Current Social Science Research Report--Sociology #62, May 2, 2008.

CSSRR-Social is a weekly email report produced by the Data and Information Services Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It seeks to help social science researchers keep up to date with the latest developments in the field. This report will contain selected listings of new: reports, articles, bibliographies, working papers, tables of contents, conferences, data, and websites. For more information, including an archive of back issues and subscription information see:


CSSRR-Social is compiled and edited by Jack Solock and Charlie Fiss.


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1. Census Bureau News Releases, Reports, Facts for Features:

A. "U.S. Hispanic Population Surpasses 45 Million Now 15 Percent of Total" (CB08-49, May 1, 2008). The news release links to detailed tables on the topic (comma separated value [.csv] format).

B. "Monthly Child Support Averaged 425 Dollars in 2005" (CB08-73, May 6, 2008). The news release links to detailed tables from the 2004 panel of the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) (Microsoft Excel format).

C. "Housing Vacancies and Homeownership (CPS/HVS)" (updated data April 2008).

D. "Facts for Features: The Fourth of July 2008" (CB08-FF.10, May 5, 2008, HTML and .pdf format, 4p.).



2. National Center for Health Statistics Report: "Deaths: Final Data for 2005," by Hsiang-Ching Kung, Donna L. Hoyert, Jiaquan Xu, and Sherry L. Murphy (National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. 56, No. 10, April 2008, .pdf format, 124p.).

3. Department of Education Report: "A Nation Accountable: Twenty-five Years after A Nation at Risk," (April 2008,.pdf format, 19p.). Links to an executive summary and full text are available at:

4. National Center for Education Statistics Reports:

A. "Teacher Career Choices: Timing of Teacher Careers Among 1992-93 Bachelor's Degree Recipients," by Sharon E. Anderson (NCES 2008153, April 2008, .pdf format, 79p.).

B. "An Exploratory Analysis of the Content and Availability of State Administrative Data on Teacher Compensation," by Michel-Ange Pantal, Michael Podgursky, Mark Ehlert, Mark Schneider, and Angela M. Hull (NCES 2008601, April 2008, .pdf format, 41p.).

C. "Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System Human Resources Data Quality Study," by Suzanne Clery. Monika Arntz, and Abby Miller (NCES 2008150, May 2008, .pdf format, 222p.).

5. Social Security Administration Office of Policy Report: "SSI (Supplemental Security Income) Recipients by State and County, 2007" (May 2008, HTML, .pdf, and Microsoft Excel format, 108p.).

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US States:


Department of Finance Reports:

A. E-1 Population Estimates for Cities, Counties and the State with Annual Percent Change -- January 1, 2007 and 2008 (May 2008, .pdf and Microsoft Excel format 10p.).

B. "E-4 Population Estimates for Cities, Counties and the State, 2001–2008, with 2000 Benchmark" (May 2008, Microsoft Excel format).

C. "E-5 City / County Population and Housing Estimates, 2008, Revised 2001-2007, with 2000 Benchmark" (May 2008, Microsoft Excel format).

D. "January 2008 Cities Ranked by Total Population, Numeric Change, and Percent Change (May 2008, Microsoft Excel format).


Stats Indiana Updates: Stats Indiana has updated the following data (May 2008). "U.S. and State Age, Race, Sex and Hispanic Origin Population Estimates, 2007"

Click on "States Profile" and follow the "Population" links.


State Data Center Updates: The SDC released the following updates (all .pdf and Microsoft Excel format) on May 1, 2008): State of Iowa: "Age (single-year) and sex: 2000-2007," "Age (single-year), sex, race and Hispanic Origin: 2000-2007," "Age (five-year age groups and selected years) and sex: 2000-2007," "Age (five-year age groups and selected years) and sex (percentages): 2000-2007," "Sex, race and Hispanic origin in Iowa: 2000-2007."

U.S. and all States: "Selected age groups: 2007," "Selected age groups (percentages): 2007," "Median age by race and Hispanic origin: 2007," "Race and Hispanic Origin: 2007."

See under May 1, 2008 listing.

New Jersey:

Department of Health and Senior Services Report: "Marriage, Divorce, and Domestic Partnership Data for 2005" (May 2008, .pdf format, 15p.).

North Dakota:

State Data Center Presentation: "Results of the 2007 North Dakota Licensed Child Care Dismissal Study," by Richard Rathge (April 2008, .pdf and Microsoft PowerPoint format, 31 slides).




Department of Administration and Information Report: "Estimates of Wyoming Population by Age, Sex, Race/Hispanic: July 1, 2007" (May 2008, HTML or .pdf format).

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NGO and Other Countries:

United Nations:

1. Department of Economic and Social Affairs Wall Charts:

A. "World Contraceptive Use 2007," (April 2008, .pdf and Excel format, 1p.).

B. "World Fertility Patterns 2007," (April 2008, .pdf and Excel format, 1p.).

2. Development Programme/Economic Programme Report: "Poverty & Environment Indicators," by Flavio Comim (Prepared for UNDP-UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative at St Edmund’s College, Cambridge [UK], March 2008, .pdf format, 42p.).



Statistics Canada/Statistique Canada Periodicals, Report:

A. Canadian Social Trends (No. 85, April 2008, HTML and .pdf format).

B. Education Matters: Insights on education, learning and training in Canada (April 2008).

C. "Doctoral Graduates in Canada: Findings from the Survey of Earned Doctorates, 2004/2005," by Darren King (Culture, Tourism and the Centre for Education Statistics Research Paper, April 2008, .pdf format, 54p.).



Statistics Finland News Releases:

A. "Number of births almost unchanged" (May 2, 2008).

B. "In 2007 number of deaths up by 1,000 from the year before" (May 2, 2008).



Statistics Iceland News Releases:

A. "Personnel in pre-primary schools in December 2007" (Apr. 30, 2008).

B. "Children in pre-primary schools in December 2007" (Apr. 30, 2008).



Central Statistics Office/An Phriomh-Oifig Staidrimh Report: "Population and Labour Force Projections 2011 - 2041" (April 2008, .pdf and Microsoft Excel format).



Statistics Latvia News Releases: Note: if the releases are in Latvian, click on the "EN" tab at the top right side of the page for English language versions.

A. "On changes of demographic situation in Latvia in 2007" (May 6, 2008).

B. "On population participation in cultural and sport events" (May 6, 2008).



Statistics and Census Service Report: "Education Survey: 2006/2007" (April 2008, .pdf format, 159p., with tables in Microsoft Excel format.).



Statistical Office News Release: "Population, Slovenia, 31 December 2007," by Katja Kalin (Apr. 30, 2008).



Ministry of Justice Report: "Population in Custody: March 2008" (April 2008, .pdf format, 15p.).

Department for Work and Pensions News Release: "Almost 750,000 children benefit with a record 1 billion pounds (1.97 billion US dollars) in child maintenance collected or arranged" (Apr. 30, 2008).

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Population Reference Bureau Reports, Articles:

A. "Regional Profiles of Population, Health, and Environment Issues in the Philippines" (April 2008, .pdf format). This report consists of three parts:

"Profile of Cagayan Valley," by Clarinda Lusterio-Berja and Lisa Colson (February 2008, .pdf format 6p.).

"Profile of the National Capital Region," by Corazon G. De La Paz and Lisa Colson (February 2008, .pdf format, 6p.).

"Profile of Central Visayas," by Corazon G. De La Paz and Lisa Colson (February 2008, .pdf format, 6p.).

B. Population Reference Bureau Article: "U.S. Baby Boomers Moving Out, Minorities Moving In," by Mark Mather (May 2008).

C. "Liberia Takes Its First Census in 24 Years," by Sandra Yin (April 2008).

D. "Take a Number: Population, Health, and Environment News You Might Have Missed" (April 2008).


Demographic Research Article: "The transition to early fatherhood; National estimates based on multiple surveys," by Kathryn Hynes, Kara Joyner, H. Elizabeth Peters, and Felicia DeLeone (Vol. 18, Article 12, April 2008, .pdf format, p. 337-376).


National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) and National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty (NLCHP) Report: "Hate, Violence, And Death on Main Street USA, 2007," (April 2008. HTML and .pdf format, 111p.).

More information about NCH:

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California Center for Population Research [University of California-Los Angeles]: "The Effect of Internal Migration on Local Labor Markets: American Cities During the Great Depression," by Leah Boustan, Price V. Fishback, and Shawn Kantor (CCPR-007-08, April 2008, .pdf format, 43p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


Rand Corporation: "Universal Versus Economically Polarized Change in Age at First Birth: A French-British Comparison," by Michael S. Rendall, Olivia Ekert-Jaffe, Heather Joshi, Kevin Lynch, and Remi Mougin (WR-568, 2008, .pdf format, 86p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


Yale University [New Haven, Connecticut] Economics Department: "Institutions and Demographic Responses to Shocks: Württemberg, 1634-1870," by (Economics Department Working Paper No. 44/Economic Growth Center Discussion Paper No. 962, March 2008, .pdf format, 62p.).


Simple Malthusian models remain an important tool for understanding pre-modern demographic systems and their connection to the economy. But most recent literature has lost sight of the institutional context for demographic behavior that lay at the heart of Malthus' own analysis. This paper estimates a short-run version of a Malthusian model for two Württemberg communities from 1646 to 1870. Württemberg differed institutionally from the northwest European societies analyzed in previous studies. The impact of institutional differences shows clearly in differing demographic reactions to economic shocks. Mortality was less sensitive to shocks than one would expect, while nuptiality was especially sensitive.


US Census Bureau: "Creating a Consistent Poverty Measure over Time Using NAS Procedures: 1996-2005," by Thesia I. Garner and Kathleen Short (April 2008, .pdf format, 39p.).


This paper presents an experimental poverty measure and compares it to the current official measure, now more than 40 years old. The experimental measure is based on an approach, drawn from work by a National Academy of Sciences (NAS) expert Panel, to consistently define basic needs and family resources. The experimental thresholds are based on out-of-pocket spending by families on basic goods and services and are based on an "outflows" concept. The resource measure is based on an "inflows" concept and reflects money coming into the household that is available to meet one's basic needs. The U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey serves as the basis for the experimental thresholds and the Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement serves as the basis for the resource measure. Results for 1996 to 2005 are reported with trends examined. An important finding is that increases in expenditures for shelter and utilities, captured in the new thresholds, suggest a greater increase in the number of families not able to meet basic needs than is reflected by the official poverty statistics.


World Bank Policy Research Programme:

A. "Is migration a good substitute for education subsidies?" by Frederic Docquier, Ousmane Faye, and Pierre Pestieau (WPS4614, May 2008, ASCII text and .pdf format, 31p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:

B. "A gendered assessment of the brain drain," by Frederic Docquier, B. Lindsay Lowell, and Abdeslam Marfouk (WPS4613, May 2008, ASCII text and .pdf format, 32p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


Center for Economic Studies/Ifo Institute for Economic Research (CESifo) [Munich, Bavaria, Germany]:

A. "Socially-Tolerable Discrimination," by J. Atsu Amegashie (Working Paper No. 2292, April 2008, .pdf format, 27p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:

B. "Do Surveillance Cameras Affect Unruly Behavior? A Close Look at Grandstands," by Mikael Priks (Working Paper No. 2289, April 2008, .pdf format, 22p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) [University of Bonn, Germany]:

A. "Private Supplementary Tutoring in Turkey: Recent Evidence on Its Various Aspects," by Aysit Tansel and Fatma Bircan (Discussion Paper No. 3471, April 2008, .pdf format, 43p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:

B. "Does More Mean Better? Sibling Sex Composition and the Link between Family Size and Children’s Quality," by Javier E. Baez (Discussion Paper No. 3472, April 2008, .pdf format, 40p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:

C. "Quasi-Experimental Estimates of the Effect of Class Size on Achievement in Norway," by Edwin Leuven, Hessel Oosterbeek, and Marte Rønning (Discussion Paper No. 3474, April 2008, .pdf format, 29p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:

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JOURNAL TABLES OF CONTENTS (check your library for availability):

Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies (Vol. 3, No. 1, 2008).

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University of Kentucky Regional Small Grants Program Request for Proposals:

A. "The University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research (UKCPR), in cooperation with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services seeks proposals for social science research on issues salient to low-income populations in the American South. The American South, as defined by UKCPR, is the 16-state Southern Legislative Conference." Application deadline is Jul. 11, 2008. For more information see (.pdf format, 3p.):

B. "The University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research (UKCPR), in cooperation with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, seeks proposals from untenured, junior faculty for social science research on issues salient to low-income populations in the United States. Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to, persistent poverty, labor-market outcomes, human capital accumulation, transfer-program participation, child and family well being, and the economic status of disadvantaged and underrepresented populations. Although not required, a preference will be given to proposals that address poverty in the American South, and to those based on secondary data analyses." Application deadline is Jul. 11, 2008. For more information see (.pdf format, 3p.).


United Nations Development Fund for Women: "The UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women is accepting applications for its 13th grant cycle (2008) from government authorities at the national and local levels, civil society organizations and networks--including non-governmental, women’s and community-based organizations and coalitions and operational research institutions--and UN Country Teams in partnership with governments and NGOs. Applications should be centred on supporting implementation of national policies, laws and actions plans on ending violence against women." Application deadline is May 26, 2008. For more information (Microsoft Word format) see:

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Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics: "The Forum Coordinator will provide executive leadership for the Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics (Forum). The Forum was established in 1994 to encourage collaboration among Federal agencies to improve the quality and usefulness of federal data on children. Forum members represent 22 federal agencies, including statistical and programmatic agencies. The Forum Coordinator will be stationed at the National Center for Health Statistics in Hyattsville, Maryland." Closing date for application is Jun. 1, 2008. For more information (Microsoft Word format, 2p.) see:


American Educational Research Association: AERA has updated its employment page with listings through May 6, 2008.


Chronicle of Higher Education:

Sociology positions has been updated through May 6, 2008.

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Panel Study for Income Dynamics: The University of Michigan, Insitute for Social Research PSID has announced the following updates:

A. Transition into Adulthood (TA-2005) data are now publicly available: "A pilot study was started in 2005 with interviews with CDS children in active PSID families who had reached age 18 or older and finished high school as of 2005 (n=745). The response rate was 89%. Information was obtained on young adult developmental pathways and outcomes, filling a gap between detailed information about development up through adolescence as collected in CDS I, II, and III, and information to be collected in adulthood once these young adults become PSID heads and wives. TA content domains include: health and emotional well-being, time use, community involvement, self identity and perception, expectations for the future, family, peer, and romantic relationships, work, schooling, and more. A second wave of data collection on these young adults concluded in February 2008."

Questionnaire (.pdf format, 120p.).

User Guide: (.pdf format, 16p.).

Data Center:

B. "Several new data files are available under restricted contract including:

PSID Mortality Data file 1968-2005 for nearly 5,000 decedents now with cause of deathlinked from the National Death Index;

PSID Assisted Housing Match Data for 1968-1995 providing information on PSID family units in subsidized housing as indicated by links to national administrative databases;

TA-05 links to US Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) which provides information on postsecondary school characteristics;

CDS Media Codes for 1997 and 2002 with television programs coded for content; and

CDS links to US Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics Common Core of Data 1997 and 2002 which provides information on school characteristics

For more information about these data files, please contact PSID user help at:


Association of Religion Data Archives (Penn State University) Update: ARDA has recently added the following dataset: "American National Election Studies, Cumulative Data File, 1948-2004" (ASCII text and SPSS portable format, with documentation in self decompressing [.exe] ASCII format).


Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research: ICPSR at he University of Michigan released several new datasets on May 4, 2008, which may be of interest to Sociology researchers. Note: Some ICPSR studies are available only to ICPSR member institutions. To find out whether your organization is a member, and whether or not it supports ICPSR Direct downloading, see:

All new and updated data in the last 90 days can be found at:

New data is marked "New".

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University of Wisconsin Data and Information Service Center Country Statistical Yearbook Update. Our Country Statistical Yearbook page has added links to several yearbooks. 112 countries are now linked to. The latest updates are:


Anguilla: Abstract of Statistics 2000
Cameroon: Annuaire Statistique du Cameroun 2006
Chile: Compendio Estadistico 2005
Malawi: Malawi in Figures 2007


Statistical Yearbook of Latin America and the Caribbean 1997 - 2007
Cyprus: Statistical Portrait of Women in Cyprus (1980-2005)
Uganda: 2006 and 2007 Statistical Abstracts
Singapore: Singapore in Brief: 2008

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