Current Social Science Research Report--Economics #99, February 10, 2009.

CSSRR-Economics is a weekly email report produced by the Data and Information Services Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It seeks to help social science researchers keep up to date with the latest developments in the field. This report will contain selected listings of new: reports, articles, bibliographies, working papers, tables of contents, conferences, data, and websites. For more information, including an archive of back issues and subscription information see:


CSSRR-Economics is compiled and edited by Jack Solock and Charlie Fiss.


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1. Department of Agriculture Census Reports: "2007 Census of Agriculture," (February 2009, ASCII text, .pdf, and extractable data format).

2. Bureau of Labor Statistics Periodical: Monthly Labor Review (Vol. 132, No. 1, January 2009, .pdf format).

Note: This is a temporary address. When the next MLR is released, this one, along with all others back to 1981, will be available at:

3. Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program Report: "Initial Report to Congress (February 2009, .pdf format, 184p.).

4. Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy Report: "Are Planners Doers? Pre-Venture Planning and the Start-Up Behaviors of Entrepreneurs," by Jianwen Liao and William Gartner (Research Report No. 339, February 2009, .pdf format, 50p.).

5. Government Accountability Office Report: "Bankruptcy: Judiciary Should Take Further Steps to Make Bankruptcy Data More Accessible" (GAO-09-28, December 2008, HTML and .pdf format, 44p.).

6. US Government Economic Releases from the National Bureau of Economic Research: Links to releases for Feb. 4-10, 2009 are available at the site.

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US States:


Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism Periodicals:

A. Monthly Energy Trends (January 2009, .pdf format, 7p., with data tables in Microsoft Excel format).

B. Monthly Economic Indicators (December 2008, .pdf format, 6p., with data tables in Microsoft Excel format).

Illinois: Update: "Local Area Unemployment Statistics (Annual Average) for Northern Illinois Counties has been updated through 2008:


Stats Indiana Updates: The following tables have been updated:

U.S. Current Employment and Unemployment, Jan 2009

Help-Wanted Advertising Index, Jan 2009

See new items on right side of the page.


Office of the Automobile and Home Insurance Consumer Advocate Report: "Affordable Insurance for All: A Plan to Protect Michigan Consumers" (February 2009, .pdf format, 328p.).

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NGOs and Other Countries:

United Nations:

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Report: "Striving together: ASEAN and the UN," (January 2009, .pdf format, 76p.).


European Community:

Eurostats Compendia, Report, Periodicals:

A. Key Figures on Europe 2009 (2008, .pdf format, 225p.).,46587259&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&p_product_code=KS-EI-08-001

B. The social situation in the European Union 2007 (January 2009, .pdf format, 219p.).,46587259&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&p_product_code=KE-AG-08-001

C. "Harmonised European time use surveys" (January 2009, .pdf format, 206p.).,46587259&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&p_product_code=KS-RA-08-014

D. Statistics In Focus (No. 6/2009-9/2009).,49287715&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&ci=1130657,0

E. Data in Focus: The latest issues (3/09 .pdf format) are now available on the DIF website:,62992791&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL


International Monetary Fund Country Reports: The latest Country Reports (.pdf format) span the time period from Feb. 4, 2008-Feb. 10, 2009 (No. 09-39 to 09-43, 09-45 to 09-46, 09-49 to 09-50).



Statistics Austria National Accounts Update (February 2009, HTML, .pdf, and Microsoft Excel format): "Whereas in a first step national accounts data had been revised backwards until the year 1995, now the complete revised time series is available, beginning with the year 1976. The reason for the revision work, which started in the year 2008, was twofold: on the one hand changes in basic statistics had to be taken into account, on the other hand conceptual extensions had to be implemented. The updated release of national accounts data provides both revised series for all aggregates from 1976 to 1994 and adjustments for some particular aggregates also from 1995 to 2007. Thus, the data for the years 1995 to 2007 of the new release do - at least for some aggregates - differ from the results of the first step of the revision that were released in 2008."



National Statistical Committee Table: "Trade balance of the Republic of Belarus" (2009).



Statistical Service of Cyprus Report: "Labour Statistics 2007," (Report No. 26, February 2009, .pdf format, 296p.).$file/LABOUR_STATISTICS-2007.pdf?OpenElement



Statbank Denmark Updates, Statistics Focus:

A. "ESKAT: Valuation and taxation of real property by region and tax base (from 2006)" (updated through 2008).

B. "ANI4: Slaughterings and production of cattle by categori and unit" (updated through 2008).

C. "Statistics of external trade with goods yearly (provisional figures)" (2009).



Statistics Finland News Releases:

A. "GDP share of general government expenditure diminished in 2006 and 2007" (Feb. 4, 2009).

B. "Gross domestic product grew by 4.2 per cent in 2007" (Jan. 30, 2009).

C. "Local government productivity continued to fall in 2007" (Jan. 30, 2009).

D. "Net stock of fixed capital stood at EUR 461 billion in 2007" (Jan. 30, 2009).

E. "Revised financial accounts data for 2007 published" (Jan. 30, 2009).



Federal Statistics Office Report, Press Release:

A. "Country Profile: G-20 advanced industrial and emerging countries Argentina" (February 2009, .pdf format, 7p.).,property=file.pdf

B. "Twelve million games consoles in households" (Feb. 4, 2009). The English release links to a German release which contains a topical table.,templateId=renderPrint.psml


Hong Kong:

Census and Statistics Press Releases:

A. "Hong Kong's trade in services statistics for 2007" (Feb. 5, 2009).

B. "Hong Kong's offshore trade statistics for 2007" (Feb. 5, 2009).

C. "Domestic export statistics classified by industrial origin for 2008" (Feb. 6, 2009).

D. "Provisional statistics of retail sales for December 2008 and for the whole year of 2008" (Feb. 2, 2009).



Central Statistics Office News Release, Periodical:

A. "External trade First estimate, January-December 2008" (Feb.9, 2009, .pdf format, 1p.).

B. Economy and Society (January-November 2008, .pdf format, 47p.).

C. Statistical Reflections (Vol. 3, No. 2, Feb. 3, 2009, .pdf format, 3p.). The topic of this issue is: "Level and structure of household consumption."



Statistics Iceland Report, News Release:

A. "External trade, preliminary figures for the year 2008" (Jan. 30, 2009).

B. "New registrations of limited liability companies 2008" (January 2009, .pdf format, 4p.). The report is in Icelandic, with an English summary. Table heads are in Icelandic and English.



Statistics Bureau Reports:

A. "Consumer Price Index: Japan 2008" (January 2009, Microsoft Excel format).

B. "Labor Force Survey: 2008 Yearly Average Results" (January 2009, Microsoft Excel and extractable database format).



Statistics Department Report, News Release:

A. "Input-Output Tables for Lithuania" (2009, .pdf format, 173p.).

B. "Foreign trade in Lithuania, 2008" (Feb. 9, 2009).



State Statistical Office News Releases:

A. "Value of contracted and completed construction works and planning services, abroad" (Feb. 4, 2009, .pdf format, 3p.). The news release is in Macedonian and English.

B. "External trade scope of the Republic of Macedonia" (Feb. 3, 2009, .pdf format, 5p.). The news release is in Macedonian and English.



National Statistics News Release: "Expenditure of General Government Sector by function: 2003-2007" (January 2009, .pdf format, 8p.).



Statistics Netherlands: SN has updated its Web Magazine, Economic Monitor, and Press Releases from Jan. 28,-Feb. 10, 2009).


New Zealand:

Statistics New Zealand/Tatauranga Aotearoa Media Release: "Fewer hours worked in 2008" (Feb. 2, 2009, HTML and .pdf format, 1p.).



Statistics Norway News Releases: SN has updated its news releases from Jan. 28-Feb. 10, 2009).



National Statistics Office News Releases:

A. "2006 Family Income and Expenditure Survey (Final Results)" (Feb. 5, 2009).

B. "Preliminary Results for Establishments with Average Total Employment of 20 and Over: 2006 Census of Philippine Business and Industry (Construction)" (Feb. 3, 2009).



Central Statistical Office Periodicals, Report:

A. Prices in the National Economy (December 2008, .pdf format, and .zip compressed .pdf format, 74p.). The report is in Polish and English.

B. Statistical Bulletin No 12/2008 (January 2009, compressed and uncompressed .pdf and Microsoft Excel format, 221p.). The report is in Polish and English.

C. "Information on socio-economic situation of the country Year 2008" (February 2009, .pdf format, 7p.).



Statistical Office News Releases:

A. "Real income from agriculture--second estimate, Slovenia, 2008," by Irena Zaucer (Feb. 3, 2009).

B. "Gross investments, Slovenia, 2007," by Bozidara Benedik (Jan. 29, 2009).

C. "Road infrastructure, Slovenia, 2007," by Mojca Zlobec (Jan. 29, 2009).

D. "Estimated damage caused by natural disasters, Slovenia, 2007 (provisional data)," by Zdenko Klemen (Jan.29, 2009).



Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (INES) INEbase Updates:

A. "Industrial Companies Survey 2007" (2009).

Click on "Serie 1993-2007" for link to interactive web database.

B. "Rural Tourism Accommodation Occupancy Survey" has been updated through 2008 (2009).

Click on "Monthly series" for link to interactive web database.


Sri Lanka:

Department of Census and Statistics Report: "Census of Public and Semi-Government Sector Employment - 2006" (January 2009, .pdf format).



Tourism Board Report: "Tourism Sector Performance For January to December 2008" (February 2009, .pdf format, 8p.).

Link to full text is at the bottom of the page.



State Statistics Committee Tables: The SSC has released several tables covering various aspects of the economy that cover the year 2008. The tables can be found under the dates Jan. 23--Feb. 7, 2009.



Department of Energy and Climate Change News Release: "UK Climate Change Sustainable Development Indicator: 2007 Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Final Figures" (Feb. 3, 2009, .pdf format, 12p.).



General Statistics Office Report: "Industrial Production Value Index selected provinces/cities, December and 12 months in 2008" (December 2008).

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American Enterprise Institute Periodical: "The Crisis and Fix Cycle," by John H. Makin (Economic Outlook, February 2009, HTML and .pdf format, 4p.).


Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (Missouri) Periodical: National Economic Trends (February 2009, .pdf format, 27p.).


Urban Institute Reports:

A. "Unemployment Insurance: Current Situation and Potential Reforms," by Wayne Vroman (February 2009, .pdf format, 12p.).

B. "A Guide to Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Data," by Kathryn L.S. Pettit and Audrey Droesch (December 2008, .pdf format, 35p.).

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Federal Reserve Banks:

Federal Reserve Board Finance and Economic Discussion Series:

NEW: No. 2009-07: "Factor Intensity and Price Rigidity: Evidence and Theory," by Ekaterina V. Peneva


District 2: Federal Reserve Bank of New York (New York):

NEW: No. 362: "The Term Structure of Inflation Expectations," by Tobias Adrian and Hao Wu

No. 363: "Model Selection Criteria for Factor-Augmented Regressions," by Jan J. J. Groen and George Kapetanios


District 3: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania):

NEW: No. 09-2: "Maturity, Indebtedness, and Default Risk," by Satyajit Chatterjee and Burcu Eyigungor


District 6: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (Georgia):


No. 2009-2 "Making Sense of the Subprime Crisis," by Kristopher S. Gerardi, Andreas Lehnert, Shane M. Sherland, and Paul S. Willen.

No. 2009-1 "Subprime Mortgages, Foreclosures, and Urban Neighborhoods," by Kristopher S. Gerardi and Paul S. Willen


District 8: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (Missouri):


No. 2009-4A: "Estate Taxation with Warm-Glow Altruism," by Carlos Garriga, and Fernando Sánchez-Losada

No. 2009-3A: "Generational Policy and the Macroeconomic Measurement of Tax Incidence," by Juan Carlos Conesa, and Carlos Garriga


District 9: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (Minnesota):

Staff Reports:


No. 420 "Quantitative Macroeconomics with Heterogeneous Households," by Giovanni L. Violante, Jonathan Heathcote, and Kjetil Storesletten.

No. 421 "The Current Financial Crisis: What Should We Learn from the Great Depressions of the Twentieth Century?" by Timothy J. Kehoe and Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba.


District 11: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (Texas):

NEW: No. 09-01: "Do Immigrants Work in Riskier Jobs?" by Pia M. Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny.


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation:


No. 2009-01: "The $700 Billion Bailout: A Public-Choice Interpretation," by Carlos D. Ramirez

No. 2009-02: "Evidence of Improved Monitoring and Insolvency Resolution after FDICIA," by Edward J. Kane, Rosalind L. Bennett, Robert C. Oshinsky

No. 2009-03: "Pay for Performance? CEO Compensation and Acquirer Returns in BHCs," by Kristina Minnick, Haluk Unal, Liu Yang


National Bureau of Economic Research: NBER has released the following working papers for the week of Feb. 1-7, 2009:

New papers are: 14699-14710


Harvard Business School: "Running Out of Numbers: Scarcity of IP Addresses and What To Do About It," by Benjamin Edelman (No. 09-091, February 2009, .pdf format, 14p.).


The Internet's current numbering system is nearing exhaustion: Existing protocols allow only a finite set of computer numbers ("IP addresses"), and central authorities will soon deplete their supply. I evaluate a series of possible responses to this shortage: Sharing addresses impedes new Internet applications and does not seem to be scalable. A new numbering system ("IPv6") offers greater capacity, but network incentives impede transition. Paid transfers of IP addresses would better allocate resources to those who need them most, but unrestricted transfers might threaten the Internet's routing system. I suggest policies to create an IP address "market" while avoiding major negative externalities - mitigating the worst effects of v4 scarcity, while obtaining price discovery and allocative efficiency benefits of market transactions.


International Monetary Fund: IMF has recently added several new working papers. The papers are No. 09/22 to 09/26).


World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER) [United Nations University]: "The Financial Crisis of 2008 and the Developing Countries," by Wim Naude (Discussion Paper No. 2009/01, January 2009, .pdf format, 20p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development:

A. Economics Department (.pdf format).


No. 663: "Long-run GDP growth framework and scenarios for the world economy," by Romain Duval and Christine de la Maisonneuve

No. 664: "The role of R&D and technology diffusion in climate change mitigation: new perspectives using the WITCH Model," by Valentina Bosetti, Carlo Carraro, Romain Duval, Alessandra Sgobbi and Massimo Tavoni

No. 665: "Health Care Reform in the United States," by David Carey, Bradley Herring and Patrick Lenain

B. B. OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers: "An Evaluation of the Tax-Transfer Treatment of Married Couples in European Countries," by Herwig Immervoll, Henrik Jacobsen Kleven, Claus Thustrup Kreiner and Nicolaj Verdelin (OECD Social, Employment and Migration Working Papers No. 76, January 2009, .pdf format, 59p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:,3425,en_2649_34637_42094569_119684_1_1_1,00.html


Australia Treasury: "Estimating Trends in Australia’s Productivity," by (Working Paper 2009-1, February 2009, .pdf format, 29p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research: "Do only new brooms sweep clean? A review on workforce age and innovation," by Katharina Frosch (WP-2009-005, February 2009, .pdf format, 29p.).


The relationship between age and creative performance has been found to follow a hump-shaped profile in the arts and sciences, and in great technological achievement. Accordingly, accelerating workforce aging raises concern about whether future capacity to innovate is endangered. This paper provides a review of existing studies exploring age effects on innovative performance, both at the individual and the macro levels. Empirical evidence confirms the hump-shaped relationship between workers’ ages and innovative performance, with the highest levels of performance seen between ages 30 and 50, depending on the domain. Industrial invention in knowledge-intensive fields, and great invention in general, seem to be a young man’s game. Yet in more experience-based fields, innovative performance peaks later, and remains stable until late in the career. Moreover, the quality of invention remains rather stable at older ages. However, individual-level evidence has to be interpreted with caution due to the presence of selectivity biases and unobserved heterogeneity. Studies at the levels of firms, regions, and countries address some of these issues. Results of these studies have indicated that young professionals drive knowledge absorption, innovation, and technological progress, whereas more experienced workers are more relevant in mature technological regimes. Apart from integrating the existing empirical evidence on different levels of aggregation, a strong focus is on methodological issues and conceptual challenges. This review therefore provides a sound basis for further studies on the impact of workforce aging on innovative performance. In addition, promising directions for future research are proposed.


Center for Economic Studies/Ifo Institute for Economic Research (CESifo) [Munich, Bavaria, Germany]: CESifo has recently released several new working papers:

and "Browse Working Paper List" for 2009.

The new papers are numbered 2535-2546


Asian Development Bank:

NEW: No. 147 "Corporate Governance and Merger and Acquisition Foreign Direct Investment: Firm-level Evidence from Japanese Foreign Direct Investment into the US," by Joseph D. Alba, Donghyun Park, and Peiming Wang.


European Central Bank:

NEW: No. 995-1001


Banco Central Do Brasil:


No. 179: "Are Interest Rate Options Important for the Assessment of Interest Rate Risk?" by Caio Almeida and José Vicente.

No. 180: "A Class of Incomplete and Ambiguity Averse Preferences," by Leandro Nascimento and Gil Riella.


Bank of Canada:


2009-5: "Comparison of Auction Formats in Canadian Government Auctions," by Olivier Armantier and Nourredine Lafhel

2009-6: "Inventories, Markups, and Real Rigidities in Menu Cost Models," by Oleksiy Kryvtsov and Virgiliu Midrigan


Banco Central De Chile/Central Bank of Chile:

NEW: No. 512: "A Systemic Approach to Money Demand Modeling," by Mauricio Calani, J. Rodrigo Fuentes, and Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel.


Bank of Finland/Finlands Bank:


7/2009: "Political connections and the process of going public: evidence from China," by Bill B. Francis, Iftekhar Hasan, and Xian Sun

6/2009: "Financial interlinkages and risk of contagion in the Finnish interbank market," by Mervi Toivanen


Bank of France:

NEW: No. 231: "Time-varying (S, s) band models: empirical properties and interpretation," by Erwan Gautier and Hervé Le Bihan


Bank of Israel:

NEW: No. 2009.1: "Predictive content of employers' expectations," by Tanya Suchoy and Natalia Presman


Bank of Spain:


0838: "Solving Portfolio Problems with the Smolyak-Parameterized Expectations Algorithm," by Ángel Gavilán and Juan A. Rojas

0837: "Asymmetric collateral requirements and output composition," by Óscar Arce, José Manuel Campa y Ángel Gavilán


AgEcon Search: This week's new working papers from AgEcon Search at the University of Minnesota are available at:

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JOURNAL TABLES OF CONTENTS (check your library for availability):

Games and Economic Behavior (Vol. 65, No. 2, March 2009).

Journal of Collective Negotiations (Vol. 32, No. 3, 2008).

Journal of Econometrics (Vol. 148, No. 2, February 2009).

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (Vol. 33, No. 3, March 2009).

Journal of Financial Economics (Vol. 91, No. 2, February 2009).

Management Science (Vol. 55, No. 2, February 2009).

Scandinavian Journal of Economics (Vol. 111, No. 1, March 2009).

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EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: AgeWork has updated its employment page with listings through Feb. 10, 2009.


American Statistical Association: ASA has updated its employment page with listings through Feb. 10, 2009.


Chronicle of Higher Education:

Economics positions has been updated through Feb. 10, 2009.

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US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Hearing Testimony: "Pulling Back the TARP: Oversight of the Financial Rescue Program," a hearing held Feb. 5, 2009 (.pdf format).

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Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research: ICPSR at the University of Michigan released several new datasets on Feb. 8, 2008 which may be of interest to Sociology researchers. Note: Some ICPSR studies are available only to ICPSR member institutions. To find out whether your organization is a member, and whether or not it supports ICPSR Direct downloading, see:

New and updated data:

All new and updated data in the last 90 days can be found at:


UK Data Archive (Essex University, Colchester, UK): The UK Data Archive has recently added the following datasets to its holdings. Note: There maybe charges or licensing requirements on holdings of the UK Data Archive. For more information see:

For new data or new editions of new data in the last month:

and pick "1 month" for either.

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Panel Study Of Income Dynamics Bibliography Update: The University of Michigan Institute for Social Research PSID has recently added the following item to its bibliography. The entire bibliography can be searched or browsed in various ways at:

Agarwal, Sumit; Chomsisengphet, Souphala , and Mielnicki, Lawrence. Do Forbearance Plans Help Mitigate Credit Card Losses?. Journal of Family Economic Issues. 2008; 29(_):191-201.

Bowles, S.; Gintis, H., and Osborne Groves, M. Book Review: Unequal Chances: Family Background and Economic Success, (Eds). Journal of Socio-Economics. 2008; 27(_):1679-1684.

Corbae, Dean; D'Erasmo, Pablo, and Kuruscu, Burhanettin. Politico-Economic Consequences of Rising Wage Inequality. Journal of Monetary Economics. 2008; doi:10/1016/j.moneco.2008.08.012.

Daly, Mary C. and Valletta, Robert G. Cross-National Trends in Earnings Inequality and Instability. Economics Letters. 2008; 99(_):215-219.

Haveman, Robert and Wilson, Kathryn. Book Review: Economic and Social Security and Substandard Working Conditions. Dickson, Lisa M., (Ed.). Industrial and Labor Relations Review. 2008; 61(427):_.

Heathcote, Jonathan; Storesletten, Kjetil, and Violante, Giovanni L. Insurance and Opportunities: A Welfare Analysis of Labor Market Risk. Journal of Monetary Economics. 2008; 55(_):501-525.

Huang, Jr-Tsung. The Personal Tax Exemption and Married Women's Birth Spacing in the United States. Public Finance Review. 2008; 36(6):728-748

Kambourov, Gueorgui T. and Manovskii, Iourii. Rising Occupational and Industry Mobility in the United States: 1968-97. International Economic Review. 2008; 48(1):41-79.

Liu, Haoming and Zeng, Jinli. Genetic Ability and Intergenerational Earnings Mobility. Journal of Population Economics. 2009; 22(1):75-95.

Mora, Juan and Moro-Egido, Ana I. On Specification Testing of Ordered Discrete Choice Models. Journal of Econometrics. 2008; 143(_):191-205.

Persky, Joseph and Felsenstein, Daniel. Job Chains and Wage Curves: Worker Mobility and Marshallian Surpluses in Evaluating Regional Employment Growth. Journal of Regional Science. 2008; 48(5):921-940.

Webb, Natalie and Abzug, Rikki. Do Occupational Group Members Vary in Volunteering Activity?. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. 2008; 37(4):689-708.

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