Current Social Science Research Report--Social #8, March 27, 2007.

CSSRR-Social is a weekly email report produced by the Data and Information Services Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It seeks to help social science researchers keep up to date with the latest developments in the field. This report will contain selected listings of new: reports, articles, bibliographies, working papers, tables of contents, conferences, data, and websites. For more information, including an archive of back issues and subscription information see:


CSSRR-Social is compiled and edited by Jack Solock and Charlie Fiss.


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1. National Center for Education Statistics Report, Issue Brief:

A. "Timing and Duration of Student Participation in Special Education in the Primary Grades," by Emily W. Holt, Daniel J. McGrath, and William L. Herring (NCES 2007043, March 2007, .pdf format, 4p.)

B. "Employees in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2005, and Salaries of Full-Time Instructional Faculty, 2005-06," by Laura G. Knapp, Janice E. Kelly-Reid, and Roy W. Whitmore (NCES 2007150, April 2007, .pdf format, 46p.).

2. Congressional Research Service Report: "Recent Changes to the Section 8 Voucher Renewal Funding Formula," by Maggie McCarty (RL33929, March 2007, .pdf format, 12p.) Link to summary and full text:

3. National Science Foundation Report: "Federal Science and Engineering Support to Universities, Colleges, and Nonprofit Institutions: FY 2004" (NSF 07-316, March 2007, .pdf and Microsoft Excel format, 305p.).

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US States:


State Data Center Updates: The State Data Center has released several updates at the county level (.pdf and Microsoft Excel format) from the July 2006 US Census Bureau county population estimates. Four maps (.pdf format): Population Estimates 2006; Population Gain or Loss: 2000-2006; Population Gain or Loss: 1900-2006; Population Percent Change: 2000-2006; and Percent Change: 1900-2006.

See under Mar. 22, 2007 item.

North Dakota:

State Data Center Periodicals

A. Population Bulletin (Vol. 23, No. 3, March 2007, .pdf format, 3p.). The title of this month's issue is "Poverty Estimates for Persons in North Dakota: 2004."

B. Economic Brief (Vol. 16, No. 3, March 2007, .pdf format, 3p.). The title of this month's issue is: "North Dakota Residence and Migration of First-Year College Students: Fall 2004."


Office of Financial Management Research Brief: "Participation in Recreation and Culture in Washington State," by Erica Gardner (Research Brief No. 46, March 2007, .pdf format, 6p.).

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NGO and Other Countries

European Union:

Eurostat Press Release, Compendium. Periodical:

A. "Young Europeans through statistics" (Mar. 23, 2007, .pdf format, 6p.).

B. Statistical Portrait of the European Union 2007 -- 50 years of the Treaty of Rome establishing the European Economic Community (December 2006, .pdf format, 100p.).,46587259&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&p_product_code=KS-76-06-276

C. Statistics in Focus (28/2007, March 2007, .pdf format, 12p.). The focus of this issue is "Long-term population projections at regional level.",46587259&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&p_product_code=KS-SF-07-028


Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean Compendium:Statistical yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean, 2006 (March 2007, .pdf and Microsoft Excel format,


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Microsoft Excel:

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Statistics Denmark: Statbank Denmark Updates:

A. "BEV107: Summary vital statistics" (Annual Update)

B. "BEV3A: Live births and deaths by movement" (Monthly Update)



Institute national d'etudes demographiques (INED) Periodical: Population and Societies (No. 432, March 2007, .pdf format, 4p.) This issue is: "Two children per woman in France in 2006: are immigrants to blame?" by Francois Heran and Gilles Pison.

Click on "Printable version" on the right side of the page for link to full text.



Statistics Finland News Release: "The population of Finland in 2006" (Mar. 23, 2007).



Central Statistical Office Report, Periodical:

A. "Vital events: 2006" (Statistical Reflections, March 2007, .pdf format, 1p.).

B. Statistical Report: 12/06" (March 2007, .pdf format, 52p.).



Statistics Iceland News Release: "Births 2006" (No 37/2007, Mar. 20, 2007).

At the bottom of the press release, there are links to relevant statistics.



Statistics Bureau Report, Periodical:

A. "Population Estimates: October 1, 2006 (Final estimates) , March 1, 2007 (Provisional estimates) (March 2007, HTML and Microsoft Excel format).

B. Japan Monthly Statistics (March 2007, Microsoft Excel format).


States of Jersey: "Annual Social Survey 2006 accompanying data" (March 2007, Microsoft Excel format).

Scroll to data near the bottom of the page.

Note: this data accompanies the report announced in CSSRR-Social #6, Mar. 13, 2007.

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Statistical Office Report: "Graduated students at the higher schools and faculties" (March 2007, .pdf format, 4p.).

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Statistics Netherlands Web Magazine Articles:

A. "One in twenty pupils drop out," by Marijke Hartgers and Jantien van Zeijl (Mar. 20, 2007).

B. "Fewer women, fewer children," by Arie de Graaf (Mar. 20, 2007).

C. "More and more people live in most densely populated areas, (Mar. 20, 2007).

D. "Prison population down for the first time in years" (Mar. 20, 2007).


New Zealand:

Statistics New Zealand/Tatauranga Aotearoa Reports:

A. "Survey of Family, Income and Employment Dynamics (Wave 3): September 2005" (March 2007, .pdf format, 13p., with tables in Microsoft Excel format).

B. "Census 2006 QuickStats About Maori" (March 2007, .pdf format, 12p.).

For both, link to full text is at the bottom of the respective pages.


Northern Ireland:

Statistics and Research Agency News Release: "Deaths in Northern Ireland, 2006" (Mar. 22, 2007, .pdf format, 12p.).

and click on Title for link to full text.



Scottish Executive Report: "SQA Attainment and School Leaver Qualifications in Scotland: 2005/06" (March 2007, .pdf format, 24p., with tables in Microsoft Excel format).



National Statistics Office Report: "Family Resources Survey Annual Technical Report: 2005-2006," by Emily Burns (December 2006, .pdf format, 22p., with 17 appendices (.pdf format).

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Demographic Research Article: "Evaluation of a village-informant driven demographic surveillance system in Karonga, Northern Malawi," by Andreas Jahn,Keith Branson, Amelia C. Crampin, Paul E.M. Fine, Judith R. Glynn, Nuala McGrath, Johnbosco Mwafilaso, Elenaus Mwaiyeghele, Venance Mwinuka, and Basia Zaba (Vol. 16, Article 8, March 2007, .pdf format, p. 219-248). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


Population Reference Bureau Report: "Postnatal Care: A Critical Opportunity to Save Mothers and Newborns," by Erin Sines, Uzma Syed, Steve Wall, and Heidi Worley (January 2007, .pdf format, 8p.).


Brookings Institution, Various:

A. "Priority or Afterthought? Children and the Federal Budget," by Julia B. Isaacs and Phillip Lovell (First Focus Report, March 2007, .pdf format, 9p.).

B. "Reforming U.S. Immigration Policy: Open New Pathways to Integration," by Audrey Singer (Cities and Suburbs, Opportunity 08, February 2007, .pdf format, 14p.)

C. "Preserving the Vital Center: Renew the Economy of the Industrial Heartland," by Bruce Katz and John C. Austin. (Cities and Suburbs, Opportunity 08, February 2007, .pdf format, 13p.)

D. "Pathways to the Middle Class: Ensuring Greater Upward Mobility for All Americans," by Amy Liu, Rebecca Sohmer, and Hugh B. Price. (Cities and Suburbs, Opportunity 08, February 2007, .pdf format, 16p.)

E. "Rethinking U.S. Rental Housing Policy: Build on State and Local Innovations," by Bruce Katz and Margery Austin Turn. (Cities and Suburbs, _Opportunity 08_, February 2007, 15p.)

F. Fear of Persecution: Global Human Rights, International Law, and Human Well-Being by Roberta Cohen (2007, 304p.; ISBN: Cloth: 0-7391-1565-0 / 978-0-7391-1565-7, Paper: 0-7391-1566-9 / 978-0-7391-1566-4). Links to ordering and pricing information are available at the bottom of the page.


Rand Corporation Report: "Breaking Ground: Analysis of the Assessment System and Impact of Mexico's Teacher Incentive Program 'Carrera Magisterial'," by Lucrecia Santibanez, Jose Felipe Martinez, Ashlesha Datar, Patrick J. McEwan, Claude Messan Setodji and Ricardo Basurto-Davila. (March 2007, .pdf format, 142p.)


Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic:Inuit, Saami, and the Indigenous Peoples of Chukotka" Report," by Birger Poppel, Jack Kruse, Gérard Duhaime, and Larissa Abryutina (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage, March 2007, .pdf format, 666p.).

Link to report is at the bottom of the page.

More information on the Survey:


Population Council/FRONTIERS Reports (all courtesy of Population Health InfoShare):

A. "Strengthening Financial Sustainability through Integration of Voluntary Counseling and Testing Services with Other Reproductive Health Services," by Rumeli Das, Kaushik Biswas, Pradeep Panda, M.E. Khan, and Rick Homan (via Population Health InfoShare, January 2007, .pdf format, 12p.).

B. "Effect of Introducing an ‘Afternoon Pay Clinic’ on Service Utilization and Cost Recovery," by Mahendra Pd. Shrestha, Rajesh Swar, Pradeep Panda, M.E. Khan and Rick Homan. (January 2007, .pdf format, 17p.)

C. "OR Summary 62: RH Curriculum Enhances Vocational Students’ Knowledge and Behavior" (March 2007, .pdf format, 2p.)


K.K.Agencies (New Delhi, India) Books on Indian Demography. For more information on all books listed below, go to:

and search ISBN for ISBN Number.

Age at Marriage in India : Vision and Reality, by D. Radha Devi (1st ed. New Delhi, Serials Publications, 2006, 222p., ISBN: 8183870511)

Reproductive Health in India: History, Politics, Controversies, edited by Sarah Hodges (Orient Longman Ltd., 2006. 264 p., ISBN: 8125029397)

Population Geography, by Ahmad Husain (Vishvabharti Publications, 2007, 410p., ISBN: 8189000799)

Population and Cities, by M. Lakshmi Narasaiah (Discovery Publishing House, 2006, 162p., ISBN: 8183560709)

The Bell Tolls: Tomorrow's Truncated India, by R.K. Ohri (Manas Publications, 2006, 288p., ISBN: 8170492947)

Consequences of Demographic Transition in India, edited by Rajib Lochan Panigrahy (Discovery Publishing House, 2006,. 99p., ISBN: 8183560970)

At-Risk Population : Sociolinguistic and Educational Issues, edited by Smita Sinha and Abha Gupta (Dominant Publishers & Distributors, 2006, 293p., ISBN: 8178884712)

The Syrian Christians of Kerala: Demographic and Socio-Economic Transition in the Twentieth Century, by K.C. Zachariah (Orient Longman Ltd., 2006, 300p., ISBN: 8125030093).

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National Bureau of Economic Research: "Is Urban Decay Bad? Is Urban Revitalization Bad Too?" by Jacob L. Vigdor (w12955, March 2007, .pdf format, 49p.).


Many observers argue that urban revitalization harms the poor, primarily by raising rents. Others argue that urban decline harms the poor by reducing job opportunities, the quality of local public services, and other neighborhood amenities. While both decay and revitalization can have negative effects if moving costs are sufficiently high, in general the impact of neighborhood change on utility depends on the strength of price responses to neighborhood quality changes. Data from the American Housing Survey are used to estimate a discrete choice model identifying households' willingness-to-pay for neighborhood quality. These willingness-to-pay estimates are then compared to the actual price changes that accompany observed changes in neighborhood quality. The results suggest that price increases associated with revitalization are smaller than most households' willingness to pay for neighborhood improvements. The results imply that, in general, neighborhood revitalization is more favorable than neighborhood decline.


Levy Institute (Bard College) [Annandale-on-Hudson, NY] Working Paper: "State, Difference, and Diversity: Toward a Path of Expanded Democracy and Gender Equality," by Rania Antonopoulos and Francisco Cos-Montiel. (WP No. 493, March 2007, .pdf format, 21p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:


US Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City: "Moving to High Quality of Life," by Jordan Rappaport (RWP 07-02, March 2007, .pdf format, 26p.). Note: Links to the abstract and full-text can be found at:


World Bank: "School drop-out and push-out factors in Brazil: the role of early parenthood, child labor, and poverty," by Dorte Verner and Ana Rute Cardoso (WPS 4178, March 2007, .pdf and ASCII text format, 19p.). Links to the abstract and full-text can be found at:


International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) [Laxenburg, Austria]: "Reconstruction of Populations by Age, Sex and Level of Educational Attainment for 120 Countries for 1970-2000," by Wolfgang Lutz, Anne Goujon, Samir K.C., and Warren Sanderson (IR-07-002, March 2007, .pdf format, 41p.). Links to an abstract and full text are available at:,y

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JOURNAL TABLES OF CONTENTS (check your library for availability):

American Journal of Sociology (Vol. 112, No. 5, March 2007). Note: Full text of this journal is available in the ProQuest Research Library. Check your library for availablility of this database and issue.

Population and Development Review (Vol. 33, No. 1, March 2007).

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Moscow [Russia] State Lomonosov University: "Moscow State Lomonosov University, with the support and participation of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Foreign Affaires of the Russian Federation, the Federal Employment Service of the Russian Federation, International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Office in Moscow, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Office in the Russian Federation,the Council of Europe, International Union for Scientific Studies of Population (IUSSP) are organizing the International Conference on Migration And Development (Sep. 13-15 2007, in Moscow, Russia). Deadline to submit abstracts or full papers is Apr. 15, 2007. interested participants are encouraged to register to participate before 31 March 2007

Conference Organizers: Victor Sadovnichiy, Academician, Rector of the Moscow State Lonomosov University; Vasiliy Klesov, Professor, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics; and Vladimir Iontsev, Professor, Head of the Department of Population

For further information please contact the organization committee at the following email addresses: ;

Call for papers (.pdf format, 3p.).

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US Census Bureau,Demographic Directorate, 2007 Summer Internship Program: For more information see:

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Census Bureau, Various:

A. The Census Bureau has updated county population estimates up to July 1, 2006. Links to the estimates can be found via the Bureau press release: "Arizona's Maricopa Leads Counties in Population Growth Since Census 2000," (March 22, 2007).

Press Release:

Estimate data:

B. "Census Bureau Revises 2004 and 2005 Health Insurance Coverage Estimates" (CB07-45, Mar. 23, 2007).

Link to data is at the bottom of the page.


Integrated Public Use Microdata Samples [University of Minnesota] Update: "Added QHISPAN, the data quality flag for HISPAN, to the 2000 and ACS (American Community Survey) samples. Posted new versions of the 1940 and 1950 samples: a minor correction was made to the CHBORN variable.

Changed the name of the RACHIST variable to RACESING.

Posted new versions of the 1910 samples: we corrected a problem with SERIAL so that households within multi-household dwellings are now uniquely identified. The problem had affected less than .13% of households in the 1910 1.4% sample." (March 21, 2007).

See under Mar. 21, 27 2007 items.


Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research: ICPSR at he University of Michigan released several new datasets on Mar. 26, 2007 which may be of interest to Economics researchers. Note: Some ICPSR studies are available only to ICPSR member institutions. To find out whether your organization is a member, and whether or not it supports ICPSR Direct downloading, see:

New and updated data:

All new and updated data in the last 90 days can be found at:

Click on "all studies updated or added within the last 90 days".

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World Bank Online Atlas of The Millenium Development Goals" (2007). Click on any of the goals on the right side of the page, and then click on any of the available maps. Rolling the mouse over the map will give more information about selected countries. Click on a country for even more information about that country.

More information about MDGs:

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