskopf (2008-46)


District 3: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

NEW: City Beautiful, by Gerald A. Carlino and Albert Saiz (WP 08-22)


District 9: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (Minnesota):

A. Staff Reports:

NEW: SR 413 "Temporary Price Changes and the Real Effects of Monetary Policy," by Patrick J. Kehoe and Virgiliu Midrigan.

B. Working Papers:

NEW: WP 665 "Business Start-Ups and Productive Efficiency," by Hakki Yazici.


US Census Bureau Center for Economic Studies: CES has recently added new working papers:

The new papers are: CES-WP-08-32--CES-WP-08-35.


National Bureau of Economic Research: NBER has released the following working papers for the week of Sep. 21-27, 2008.

New papers are: 14361-14370


International Monetary Fund: IMF has added the following working papers. The papers are Nos. 08/225-08/230.


United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs:

A. "Should there be a coordinated response to the problem of global imbalances? Can there be one?" by Barry Eichengreen (Working Paper No. 69, September 2008, .pdf format, 26p.).


This paper analyzes the options for international policy coordination in order to redress the global imbalances. The case for policy coordination rests on a number of assumptions such as the existence of important spillover effects of national policies and a common understanding of the nature of the problem. In reality, important obstacles exist to get to effective policy coordination, including resistance from domestic interest groups and disagreement of the effectiveness of policy instruments. These obstacles can be reduced by developing a multilateral consensus on common goals and by addressing commitment problems via issuing multi-year schedules for policy adjustments.

B. "Latin America and the Caribbean’s Challenge to Reach the MDGs: Financing Options and Trade-offs," by Rob Vos, Marco V. Sánchez and Cornelia Kaldewei (Working Paper No. 68, September 2008, .pdf format, 46p.).


The present study analyzes the determinants of improving outcomes in education, health and basic sanitation and the macroeconomic trade-offs caused by scaling up public spending for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), using an integrated modelling approach. At variance with other assessments, the analysis shows that most countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are "off track" towards many of the goals. The study shows that while achieving the goals is affordable for most countries in the region, governments will need to put greater emphasis on tax reforms to mobilize resources for increased social spending while avoiding undesirable macroeconomic trade-offs.


World Bank Policy Research Programme: PRP has recently released new working papers. See the list at:

New papers are: 4723, 4725-4736.


Institute for Fiscal Studies [London, UK]: "Wage risk and employment risk over the life cycle," by Hamish Low, Costas Meghir and Luigi Pistaferri (IFS Working Papers, WP08/06, September 2008, .pdf format, 64p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


Center for Economic Studies/Ifo Institute for Economic Research (CESifo) [Munich, Bavaria, Germany]: CESifo has recently released a new working paper:

and "Browse Working Paper List" for 2008.

The new paper is numbered 2408.


Bank for International Settlements: "The Asian crisis: what did local stock markets expect?" by Jacob Gyntelberg, Alicia Herrero and Andrea Tesei (Working Papers No 261, September 2008, .pdf format, 21p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


New Economic Papers (NEP)-ALL. The latest list of New Economic Papers (Sep. 13, 20, 2008).


AgEcon Search: This week's new working papers from AgEcon Search at the University of Minnesota are available at:

New Papers are from "Scope and Sustainability of Cooperation in Transboundary Water Sharing of the Volta River" to "Dynamic Sanitary and Phytosanitary Trade Policy."

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JOURNAL TABLES OF CONTENTS (check your library for availability):

Journal of Econometrics (Vol. 146, No. 1, September 2008).

Journal of Financial Economics (Vol. 89, No. 3, September 2008).

Oxford Economic Papers (Vol. 60, No. 4, October 2008). Note: Full text of this journal is available in the ProQuest Research Library. Check your library for availability of this database and issue.

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National Academies: "The Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program." "The Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program within the Policy and Global Affairs Division of the National Academies is designed to engage graduate science, engineering, medical, veterinary, business, public policy, and law students in the analytical process that informs the creation of national policy-making with a science/technology element. As a result, students develop basic skills essential to working in the world of science policy." For more information see:

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American Statistical Association: ASA has updated its employment page with listings through Sep. 30, 2008.


Chronicle of Higher Education:

Economics positions has been updated through Sep. 29, 2008.


American Economics Association: Job Openings for Economists--October 2008.


Max Planck Institute For Demographic Research Employment Opportunity: "Laboratory of Population and Policy: Research Scientist (Economist)." For more information see:

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US Joint Economic Committee Hearing Testimony: "Leave No Family Behind: How Can We Reduce the Rising Number of American Families Living in Poverty?" a hearing held September 25, 2008 (.pdf). A video transcript of the hearing is also available (RealPlayer format, running time 1 hour, 33 minutes, 59 seconds).


US House Committee on Budget Hearing Testimony: "Federal Responses to Market Turmoil: What's the Impact on the Budget?" a hearing held September 24, 2008 (.pdf format) A video and/or audio transcript of the hearing is also available (Windows Media format, running time: 2 hours, 3 minutes)

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Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research: ICPSR at he University of Michigan released several new datasets as of Sep. 29, 2008, which may be of interest to Economics researchers. Note: Some ICPSR studies are available only to ICPSR member institutions. To find out whether your organization is a member, and whether or not it supports ICPSR Direct downloading, see:

New and updated data:

All new and updated data in the last 90 days can be found at:


UK Data Archive (Essex University, Colchester, UK): The UK Data Archive has recently added the following datasets to its holdings. Note: There maybe charges or licensing requirements on holdings of the UK Data Archive. For more information see:

For new data or new editions of new data in the last month:

and pick "1 month" for either.

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NLS Bibliography Updates: Note: These citations, along with all of the NLS bibliography, can be found at:

For more information on any of these citations (selected abstracts are available) go to the above listed address and click on "Title List". Click on the first item, which will give the syntax of the citation urls:[0]=5934

Then change the number after the equal sign to the number listed as the "ID Number" in the citations below. You will be taken to the full citation listing.

New listings are numbered 5934-5979


Panel Study of Income Dynamics Bibliography Update: The University of Michigan Institute for Social Research PSID has recently added the following item to its bibliography. The entire bibliography can be searched or browsed in various ways at:

Agarwal, Sumit/ Chomsisengphet, Souphala and Mielnicki, Lawrence. Do Forbearance Plans Help Mitigate Credit Card Losses?. Journal of Family Economics. 2008; 29(_):191-201.

Armour, B. S.; Pitts, M. M., and Lee, C. W. Cigarette Smoking and Food Insecruity Among Low-Income Families. American Journal of Health Promotion. 2008; 22(6):386-392.

Brunnermeier, Markus and Nagel, Stefan. Do Wealth Fluctuations Generate Time Varying Risk Aversion? Micro-Evidence on Individuals' Asset Allocation. American Economic Review. 2008; 98(3):713-736.

Choi, HwaJung. Three Essays in Labor and Family Economics. Michigan: University of Michigan; 2008 137 pgs.

Kuang, Yingxu. An Empirical Investigation of the FairTax as an Alternative to the Federal Personal Income, Corporate Income, Estate and Gift, and Payroll Taxes. Louisiana: Louisiana Tech University; 2008 127 pgs.

Shin, Donggyun and Shin, Kwanho. Fluctuations of Unemployment and Inter- and Intra-Sectoral Reallocations of Workers. International Economic Journal. 2008; 22(2):231-251.

Song, Zhen. Essays on Public Good Contribution. Canada: Queen's University; 2008 149 pgs.

Usui, Emiko. Wages, Non-Wage Characteristics, and Predominantly Male Jobs. Labour Economics. 2008; in pressdoi:10.1016/j.labeco.2008.04.001.

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