Current Social Science Research Report--Economics #95, January 13, 2009.

CSSRR-Economics is a weekly email report produced by the Data and Information Services Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It seeks to help social science researchers keep up to date with the latest developments in the field. This report will contain selected listings of new: reports, articles, bibliographies, working papers, tables of contents, conferences, data, and websites. For more information, including an archive of back issues and subscription information see:


CSSRR-Economics is compiled and edited by Jack Solock and Charlie Fiss.


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1. Census Bureau Report: "2007 Service Annual Survey: Truck Transportation, Couriers and Messengers, and Warehousing and Storage" (January 2009, .pdf and Microsoft Excel format). The report is linked to from a Census Bureau news release: "U.S. Commercial Trucks Cover 94 Billion Miles in 2007; Transportation and Warehousing Revenues Grow" (CB09-05, Jan. 8, 2009).

Click on title of the report in the second paragraph of the news release for link to full text.

2. Bureau of Labor Statistics Periodical: Employment and Earnings Online (Vol. 55, No. 12, December 2008, .pdf format, 218p.).

3. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service Reports:

A. "A Comparison of Household Food Security in Canada and the United States," by Mark Nord and Heather Hopwood (Economic Research Report No. ERR-67, December 2008, .pdf format, 44p.).

B. "Million-Dollar Farms in the New Century," by Robert A. Hoppe, Penni Korb, and David E. Banker (Economic Information Bulletin No. EIB-42, December 2008, .pdf format, 41p.).

C. "On the Accuracy of Nielsen Homescan Data," by Liran Einav, Ephraim Leibtag, and Aviv Nevo (Economic Research Report No. ERR-69, December 2008, .pdf format, 28p.).

4. Internal Revenue Service Report: "90 Years of SOI (Statistics of Income: A Collection of Historical Articles," (2008, .pdf format, 81p.).

5. National Science Foundation Report: "Research and Development in Industry: 2004" (NSF 09-301, January 2009, .pdf and Microsoft Excel format, (tables in compressed and uncompressed .pdf and Microsoft Excel format), 307p.).

6. US Government Economic Releases from the National Bureau of Economic Research: Links to releases for Jan. 7-13, 2009 are available at the site.

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US States:


Stats Indiana Updates: The following data has been updated at Stats Indiana:

A. "U.S. Current Employment and Unemployment, Dec 2008, 2008 annual nsa, Jan 2008-Nov 2008"

B. "Help-Wanted Advertising Index, Dec 2008"

C. "Local Unemployment (all counties & places with population 25,000 plus), Nov 2008"

See links under "Just Released" on the right side of the page.


State Data Center Updates: The SDC updated the following files on Jan. 9, 2009 (Microsoft Excel and .pdf format).

"Average wage per job" (US., Iowa State, and County level).

See under Jan. 9. listing.


State Data Center Reports:

A. "Historical and Projected Labor Force 1970 to 2030" (December 2008, .pdf and Microsoft Excel format).

B. "Historical and Projected Labor Force Participation Rate 1970 to 2030" (December 2008, .pdf and Microsoft Excel format).

C. "New Housing Units Authorized For Construction: November 2008 Monthly Reports" (December 2008, .pdf and Microsoft Excel format).

D. "State Quarterly Personal Income Through the Third Quarter of 2008" (December 2008, .pdf and Microsoft Excel format).

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NGOs and Other Countries:

European Community:

Eurostats Periodical: Statistics In Focus (No. 2/2009).,49287715&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&ci=1130657,0


International Monetary Fund Country Reports: The latest Country Reports (.pdf format) span the time period from Jan. 6, 2008-Jan. 13, 2009 (No. 09-1 to 09-9).



Central Statistics Office Report: "Transport Stats Brief 2007" (December 2008, .pdf format, 10p.).


Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Federal Statistics Office Periodical: Monthly Statistical Review: No. 12 (December 2008, .pdf format, 87p.). The periodical is in Bosnian and English.



Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE) Press Release: In 2006, five municipalities held 25% of the wealth in the country" (Dec. 16, 2008).

The press release links to related information and data in Portuguese.



Statistics Denmark StatBank Denmark Update: "DNRENTA: Danmarks Nationalbank's official interest rates and money and capital market interest rates by item, country and methodology (yearly observations)" (December 2008).



Statistics Finland News Releases: News releases from Dec. 16, 2008-Jan. 13, 2009 are available at:



Federal Statistics Office StatMagazin Article: "Gas prices in October 2008" (Nov. 18, 2008).,templateId=renderPrint.psml__nnn=true



Central Statistical Office Report: "Economy and Society, January-October 2008 (December 2008, .pdf format, 46p.).



Statistics Iceland Report: "Fishing by foreign countries in Icelandic waters 2007 and the world catch 2006" (December 2008, .pdf format, 16p.). The report is in Icelandic, with an English summary. Tables are in Icelandic and English.



Central Statistics Office/An Phriomh-Oifig Staidrimh Reports:

A. "Meat Supply Balance: 2007" (January 2009, .pdf format, 4p.).

B. "Tourism Trends: 2007" (December 2008, .pdf format, 87p.).

C. "Farm Structure Survey: 2007" (December 2008, .pdf format, 100p.).

D. "Transport: 2007" (December 2008, .pdf format, 155p.).

E. "Service Exports and Imports: 2006 and 2007 (December 2008, .pdf format, 19p.).



Central Bureau of Statistics Report, Press Releases:

A. "Labour Force Survey of 2007" (December 2008, compressed and uncompressed .pdf and Microsoft Excel format).

B. "Foreign Exchange Rates At The End Of 2008" (Jan. 4, 2009, Microsoft Excel format). The press release is in Hebrew and English.

C. "Preliminary National Accounts Estimates For 2008" (Dec. 31, 2008, Microsoft Excel format). The press release is in Hebrew and English.


States of Jersey Report: "Jersey Economic Digest 2008" (December 2008, .pdf format, 38p.).



Statistics Department Report: "Social Protection in Lithuania: 2007" (December 2008, .pdf format, 79p.). The report is in Lithuanian and English.



Statistics Netherlands: SN has updated its Web Magazine, Economic Monitor, and Press Releases from Dec. 17, 2008-Jan. 13, 2009).



Statistics Norway News Releases: SN has updated its news releases from Dec. 17, 2008-Jan. 13, 2009).



Ministry of National Economy Periodical: Monthly Statistical Bulletin November 2008 (December 2008, .pdf format). The periodical is in Arabic and English.



Federal Bureau of Statistics Report: "Pakistan Social And Living Standards Measurement Survey (PSLM) 2006-07 (Provincial/District) (May 2008, .pdf format).


Palestinian National Authority News Release: "The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) Release A Statistical Report About Land Use Statistics in the Palestinian Territory" (Dec. 21, 2008, .pdf format, 1p.).

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Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Various:

A. Review (Vol. 91, No. 1, January/February 2009, .pdf format, 48p.).

B. National Economic Trends (January 2009, .pdf format, 27p.).

C. "The Financial Crisis: A Timeline of Events and Policy Actions" (2008, HTML and .pdf format, 20p.).

D. "Liber8 Economic Information Newsletter" (January 2009, .pdf format, 2p.).


American Enterprise Institute Briefs:

A. "The X Tax: The Progressive Consumption Tax America Needs?" by Alan D. Viard, Robert Carroll, and Scott Ganz (Tax Policy Outlook, No. 6, December 2008, .pdf format, 6p.).

B. "The Fed Makes History," by John H. Makin (Economic Outlook, January 2009, .pdf format, 4p.).


Pew Hispanic Center Report: "Hispanics and the Economic Downturn: Housing Woes and Remittance Cuts," by Mark Hugo Lopez, Gretchen Livingston, and Rakesh Kochhar (January 2009, .pdf format, 43p.).


Standard and Poor Periodical: World by Numbers (December 2008, .pdf format, 8p.).


Science Article Abstract: "Mispredicting Affective and Behavioral Responses to Racism," by Kerry Kawakami, Elizabeth Dunn, Francine Karmali, and John F. Dovidio (Vol. 323, No. 5911, January 9, 2009, p. 276-278).


Urban Institute Report, Briefs:

A. "President-Elect Obama's Tax and Stimulus Plans," by Roberton Williams (January 2009, pdf format, 21p.).

B. "Recession and Recovery" (December 2008, .pdf format). "Rising unemployment, pinched household budgets, gyrating stock markets, falling home prices, frozen credit -- an economy in deep recession inflicts widespread pain. Six new briefs show how Americans have fared during and after downturns since the 1970s, what might be ahead, and how government programs aid those in distress." Links to all six briefs are available at:


University of Chicago Press Book: Migrants and Markets: Perspectives from Economics and the Other Social Sciences, edited by Holger Kolb and Henrik Egbert (distributed for Amsterdam University Press, 2008, 260p., ISBN: 9789053566848). For more information see:

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Federal Reserve Banks:

District 2: Federal Reserve Bank of New York (New York):

NEW: No. 359 "Rethinking the Measurement of Household Inflation Expectations: Preliminary Findings," by Wilbert van der Klaauw, Wändi Bruine de Bruin, Giorgio Topa, Simon Potter, and Michael Bryan.


District 8: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (Missouri):

NEW: No. 2008-46A "Mexico's Integration into NAFTA Markets: A View from Sectoral Real Exchange Rates," by Rodolphe Blavy, and Luciana Juvenal.


District 12: Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (California):

NEW: No. 35 "Consumption-Habits in a New Keynesian Business Cycle Model," by Richard Dennis


US Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy: "Leveraging Entrepreneurial Orientation to Enhance SME Export Performance," by Pankaj C. Patel and Rodney R. D’Souza (No. 337, January 2009, .pdf format, 29p.).




Conference Board: The Board has recently released some new working papers.


No. 08-06: "The dynamics of spatial agglomeration in China: an empirical assessment," by Ana Isabel Moreno-Monroy

No. 08-05: "Do Intangible Investments Create Value? Comparing Capitalization Rates of Listed Firms," by Sjoerd van Bekkum

No. 08-04: "Business Cycles in the Euro Area Defined with Coincident Economic Indicators and Predicted with Leading Economic Indicators," by Ataman Ozyildirim, Brian Schaitkin, Victor Zarnowitz


National Bureau of Economic Research: NBER has released the following working papers for the week of :

New papers are: 14631-14643.


Harvard Business School:

A. "Sweatshop Labor is Wrong Unless the Jeans are Cute: Motivated Moral Disengagement," by Neeru Paharia and Rohit Deshpandé (No. 09-079, January 2009, .pdf format, 27p.).


While many consumers say they care about issues such as sweatshop labor, the existence of a very small market for ethically-produced products does not reflect this sentiment. One explanation for this discrepancy is that consumers are motivated to use moral disengagement strategies to reduce cognitive dissonance when their desire for a product conflicts with their moral standards. In two studies we show levels of moral disengagement can vary based on one's desire for a product when sweatshop labor is present. Furthermore, we present evidence for a mediated moderation where beliefs about sweatshop labor use moderates the impact of desirability on purchase intention, and moral disengagement mediates this process. Motivated mechanisms of moral disengagement are relevant in moral psychology, and have public policy implications.

B. "Dishonest Deed, Clear Conscience: Self-Preservation through Moral Disengagement and Motivated Forgetting," by Lisa L. Shu, Francesca Gino, and Max H. Bazerman (No. 09-078, January 2009, .pdf format, 43p.).


People routinely engage in dishonest acts without feeling guilty about their behavior. When and why does this occur? Across three studies, people justified their dishonest deeds through moral disengagement and exhibited motivated forgetting of information that might otherwise limit their dishonesty. Using hypothetical scenarios (Study 1) and real tasks involving the opportunity to cheat (Studies 2 and 3), we find that dishonest behavior increased moral disengagement and motivated forgetting of moral rules. Such changes did not occur in the case of honest behavior or consideration of the behavior of others. In addition, increasing moral saliency by having participants read or sign an honor code significantly reduced or eliminated unethical behavior. While dishonest behavior motivated moral leniency and led to strategic forgetting of moral rules, honest behavior motivated moral stringency and diligent recollection of moral rules.


University of Wisconsin Department of Economics: "General Pattern Formation In Recursive Dynamical Systems Models In Economics," by William A. Brock and Anastasios Xepapadeas (2008-4, December 2008, .pdf format, 53p.).


This paper presents a fairly general treatment of recursive infinite horizon forward looking optimizing systems on infinite dimensional spatial domains. It includes optimal control, an analysis of local stability of spatially flat optimal steady states and development of techniques to compute spatially heterogeneous optimal steady states. The paper also develops a concept of rational expectations equilibrium, a local stability analysis for spatially homogeneous rational expectations steady states, and computational techniques for spatially heterogeneous rational expectations steady states.


American Enterprise Institute: "The Consumer Burden of a Cap-and-Trade System with Freely Allocated Permits," by Aparna Mathur, Kevin A. Hassett, and Gilbert E. Metcalf (No. 144, December 2008, .pdf format, 30p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


Levy Economics Institute of Bard College [Annandale-on-Hudson, NY]: "Insuring Against Private Capital Flows," by Jorge Bibow (Working Paper No. 553, December 2008, .pdf format, 36p.). Links to the abstract and full-text can be found at:


International Monetary Fund: IMF has recently added several new working papers. The papers are No. 09/1--09/4.


World Bank Policy Research Programme: PRP has recently released several new working papers. See the list at:

New Papers are: 4813-4819


Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) [University of Bonn, Germany]: IZA has recently released several new working papers.

The new working papers are: 3906-3917


Center for Economic Studies/Ifo Institute for Economic Research (CESifo) [Munich, Bavaria, Germany]: CESifo has recently released several new working papers:

and "Browse Working Paper List" for 2008.

The new papers are numbered 2510-2514


College of Business and Economics [Australia National University]: "The sources of long-term economic growth in Indonesia, 1880-2007," by Pierre van der Eng (Working Paper No. 499, December 2008, . pdf format, 33p.).


This paper initiates discussion about the contribution of Total Factor Productivity (TFP) growth to Indonesia’s long-term economic growth. It presents new time series estimates of GDP, capital stock and education-adjusted employment, and offers a growth accounting approach that estimates the contribution of conventional factor inputs to GDP growth during 1880-2007. For most of the period, the growth of employment, educational attainment and particularly capital stock explained almost all of long-term output growth, and TFP growth was marginal. During the key growth periods 1900-29 and 1967-97, TFP growth was on balance negative, respectively marginally positive. However, the contribution of TFP growth was substantial during some sub-periods, particularly 1933-41, 1951-61, 1967-73 and 2000-07. Each of these followed a major economic downturn that slowed capital stock growth and required a more efficient use of productive resources, assisted by changes in economic policy and institutions that enhanced productivity and efficiency.


New Zealand Treasury: "Equity and Efficiency Measures of Tax-Transfer Systems: Some Evidence for New Zealand," by John Creedy, Jamas Enright, Norman Gemmell and Nick McNabb (WP 08/04, December 2008, .pdf format, 30p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


Bank for International Settlements:


No. 270: "Catching-up and inflation in transition economies: the Balassa-Samuelson effect revisited," by Dubravko Mihaljek and Marc Klau

No 269: "Monetary policy implementation: Misconceptions and their consequences," by Piti Disyatat


European Central Bank: ECB has released new working papers.


No. 989: "Modelling loans to non-financial corporations in the euro area," by Christoffer Kok Sørensen, David Marqués Ibáñez and Carlotta Rossi

No. 990: "Fiscal policy, housing and stock prices," by António Afonso and Ricardo M. Sousa

No. 991: "The macroeconomic effects of fiscal policy," by António Afonso and Ricardo M. Sousa

Occasional Papers:

NEW: No. 100: "Survey data on household finance and consumption: research summary and policy use, by Eurosystem Household Finance and Consumption Network"


New Economic Papers (NEP)-ALL. The latest list of New Economic Papers (Jan. 3, 2009).


AgEcon Search: This week's new working papers from AgEcon Search at the University of Minnesota are available at:

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JOURNAL TABLES OF CONTENTS (check your library for availability):

American Journal of Agricultural Economics (Vol. 91, No. 1, February 2009).

Industrial and Labor Relations Review (Vol. 62, No. 2, January 2009).

Management Science (Vol. 55, No. 1, January 2009).

Review of Financial Economics (Vol. 18, No. 1, January 2009).

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Conference Announcements via Econometrics:

(03/01/09) UCR Conference on business cycles: theoretical and empirical advances, April 2009 Riverside, CA

(28/12/08) Spotfire S+ 8.1, latest S statistical software

(28/12/08) Masterclass: New developments in econometrics by Imbens and Wooldridge June 2009, London

(28/12/08) Workshop on quantile regression, June 2009 London, UK

(28/12/08) European Economics and Finance Society Conference (EEFS), June 2009, Warsaw

(23/12/08) Results UK Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) Economics and Econometrics December 2008

(23/12/08) Workshop Economic Analysis Using Linked Employer and Employee Data September 2009, Braga

(19/12/08) Australasian Macroeconomics Workshop, April 2009, Burwood (Melbourne)

(19/12/08) Irish Economic Association (IEA) Annual Conference, April 2009, Blarney


American Economic Association: AEA has updated it's conference announcement page with two new Conferences:

Academy of Economics and Finance (Pensacola, Florida--Feb. 11, 2009).

Ludwig von Mises Institute (Houston, Texas--Jan. 24, 2009)

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Chronicle of Higher Education:

Economics positions has been updated through Jan. 13, 2009.

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US Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service: "International Macroeconomic Data Set" (latest update, December 2008, Microsoft Excel format).


US Small Business Administration: "The U.S. Census Bureau provides Advocacy with data on employer firm size in the Statistics of U.S. Businesses (SUSB). In these data, a firm is defined as the aggregation of all establishments owned by a parent company (within a geographic location and/or industry) that have some annual payroll. A firm may be located in one or more places.

SUSB’s employer data contain the number of firms, number of establishments, employment, and annual payroll for employment size of firm categories by location and industry. The employer data consist of static and dynamic data. Unless otherwise noted, the data are static, that is, they are a "snapshot" of firms at a point in time. Receipts by employment size of firm are available for 1997 and 2002, and special tabulations by receipt size of firm are available for the United States. Industries are defined according to Standard Industrial Classification for 1988 to 1998; and the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) thereafter." (January 2009, Excel format).


Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research: ICPSR at the University of Michigan released several new datasets on Jan. 11, 2008 which may be of interest to Economics researchers. Note: Some ICPSR studies are available only to ICPSR member institutions. To find out whether your organization is a member, and whether or not it supports ICPSR Direct downloading, see:

New and updated data:

All new and updated data in the last 90 days can be found at:


UK Data Archive (Essex University, Colchester, UK): The UK Data Archive has recently added the following datasets to its holdings. Note: There maybe charges or licensing requirements on holdings of the UK Data Archive. For more information see:

For new data or new editions of new data in the last month:

and pick "1 month" for either.

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